Possessing Nothing - Chapter 6


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Jack, the hotel owner, laughed. He looked at Lee Sungmin’s face, then at the things he brought, and laughed again.

“You really got all this by yourself?”

Teeth of goblins, 5 bottles of blood, poison, and others. The blow dart, poison needles, and bottles were his to keep. He thought that he may need it in the future.

Jack looked down at Sungmin and was lost in thought.

Goblins weren’t that hard of a monster to kill. It was annoying that they moved in packs, but goblins weren’t that bad when they were up against an experienced traveller. Going into the center of their territory may prove to be dangerous, but getting a few around the borders was easy.

However, it was a 14 year old who accomplished this. His surprise increased when he realized that the 14 year old was a No Class with no skills.

Jack ran a hotel, so he met a lot of otherworlders who arrived at Genavis. The people with martial arts or magic adapted easily.

However, a No Class was different. They had no skills to ensure their survival, nor did they have any experience with fighting against monsters. Most of the time, at least one month was needed for a No Class to adapt to life in Genavis and understand the situation they were put in and the need to kill monsters to survive.

“...When did… did you come here?”


Lee Sungmin answered truthfully. Jack laughed again at that piece of information.

“You’re fourteen?”


“You don’t... have any skills?”



Jack laughed again. Jack was curious what he did before coming here, but he didn’t ask. It was an unsaid law that people shouldn’t ask about one’s life in the previous world.

“I’ll… pay you well. Haha, a strange child came rolling in. A No Class went and killed monsters in just a day…”

In all honesty, Jack didn’t think Sungmin would return alive. There were only a few people who could understand their situation relatively easily and kill some monsters to survive.

Usually, they didn’t come back. Even though they understood, fighting and winning against monsters was a hard thing to do.

However, this child came back.

“I’ll reduce the cost by half.”

Nothing is free. That was the law Jack abided.

“It’s good to have a relationship with such a talented child. If you survive long enough...Haha! You could become a high-ranked figure in Genavis in the future. Yes. Don’t forget about me then.”

Jack laughed loudly and tapped Sungmin’s arm. Sungmin laughed as well and went up to his room.

Lee Sungmin had many thoughts in his head as he went up the stairs.

You’ll be a regular.

A child with talent.

The store owner and Jack said that. In his past life, Sungmin never heard of things like that being said to him or being held up in such high regard. It was especially apparent in this place.

Genavis made the otherworlders understand how cruel and unfair this world was. He understood  just by observing Jack and the store owner’s attitude towards him.

Just having talent alone made it so much easier to get respect from others.

‘Talent, something that I never had before.’

He sighed and entered his room. 13 years in Eria made it easy to understand his situation.

He never finished the cultivation methods that he studied for a decade and the other skills that he got. It would be easy to get back to that point in his previous life. Why that was possible is because that the skills that he achieved in his past life didn’t have any ‘enlightment.’

The second class martial arts grew just by experience. Chase Soul Spear Technique was basically only a model. There would be no complete understanding. It was the same for all his skills.

[One Thunder] only had the basics, and [Iron Skin] and the [Stone Body] used external power. It required some inner strength, but those didn’t have enlightment either.

That was the difference between the first and the second class . The first class arts had enlightenment. If you were lucky, you could get the understanding and break the limit of the skills.

But not a second class skill. It was only a model and a figure, so there would be nothing to learn. The best it would be is to get close to the first class skills.

‘I have no strength in my body right now. I don’t have stamina or anything. If I get more stamina...the other skills except [Genuine Heavens] will grow fast. But it’s still only a second level skill.’

That made Lee Sungmin very depressed. He needed the talent to overcome his limits.

But Lee Sungmin didn’t have that talent. He didn’t have the gift to turn nothing into something. So he had to rely on the arts with understanding.

But he had at least the Genuine Heavens. That was a first class art. If he studied enough...he might be able to succeed. The cultivation methods helps increase the limit of the inner strength. If he could learn the Genuine Heavens, it would be easier to learn more and use more of his inner strength.

Regardless, a cultivation method was still a cultivation method.

The limit was there.

‘I have a chance. But… not yet. I need to get that Intelligence Potion.’

Sungmin breathed loudly as he took off his clothes. His body was slightly tired, but he dropped on the ground.

He was going to do pushups everyday.


He stayed at Jack’s hotel, and went to the hunting grounds everyday. He used his skills as much as he could, bought from the store owner, Hans, and sold stuff to him as well.

He usually fought Goblins. He went and figured out where their boundaries were, and hunted those who roamed around.

He kept gathering blood and teeth. Since his room cost was halved, he had money left after selling the items. Lee Sungmin got the money from Jack.

“Do you have a interdimensional  pocket?”

About 2 weeks since he came here, he went to Hans and asked. Hans yawned and looked at Sungmin.

“I have it.”

The interdimensional  pocket would be a necessity for traveller hunting. Having magic, that pocket could hold a lot of stuff even with a small volume.

“Well, all of them are used, and the magic isn’t that good either. Let’s see…”

Hands opened the bad right in front of him. Inside, there was darkness. That pocket was a interdimensional  pocket.

His hand went inside the bag, as he searched, Hans pulled out a small pocket.

“It’s used. I found it in the woods. From a dead body. A large body size maybe? Are you gonna buy it?”

“How much?”

“60,000 Erie.”

Hans laughed. These were pretty expensive. The weight wasn’t felt t all, and since time didn’t flow, food could be stored as well. For a traveller, that was a key item.

“That’s expensive.”

“You want to bargain? I’ll cut it to 50,000.”

Hans laughed loudly and said. But Lee Sungmin shook his head.

He only had about 10,000 Erie. Even with running around the forest, he was buying things and using the hotel, so money was hard to get.

“Next time, I really don’t have any money.”

“You don't seem like… you want to bargain. Why’d you ask?”

“To me, you’re the best person who would sell me things for the cheapest price.”

He needed a interdimensional  pocket. But not yet. So he wanted to see how much Hans would sell it for.

Hans had an expression that he got hit in the back of the head.

“...Hahaha! I’ve done this job for many years, but it’s the first time i’ve gotten this much trust from someone. Ok, let’s do this. I’ll test you.”


Lee Sungmin opened his eyes widely at the surprise words. Hans laughed and continued.

“If you kill 5 orcs and take their eyes, then I’ll give you this interdimensional pocket.”

At that, Lee Sungmin swallowed hard. It had been about 2 weeks since he first arrived, but he still hadn’t tried hunting orcs.

Orcs were harder to fight. They were strong and powerful. They weren’t as intelligent as goblins, but they had enough strength to overcome that intelligence.

“...When does that offer end?”


Hans said with mischievous face.

“It’s been two weeks or so right? You went to the hunting grounds immediately, and you survived. You have talent. Even though it was only rabbits and goblins...if you kill an orc, I’ll believe that you have that talent.

It wasn’t talent; it was experience. He thought that to himself, but he didn’t show it.

“Yes. I’ll accept it.”

Lee Sungmin nodded.  

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