Possessing Nothing - Chapter 46

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It wasn’t a feeling that he was used to. He was really used to the heaviness from the mountain. Even if it was only in his mind, the heaviness that he felt was always slow him down.

He had to use various types of skills to try and withstand that heaviness his strength obviously, inner power, and magic. He used Shadowless in the midst of all that, making the progress slow. His speed was nothing compared to what the skill was meant to be.

But not now.

It wasn’t the mountain anymore. The heaviness that bothered his didn’t exist at all. The freedom that he felt now, it even surprised him.

Don’t be surprised. Sungmin calmed himself and tried to be cold. It was his first real fight after all.

ogre. Not even an actual ogre. What crazy magician made this thing, he didn’t know, but it was a chimera. An chimera that had an ogre as its base. Like the ogre of perfection of species, and chimera with an ogre as its base was close to surpassing the ogre's species limits.

The eyeball followed Sungmin. The ogre couldn't scream threateningly, but the shivering lips and the moving nose was threatening him. It was an ogre, the strongest monster that moved with two feet.

That monster was looking at Sungmin like it was going to kill him. The glance itself was violence. Sungmin’s skin felt the murderous intent from the ogre.


It’s trying to kill me

I can’t die.

He couldn’t die. That was result that he ended up with. So the body moved according. His hands grabbed the spear. He saw the left hand of the organ moving.

The hand. It wasn’t an ogre's hand. Maybe another monster’s hand? He didn’t know what monster it was, but the sharp nails swiped towards Sungmin.


Lude scared as a warning. He knew. Sungmin carefully moved without freezing. His foot slid quickly forward.

Shadowless - 2nd step.

Sungmin’s shadow danced. The form of the Shadowless appeared. His step caused his shadow to dance, and his body disappeared. The ogre's nail didn’t touch Sungmin's body.

Sungmin grabbed his spear carefully. Using his entire body was the best way to use his strength. He learned that from Wijihoyun, and the life in the mountain made this an easy habit for him. He added his inner strength as well

Ran, na, zhe. The zhe meant that stabbing. The Amethyst Cloud’s aura filled the spear. The spear, added with the spin of his body, stabbed towards the ogre.

High Heavens. With the Chase Soul. The ogre’s body didn’t break even after being stabbed with that. It only moved back a few step, and Sungmin felt the power in his hands.


Sungmin finally understood how strong the skin of the ogre was. He didn’t think that he would be able to beat it with one strike, but he just wanted to check how strong the skin was.

‘No way. There’s no scratch even after being hit with that…?’

Lude was the one that was suprised. Sungmin’s stab to Lude’s point of view was perfect. Could I have blocked it? No, he would have chose to doge. That spear stab with that strong of a spin, added with the aura… blocking that would have been stupid.

But that ogre did and held on. Even if ogres were strong… it was unbelievable.

‘No, that’s not a normal ogre. Chimera… is there a black magician near here?’

Lude hesisited. As for his thoughts… it would be the best trying to turn away. ogre chimera were an unknown, so there was no reason to try and fight it and face the dangers. The money that the villagers put out for the ogre conquest was nothing compared to the ogre chimera conquest.

‘No, it’s too late… crud. It doesn’t make sense.’

Lude walked forward. With the ogre already attacking, it wasn’t going to let them go easily. It was better to fight them together.

[It’s fine.]

When he was about to go, Sungmin’s voice came inside his voice. Lude was surprised and looked at Sungmin’s back. Sungmin was standing ready with his posture low.

[Are you crazy? IT’s a chimera! Not just an ogre!]

[I know.]

[Know....F*ck! You’ve never even fought an ogre! I haven’t even seen such a monster before! Looking as it blocked that attack, it’s stronger than a twin head!]

Twin head. It was an ogre with two heads. Sungmin couldn’t feel the meaning of that. He hadn’t faced a twin head before.

[I can do it]

Sungmin answered in his head. The ogre didn’t stop as the conversation continued. The ogre with his lips sewed was out of his mind with hunger. It was afraid of being hunted so it didn't try to invade the village, but it wasn’t a nice enough creatures to let a human go like this. Especially when it was in this hunger state.


The ogre yelled loudly. The murderous intent surround his body and made the hair on his skin rise. Suddenly, Sungmin stopped breathing.

Not because of the roar, but Sungmin stopped moving.

In the stopped breathing, Sungmin moved. His shadow moved again. Sungmin pulled up a stronger aura. The Amethyst Cloud’s power built Sungmin’s body.

High Heavens- 2nd step.

The dancing shadows stabbed his spear. The stabbing was just like the thunder splitting the sky. Each stab had spin with power added on to it.

The thick skin of the ogre didn’t make the stabbing feel like a stabbing. But it still harmed the ogre. It moved back. It’s face wrinkled. The skin didn’t allow the spear stabbing to go through him, but it could feel the pain. The ogre screamed again and swung his right hand

He saw it.

He didn’t just see it. Slow. He saw it slowly. No, that was wrong. The attack wasn’t slow. Sungmin was just too fast.

Even if the ogre’s attack could kill him in one shot, there was no point if Sungmin could dodge. Sungmin spun around his spear.

The spear wasn’t just a stabbing weapon. It was good to know how to use the entire spear. Sungmin’s head was filled with Wijihoyun’s teaching. It was already 4 years ago. Sungmin had never forgotten her.

She was his first friend and his first teacher. There was no way he could forget her.

The hair of the spear was the base of the spear, and it could also be used as a weapon. The spear head was steel.

It would hurt if he hit something with steel. Especially if there was aura along with it.

Bang! The spear became a blunt object to hit with. The spear head hit its chest. The ogre breathed carefully, Sungmin saw the face, the eyes.

It was baffled.

The other part of the spear. The head of the spear was the sharp end of the spear. The string that was below it was used to block the blood from flowing down and used to distract the opponent.

He knew. He remembered.

The string of the spear moved. The red string danced. It madd glances move that way. The color made the opponent distracted.

Sungmin wanted a distraction. The string made the ogre's eyes distracted.

Yes. This was something else. This was a false alarm


The sharp end of the spear broke through the ogre's eyes. The ogre screamed. Even if the skin was strong, the eyes wasn’t. The eyeball that was looking at the string didn’t catch the stabbing of the head.

The left eye was lost. He tried to stab it harder, but the ogre's frantic attacks made Sungmin let go of the spear and move back. Sungmin used Shadowless to take a few steps back and put his hand in his pocket.

Sungmin pulled out another spear. And then, the ogre broken the spear that was in his eyes. His left eyes was bloody.

Sungmin didn’t hurry. He carefully touched the spear that he pulled out and breathed.

If he couldn’t kill it in one hit, he could just wound it over again.

And Sungmin knew.

A wounded monster would be more frenetic.

‘That kid.’

Lude had no words. That kid… he was a No Class who was summoned 4 years ago? That made so sense. He trained for 4 years and broke the limit. That made sense. There were genius that could achieve that.

But the real thing was different. Real thing… was all about experience. Wasn’t it the first time that he was fighting with an ogre.

‘How could he be like that?’

Lude saw something other than an 18 year old inside Sungmin.

He saw an experienced mercenary.


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