Possessing Nothing - Chapter 44

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There were many monsters in Erie. Ogres were one of them, but they were one of the stronger monsters that walked on the ground with 2 legs. They had a resistance to magic, and they had a thick skin that was really strong against attacks.

They were also very intelligent so it was a pain trying to fight them off. There were even some ogres that used magic.

The guilds ranked the monsters in Erie by difficulty, and if the mercenaries of that rank could beat the monsters. The orcs were about rank E and the ogre were about rank A.

Sungmin had never gotten a mission about a ogre conquest. They were strong monsters. He knew his life was important.


Sungmin touched his chin. It was the mission for his skill test. There was information about an ogre in the forest in Behengre, and the villagers gave a request to conquest them

“Do you need to come with me?”

The wagon rode on. He asked Lude who was sitting in front of him. To that, Lude smiled widely.

“I’m not busy so I asked the president. If I can see you at wor.”

“Are you suspicious that I might do something?”

“No, that’s not it. Your aura yesterday was the real thing. Just… curiosity, I should say. Me, the president, we all have a curiosity towards you.”

Lude laughed at that. He was a free mercenary not in a legion so all he had was time. Sungmin felt awkward that Lude was being so cheerful towards him.

He knew Lude. He saw him a few times before. But he had never had any connection with him. The S ranked Lude was a figure outside his world. THe Cranked Sungmin had no business with him

The first floor bar. Sungmin… was the one of the people who were drinking with the girls. Looking at the high ranked people like Lude, having jealousy towards them but too afraid to say anything.

That person was being nice to him. He didn’t know what Lude was up to, but he didn't push him away. People couldn’t live alone. Sungin knew that from the Mountain of Mush. Sogo taught him that.

“I’m not suspicious of your skills, but you’re young. It's only been 4 years since you came here?”

“So you’re worried that I might make a mistake.”

“Yes. Don’t be too hurt. The president and I, I want to make sure you’re safe. It’s not common that there’s a person like you coming here.”

It wasn’t just curiosity. But it wasn’t just niceness either. Sungmin looked at Lude and back outside. The background was nice.

“You’re silent for your age. Are you usually like this?”


That wasn’t true. Just, it was the result of the penalty of silence from the mountain. He was used to it.

The mountain gave many things to Sungmin, but they weren’t all positives. His senses were off. He was well trained about feeling with his skin, but his smell or hearing wasn’t trained at all.

He also didn’t have any experience with real fighting. It was lonely in the mountain. Since trainees couldn't hurt others, he couldn’t fight with trainees as well. He had experience from his past life, but the past him and now him were two completely different people.

He had never faced an ogre before. He couldn't rely on experience anymore.

“Have you fought with an ogre before?”

“Never even see one.”

He passed the door after the sun went down. Listening to the conversation, he would have to go half a day more to the forest.

“But I have the basic information. We’ll arrive at night at this rate. Is that ok?”

“We will rest for a day in the village that asked for the conquest. If the ogre attacks at night… we’ll have to be prepared.

Lude wasn’t nervous. Unlike Sungin, Lude was already an S rank. He probably had experience against such things.

“Ogres aren’t like typical monsters. There are some that even use magic.”

“I know.”

“Then that’s good. There was no information about the ogre using magic here, but it’s good to know for now. I’m here for your protection, but I’m not going to help you starting off. If you’re going to die, then I’m going to save you.””I know.”

Sungmin answered. The sun was already down and the wagon kept running. Lude opened his bag. Maybe it was a interdimensional pocket, but Lude pulled out a piece of bread from his bag.

Sungmin at the bread with Lude. It was a normal pumpkin bread, but it felt delicious towards Sungmin who just had his taste penalty removed.

“You’re using martial arts? Do you have a weapon?”

“Yes. I use the spear.”

“Spear! That’s good. I use the sword. I don’t want to fight with a spear person. It’s hard to fight against.”

Lude kept talking to Sungmin. It wasn’t a topic that Sungmin was really interested in. He already knew that Lude used the sword.

“You seem like a good person, but you’re so boring.”

Lude grumbled after talking for a while. Sungmin bitterly smiled at that.”

“I’m a bit silent.”

“There aren’t really people that are silent when they say it with their own mouth. Usually, they just don’t want to talk with you.”

“That’s not it.”

“I’m joking.”

Lude laughed alone.

The wagon arrived at night. Lude went toward and introduced Sungmin to the mayor of the village. The village head wrinkled his face.

“He looks young…”

“There’s no correlation between age and skill. This kid could kill everyone in this village at the same time.”

Lude laughed. The mayor was an old man with a beard. He shivered slightly at Lude’s statement and looked at Sungmin. Sungmin bowed slightly towards the mayor.

“...Hm. i prepared a room. If you want, we can give you some food as well.”

“Thank you.”

Sungmin was directed towards an empty room inside the house of the mayor. Lude asked Sungmin.

“Do you want to drink?”


“Why. Because you’re young? That’s not funny. What kind of mercenary doesn’t drink?”

Lude grumbled and pulled out a big bottle of beer.

“IT’s good for you. Cools down your mind…”

Lude hummed and took out the bottle. Sungmin sat down looking at him.

“Don’t we have to stand guard?”

“Why do we have to do that?”

Lude put down the bottle.

“We were asked for the conquest of the ogre, not to stand guard for the village. If they give us more money, I might consider that. But there’s no point in doing something that they haven’t asked us for.”

Sungmin understood. He was also a mercenary himself.

“The only thing that moves a mercenary is money.”

Lude laughed and drank some more. To that, Sungmin nodded his head again. He wouldn’t have asked if it was the Sungmin a few years ago.

Just now…

He remember Sogo’s words about the things he shouldn’t forget. But he didn’t dwell on it too much. Sungmin and Sogo were two different people. There was no reason Sungmin had to be a nice person because Sogo was.

Sogo asked to Sungmin. Don’t forget kindness. There was no kindness given by the village people. He was a mercenary that got a job and came here to do it.

That was it.

There was no attack in the middle of the night. Like a habit, Sungin woke up early. There were no nightmares, but he was still used to waking up early.

Lude was still sleeping in the corner. It was awkward seeing an S ranked mercenary like Lude sleeping rolled up. He quietly left the room.

He breathed in the cool air outside. Going out to the chicken cage, he saw the chicken. They only looked back at Sungmin. Sungmin lifted up his spear.

Ran, na, zhe.

He practiced them. Slowly, slowly. He slowly measured his muscles. Even it it was the basics, he put all his effort in them


Lude came out after the sun was already out. He yawned lod9dly and came closer.

“You should have slept more. You’ll be tired when you walk around the forest.”

“I can’t sleep for a long time.”

“Was it because of my snoring?”

“That’s not it.”

Lude smiled at that. He glanced at the spear Sungmin was holding. It wasn’t anything special. Just… really old.

“You should get a new weapon.”

“I have an extra.”

“Then… that’s good. Let’s go inside.

Lude tapped his shoulders.

“We have to eat.”


He put down his spear.

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