Spiritual furnace - Chapter 1

The Piercing Sky mountain range was located in the south of Yi Province. Its main range zigzagged across hundreds of miles, and its countless of peaks pierced the sky. The branch ranges were numerous and uncountable, one could find many fierce waterfalls, deep valleys, and high cliffs in between the mountain ridges.

The mountain range became the home of many cultivators because it contained a high density of spiritual essence. The Yi Province’s strongest cultivation sect, the Yu Hua sect, was located within this range.

One of the peaks from the nine main peaks of Yu Hua sect was constantly surrounded by clouds, with a dragon shaped green light circling it, moving around as if it was flying around the skies. Therefore, it was granted the name ‘Flying Dragon’.

Two lonely dirt humps resided on an inconspicuous cliff to the south, representing the graves of the former Flying Dragon Peak Master Chu Changtian and his wife.

Chu Yan knelt in front of their graves. His eyes gave off the aura of a hardened individual, which did not match his very young face. Two roughly made wooden gravestone were placed on top of the dirt humps. They stood still before him.

‘Deceased father, Chu Changtian’s grave. Deceased mother, Qingrou’s grave.’

Those words were engraved deeply into the plaques. Dry blood stains could be faintly seen on its surface, as the wooden graves were made by Chu Yan three years ago.

“One gains flattery because of power but desolation after downfall.” Chu Yan understood the bitterness within this phrase.

“Flying Dragon Peak’s number one cultivation genius? Yu Hua sect’s ten talented disciples?” He let out a sardonic laugh.

Chu Yan smile was extremely cold. I was the center of attention, everyone looked u to me, but now I became a trash who lost everything, I still must pretend like I have gone crazy to live my life away from danger.

“Father, mother, your son has not shown filial piety towards you…”

His face showed a sense of guilt. For three years, Chu Yan bore insults and hardships, and spent every single day to its fullest on training; for his father and mother’s revenge.; However, his spiritual root was destroyed, and he would not restore the glory he once had.

The once every five years peak examination will begin three months from now on June 15th. All those who couldn’t reach the third layer Tempering Qi phase will be expelled from the sect and won’t be able to use its name while traveling to other places.

The Tempering Qi phase is the first cultivation phase for any cultivator who wanted to step in to the realms of cultivation. It contained thirteen layers, and every four layers was divided into a stage: early stage, middle stage, late stage and the complete stage, which was the thirteenth.

Due to the incident three years ago, Chu Yan had lost all his cultivation, and could not feel the Qi within his body. Let’s not mention the third layer; although he went through three years of hard training, he still had problems entering back to the first.

The disciple who used to be a cultivation genius, Flying Dragon Peak Master Chu Changtian’s pride, will be expelled from the peak. How ironic was that?

“I will not give up until the end…:”

He said to his inner heart with a strong determination, and his persevering face displayed his resolution. Although he was sixteen years old, his maturity was not lower than that of an adult. The past three years of suffering have made him much more mature.

“T-This is…?”

The ground shook and while Chu Yan fell, the wooden graves began to tremble.


Suddenly, as the ground started to shake violently, dark clouds covered the sky, and lightning and thunder roamed the air. Then, the ground began to crack like spider webs and the strong winds blew the pebbles around, Since Chu Yan parents’ graves were located on a cliff to the south of the peak, he did not have time to run and was blown into the deep valley.

“Father, mother is this your wish? If there is a second life, I will surely avenger your death!”

While Chu Yan continued to fall down the valley at an unimaginable speed, his eyes showed a deep unwillingness.

At that moment, a crack appeared within the dark sky, and the air started to swirl into a vortex…



A ray of black light rapidly descended and smashed through Chu Yan’s body. He opened his eyes in bewilderment but instantly fainted. The strength of the black light did not stop there. It smashed the ground, creating a huge crater and caused the surrounding air to be covered in dust.

Three days after

News spread among the people within the Flying Dragon Peak about a trash disciple who got killed by a thunder strike. Normally, the death of an insignificant disciple would not stir much attention, but this person was Chu Yan. Someone who used to be a cultivating genius and the son of the former Peak Master, which caused people to sigh.

At the burial graveyard of the Flying Dragon Peak

The burial graveyard located in the western wastelands of the Flying Dragon Peak was the burial ground for disciples who were unimportant. They were randomly buried with only a dirt hump representing their graves.

Two young boys wearing light gray hemp garments carried a dead body into the random burial graveyard. Multiple cuts and slashes could be seen on the body.

One of them, who was a disciple opened his mouth with an unlucky expression on his face “Da Niu, why is it always us two who do these kinds of work. I’m scared every time thinking that I might be stepping on some brothers’ dead corpses.”

The person named Daniu had a ghastly expression. “Be satisfied, at least we are still alive. You don’t know how many unlucky guys had been tortured to death by Elder Zhao. Gousheng, remind yourself that we are the dogs of Elder Zhao, and never seen ourselves as free human beings, or else we will be near the death’s door.”

(TLN: Da Niu literal meaning is big cow, Gou Sheng literal meaning is dog left, their names already told me that they are not humans to begin with lol)

Li Gousheng’s expression changed after he heard that. “Big bro, Chu Yan still had breath a few days before, why did we….?”


Chen Daniu gave a hard slap to Li Gousheng’s face, and fiercely exclaimed “Asshole! Let me remind you that Elder Zhao said he was a dead person, so we buried a dead person.; How can a dead person have breath? You know Elder Zhao’s ways, if you want to die do not drag me down with you.”


Li Gousheng nodded while holding his swollen face. They easily threw the body into the dirt pit.

Peng peng…

One of the far away graves started to shake, with dim blue lights from the sky gathering around the grave.

“Big-big bro, the nature’s spiritual essence is reacting to the grave, it must have a treasure within it!”

There was a look of ecstasy on Li Gousheng’s face when he saw such scene.

“I believe that was where we buried Chu Yan? But we searched every nook of his body at that time, he did not even have anything good on him!”

Chen Daniu showed a doubtful expression.

“Maybe we missed a spot?! Don’t think too much about, big bro. Let’s quickly dig him out before it attracts another person’s attention. Then we might not even have it for ourselves.”


Chen Daniu agreed after Li Gousheng persuasion. One can find riches through risk, what’s more was that trash Chu Yan is dead. He convinced himself with these phrases.

They each took out a black iron hoe, which was their special tool used to dig holes for those dead bodies.

They were scared to damage the treasure, so they dug as carefully as possible.

Moment after, a body of a young boy could be seen after they dug through his grave.

The dim blue lights were still gathering together, entered the head of that body.

“Did this guy shove the treasure in his mouth before his death?”

“I’m going to crack open that mouth of his to see what he had inside!”

Chen Daniu threw his hoe to the side and pulled out a dagger. He stabbed the dagger at Chu Yan’s face, but a chill sparked inside his body.

Chu Yan’s left hand suddenly grabbed on to the wrist which was holding the dagger, while his eyes opened in a flash.


Fear spread within Chen Daniu’s heart as he tried to break free from the powerful grip. Chu Yan only had a breath left at that time. How can he still be alive after being buried in dirt for three days under this cold environment? And how can this trash’s strength… an icy voice cut his train of thoughts.


Chu Yan’s left hand was instantly covered in a dim blue spiritual power. The next moment, it pierced through Chen Daniu’s heart. It was so quick that it did not give Chen Daniu time to react.

“Spiritual- spiritual power, how is that possi-”

Chu Yan slowly got up and approached the already frightened Li Gousheng, who squat on the ground as he tossed Chen Daniu’s dead body aside.

“Aahh… Don’t come near me! It was Elder Zhao who told us to bury you, not me, not me...”

A fist covered in dim blue light shattered the bones within his throat.

For the first time in three years after he felt the layer of dim blue spiritual power within his dantian, Chu Yan displayed a chilling smile on his cold face.

Three days before, Chu Yan’s awareness was faded, but he could feel that his body was rapidly healing itself, with many spiritual essences from the surroundings pouring into his body. Under this surprise, Chu Yan activated his ‘Heavy Dark Water’ cultivation technique, and at the last minute, he broke through and reached the first layer of tempering Qi phase.

Chu Yan heard the conversation between those two. Both were at the first layer, and although he was also at first layer, his body strength was like that of a third layer cultivator, so it was a piece of cake killing them.

I can finally cultivate! First layer of Tempering Qi phase!; I actually stepped back into the first layer of Tempering Qi phase!

Not only that, the most shocking thing for Chu Yan was a small broken furnace floating within his body.

“What is this?”



Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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