When one pondered over it, the circumstances surrounding human birth were indeed absurd and unfair.

One could be born holding a golden spoon.

Just because of their luck, they were created from the sperm of a loaded b*stard. Just because they were lucky, they were conceived from the egg of a filthy rich b*tch. Effort? It could only be called effort if wagging their tails faster than other sperms was considered to be an act of effort.

Others might be gifted with an extraordinary talent; one that could forge a clay spoon into a spoon crafted from gold if the chance to do so arose.

The inequity of human birth was the same in this world as well. One might be apt to walk down the path of martial arts, while another could be born with a flair for magic. The point being: disparities between the fellow people were distinct since birth.


I had absolutely nothing.


[The ‘Stone of Past Life’ has been activated.]

[The ‘Stone of the Past Life’ cannot be activated again.]

[You will return to the starting line from 13 years ago.]


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