Possessing Nothing - Chapter 47

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How useful would the wound to the left eye be?

No, it wouldn’t be too useful. The monster would become enraged. A wound wasn’t any relief to him. The ogre could easily kill Sungmin’s body in one hit.

Sungmin stood there quietly and waited for the ogre's next move. The ogre stared at Sungmin while covering it eye.

And when it removed its hand, the left eye was back to normal. Regeneration. Yes. ogres had incredibly regeneration skills. That was one of the reasons why the ogre's were one of the strongest predators. A simple wound could easily be regenerated.

“It’s a chimera!”

Lude screamed from behind. It’s regeneration was strong enough to recover an eyes. That was because it was not just an ogre but a chimera.

‘I learned something. One wound can’t do anything.’

Sungmin nodded. He learned that. It was the first time he fought against a ogre, and a chimera… but he felt glad that he didn’t feel too happy that he wounded it.

What to do next?

The ogre looked back at Sungmin. It was laughing at him. Is this all you can do. That was the voice that was in Sungmin’s mind. The nightmares that he always felt at the Mountain of Mush, the smell that he felt.

The world turned dark. Like when he had the penalty of sight.

When he breathed, everything was gone. He saw the forest, not the mountain. The voices in his ears were gone. There was no smell. The world wasn’t dark.

I wasn’t heavy anymore.

The spear head was shot out towards the face of the ogre. The ogre moved quickly sideways to dodge it.

Sungmin swung his spear sideways. Bap! It hit the ogre's cheek. It was not a killing blow, but just a blow to get a reaction.

The ogre did just that. It was an ineffective attack, but it was angry that he got hit in the face. The ogre swung down his fist at Sungmin. Sungmin switched his hand position on his spear, moved backwards, and swung his spear.

Ran, na, zhe.

It was the basis of the spear technique. The zhe was the stabbing, ran was the spin. Sungmin turned the spear outwards. The first hit with sungmin’s spear and was turned around by the spin.


The ogre's hand bounced outwardly. Ran, na, zhe. He sung the spear millions of times. The spear was headed towards the chest that wasn’t blocked by the arm anymore. The ogre twisted his body. The left arm’s sharp fingers tried to slice the spear.

Na, it was the inner spin. When the spear hit with the fingernails of the ogre, the ogre’s left arm was forced inward. Sungmin got back the spear and changed his hand position.

And he swung it downwards. The spear struck the ogre's left knee. Even if it’s skin was hard, there was always a weak point in the skin. The strike broke the bones of the tendon. The heavy body of the ogre moved slightly.

He took back the spear. His aura was swarming the spear. How long would it be before the knee was regenerated. Sungmin didn’t care.

He moved to hunt the ogre. The cha was swung once more. Losing its balance, the ogre tried to swing his arm, but because his left leg couldn’t support him, the arm only sliced air.

Crk! The spear broke through the ogre’s right knees. Sungmin struck it very deep, so the spear came through the other side of the knees. And he divided the spear in half

No matter how strong the regner would be, the ogre would try and take out the spear first. Sungmin took his halved spear and swung it around.

There was no laughing in the ogre’s face now. The ogre first tried to remove the spear that was inside his knee. Sungmin’s body disappeared from the vision of the ogre.

The ogre didn’t see Sungmin, but Lude did. Outside the vision of the ogre, Sungmin moved left around the ogre. When the ogre tried to pull out the spear, Sungmin held up his spear.


The spear struck through the armpit of the ogre. It went very, very deep. The spear came out through the shoulder of the ogre.


The ogre screamed. It was a different scream than before. It would hurt. Even if it had regeneration powers, the pain was real. Sungmin quickly pulled out another spear from his pocket.

The ogre didn’t regenerate its wound on its leg. It wasn’t able to stand out. The spear in Sungmin’s hand exploded. The spear string danced like it was crazy. The second step of the High Heavens shot out towards the ogre’s body.

Bubububu! The strikes didn’t break through the ogre’s body, but it made his fall down backwards. The ogre tried flail its arms and resist, but it was so slow to Sungin… so slow.

He felt the cries of the cicada.

It was the cries that he felt in the Mountain of Mush.

He didn’t want to be a cicada. He may have been a type that was waiting to go out to the world, but Sungmin didn't want to be a cicada. Living in the dark for ages, coming out, crying, then dying. He didn’t want that.

Then what did Sungmin want. What did he want to be.

He didn’t know.

Sungmin couldn’t answer that just yet. Something other than a cicada. What was what. He wanted to surpass Wijihoyun, protect Sogo, see the end of martial arts.

He didn’t know what was at the end. He didn’t know if he could do it even if he spent his entire life on it. But there was one thing he knew. He couldn’t die. He couldn’t do anything if he died. He couldn’t surpass Wijihoyun, protect Sogo, or see the end of martial arts.

Death was nothing. Sungmin knew. He already died before. At the end of death… it was be impossible to come back. There was only one life for humans, Sungmin was lucky, but there wouldn't be a next time.

So he didn’t want any regrets.

He couldn’t die here. Dying just by this monster. Wijihoyun would have easily killed this monster. Sogo would have as well. If he wanted to protect Sogo, he couldn’t be weaker than her. If he wanted to go past, Wijihoyun, he had to go further than the limits.

A cicada couldn’t do that. Sungmin wasn’t one, however. He maybe have been a cicada in the mountain, but Sungmin was something else.

‘I am.’

Sungmin moved towards the ogre. The ogre that fell down couldn’t stand back up and was moving on the ground. Sungmin held the spear with a nonchalant face.


The spear was shot. The cha that was shot. The left eye. Then the right eye. He felt completely calm. It was strange even to him.

He wanted some gratification, but there was done. Instead of pleasure… it was more of a ‘I should be able to do this.’

Lude looked at Sungmin through the silence. Sungmin held his spear tightly after taking away the vision of the ogre.

And then many times, many times, he swung it downwards. The ogre’s neck. The skin was broken. The lips of the ogre was bloody. Sungmin moved towards the head of the ogre. Then he repeated the stabbing.

After a bit, the ogre’s body didn’t move. It died. The chimera that was meant to be the perfect ogre...died like that

“What… are you?”

Lude hesitated and asked. Sungmin pulled out the spear and answered

“I’m a person.”

“Are you joking?”

“That’s true.”

Sungmin bitterly smiled and answered. Sungmin said looking at Lude.

“Can you help me. I have to take the head… but I can’t cut it with the spear.”

“No, let’s take the entire thing.”

Lude spit out. He walked towards Sungmin and opened the bag.

“If it’s a body of an ogre chimera, there’s reason to take everything. We need to know what kind of crazy magician put an ogre chimera in the forest, too.”

Lude put down the bag in front of the body. The body was sucked into the bag.

“I did pass the test, right?”

Sungmin asked. To that, Lude smiled.

“...Did you not hear me? The ogre chimera is like a twinhead. I need to see when I get back, but that was a twinhead type monster. There was no one that caught a twinhead for their test. You… would get a S rank, but maybe even an SS rank.

Sungmin laughed at what Lude said. It felt good that his skill was being shown off. The training at the Mountain of Mush was paying off.

“What crazy person let this loose out here?”

Lude muttred. Sungmin had a feeling. The dungeon of the black magician. He didn’t know where the exact location of it was. If he did, he would check it out.

But in half a year, the dungeon of a black magician was found out. The ogre chimera that was found outside the castle wall. There were many magicians that did the chimera experience, but for something like this, a black magician would fit the type.

‘But when I lived, there was no news of the guild catching a orge chimera.’

The guild may have ignored the mission in his past life. But if he did, the ogre chimera would have invaded the village. Sungmin wrinkled his face and tried to remember.

“What are you doing? Let’s go back.”

Lude tapped Sungmin’s shoulder.


He nodded.


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