Possessing Nothing - Chapter 9

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Small Pegasus Wijihoyun.

It was a name that Sungmin had heard of many times in his past life. He was summoned around the same time as Sungmin, but he had left Genavis before Sungmin.

Sungmin didn’t know what Wijihoyun did after he left Genavis. He heard some rumors, but he only had a few small fragments of memories about him.

But he did know one thing. Wijihoyun survived for a time in Eria before he died, and he gained quite a reputation as well. There were many martial artists that came from sects. However, Wijihoyun wasn’t one of them.

Even so, the nickname Small Pegasus stuck in the minds of many people. Within 13 short years, Wijihoyun climbed from a rookie to the very apex during the time Sungmin was climbing from the G rank to the C rank.

While Sungmin had heard about Wijihoyun, he had never met the guy in person. Genavis was a large city. There was a good chance that they lived in different parts of the city. Despite the fact that Sungmin arrived there a month before Wijihoyun, Wijihoyun was already at a higher point than Sungmin was back then.

During that same 14-year-period, Lee Sungmin moved at the pace of a snail, maybe even slower, but even after that much time, he was barely at the point where Wijihoyun was when Wijihoyun arrived.

Sungmin didn't even bother to compare himself to him and think about his own inferiority. There were way too many differences between them. Wijihoyun was just on a completely different league from Sungmin.

But that didn't stop him from being curious.

It was a capricious curosity. He wanted to see the figure of the one that towered so highly above him. Despite his usual routine of heading into the forest, Sungmin decided to check Wijihoyun out this time around instead.

“Aren’t you going to the forest today?” Jack asked as he raised his head to look at Sungmin.

It was already 11am when Lee Sungmin got down the stairs. Ever since a month ago when Sungmin arrived at this inn, he had gone to the forest everyday.

“No, just for today I wanted to rest.”

“That’s surprising. You wouldn’t rest even when Lula told you to," Jack said before he laughed. “If you’re not going to the forest, then are you going to be in your room today?”

“No, I’m going to be outside for a bit.”

Lee Sungmin used [One Thunder] to run towards the central plaza of Genavis. Since he had practiced for a month using [One Thunder], his mastery over the techniques was improving.

There was no distinct frequency with which otherworlders were summoned. It could be one each day, one every few days, or maybe one in a month.

But there was a thing that didn’t change. They were always summoned to the central plaza of Genavis at 12 noon. He was summoned a month ago at that very spot as well.

‘How does he look like?’ Lee Sungmin wondered as he gulped. As 12 o’clock approached, the bell would definitely ring. Lee Sungmin sat down at the fountain and sighed.


The name Wijihoyun was a name that made him jealous. Most otherworlders were like that. Especially those having a hard time in this world. Sungmin felt the same like the rest of the No Classes.

The longing was probably what sparked his desire to see Wijihoyun.

Dang. Dang. Dang.

The bell rung. It was time. He swallowed and looked at the center of the plaza.

Despite there being no one there a few moments ago, a boy could be seen standing on the plaza.

He wore a black shaman outfit which hinted at his origins. Sungmin swallowed and looked closely at the boy.

The boy stood there for a second and looked around. He must be confused. It was obvious. The summoning was too sudden. There was no explanation to the Otherworlders about what happened.

The boys opened his mouth after blinking a few times. He was saying something, but Sungmin couldn’t hear it because of the distance.

Wijihoyun. He was… younger than what Sungmin imagined. He seemed to be younger than Sungmin.

‘How old was Wijihoyun…?’

He didn’t know. While he had heard of his strength and power, he never learned about his age or appearance.

As the seconds ticked by, Lee Sungmin sat on the fountain and stared at Wijihoyun. Wijihoyun only looked around but didn’t do anything. The people around only glanced at him as well but didn’t say anything. To the citizens of Genavis, the summonings were but common occurrences and it wasn’t something to be surprised of.

‘I… wanted to see something… fiercer.’

Looking at Wijihoyun, Lee Sungmin was disappointed. Hearing his name many times in his past life, Sungmin thought that Wijihoyun would be extraordinary from the beginning, but surprising, Wijihoyun didn’t seem to look anything special.

‘Well, I guess it’s all the same getting summoned,' thought Lee Sungmin as he stood up. After seeing the famed person that would take Eria by storm in person, Sungmin was happy enough. They would have no connection anymore. Now, Wijihoyun would go on to spread his name around Eria.

As for himself? He would be trying to work for a better life. Sungmin felt bitter as he turned around.


Before Sungmin had taken a step, he froze after hearing the voice behind calling out to him.

“Why were you looking at me?”

It was the voice of a young kid. A voice that hasn’t gone through puberty. Sungmin turned around with a stiff expression.

Wijihoyun was standing behind him. His height… was similar to his own. Lee Sungmin was looking at Wijihoyun’s face. Unlike a kid, Wijihoyun clasped his hands behind his back., making a serious face.

“Answer me. Why were you looking at me?”

Wijihoyun asked again. Having been completely unable to predict that this would happen, Lee Sungmin was speechless. After that, Wijihoyun’s eyebrows frowned.

“Why are you so surprised? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Ah… that… that is…”

“Just answer me. Why were you looking at me?”

Wijihoyun asked again. Now, he couldn’t stay silent anymore. Sungmin stammered back.

“That… that is. I was surprised by your sudden summoning...”


Wijihoyun reacted to that word.

“You must know something about this. What does it mean being summoned? Where am I? I was studying in my room… why am I here? Where is this place?”

Wijihoyun rapidly asked. Looking at Wijihoyun’s eyes, Sungmin felt that it was eye of someone who wasn’t suspicious of his answers at all.

‘I definitely didn't see this coming…’

Even though Sungmin was surprised, he tried to answer calmly. First, there was no reason to lie to him. Even so, he couldn’t answer why he looked at Wijihoyun in the first place.

“Um… that…”

His story began. He explained the things that he knew to Wijihoyun, including where they were, and why he was summoned here.

Wijihoyun listened closely without asking any questions.


As his story ended, Wijihoyun said with an emotionless face. Even though he expressed his surprise, his face showed no emotion at all.

‘What is with this guy?’

Now Lee Sungmin was surprised. What was with that kid? He wasn’t old and probably didn’t have that much experience. No, those things don’t really matter in Eria’s summoning. People are just there after a blink of an eye. What kind of a crazy guy just says 'Ah---' and accepts it right away?

“... you understand me?”

“If you said that somewhere else, I would not have believed you. But now, I can see the evidence with my own eyes.”

Wijihoyun answered like it was nothing. He then pointed at the citizens of Genavis.

“Outsiders. These aren’t people that you would usually see. But in this place… there are a lot of outsiders. Most of the people are outsiders. The black-eyed, dark-haired you and me seem like another planet’s citizens.”

He muttered as he turned to point at the buildings.

“The buildings are like that too. I’ve never seen those types of buildings before. Yes… I see. This is a world called ‘Eria.’

He nodded his head.

“And this status screen. I see. I’ve only thought about it. Hmm. My name is Wijihoyun… and my job is a martial artist? Haha! That’s funny.”

Wijihoyun laughed.

“The skill screen… it’s filling up. I see. Now that I’ve seen these things, how can I doubt you?”

“Ah… yes…”

It was different, no, maybe it was a difference of adaptability? Regardless, it was completely different from Lee Sungmin’s reaction to Genavis. Lee Sungmin cried after he understood. He only wanted to leave back then. To go back home.

But Wijihoyun merely laughed.

“You, what’s your name?”

Wijihoyun asked.

“...Lee Sungmin.”



“I’m Wijihoyun. My age is 13.”

He was a year younger. Lee Sungmin opened his mouth and looked at him.

“I’ve heard a nice story. This world… Eria. You need to hunt creatures called monsters? Good. haha. I was becoming bored of my training. That’s good.”

Wijihoyun laughed. Lee Sungmin looked at his face with a strange look, and Wijihoyun tapped on Sungmin’s shoulders.

“So, let’s go.”

“...yes? Where?”

“Hm. I need to say these things first.”

Wijihoyun grumbled in a small voice and put down his hands and clasped his hands behind his back.

“I was born as a vice head of a sect and was praised by everyone. But there are no sects in Eria. So that means, I’m not a vice head and only just a regular human.”

It was not something that a 13 year old would say.

“I’m only a human in this world. So, now from this day forth, you are my friend.”

Wijihoyun said with a serious expression. Lee Sungmin didn’t understand how Wijihoyun could become a regular human just because there was no cult in this world.

No. He could understand it somewhat. But a friend? What did that have anything to do with it?

“...Uh… why am I becoming friends with you…?”

“...Hmm? I don’t understand. If we’re of the same age, aren’t we friends? And this meeting with you and me brought us together. Isn’t it obvious that we’re friends?”

Wijihoyun tilted his head and asked. Lee Sungmin couldn’t say anything in response.

But he knew one thing. He knew what kind of a kid Wijihoyun was.

Wijihoyun had a flaw in his communication skills.

“Ah… yes. Of course. Friends… friends.”

“Yes. So we are friends now. So why are you so nervous and polite? We’re friends now.”

“Ah… Ok. Sure…”

Lee Sungmin answered with a ghastly face.

He, a 27-year-old, just became friends with a 13-year-old kid.



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