Spiritual furnace - Chapter 10

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“Little bro, if you are willing to think highly of me then please accept this as a gift.”Qian Wanxin spoke casually, as if it was nothing to be worried about.

Chu Yan was shocked by his words, but quickly recovered. He replied “Owner Qian, if you have a request then tell me, I don’t believe someone willingly gives anyone a highest-grade artifact for free. Even it that was the case, I highly doubt it would be for me.”

“Since you put it this way, then I do have a request. Will you to tell me who your master is?”

“My master has always been living in the mountains. He has never liked to deal with people, so I can’t tell you his name. Please forgive me about this matter.”

Chu Yan became wary of Qian Wanxin. Looks like my spiritual liquid has great value, or else why would the boss want to meet me in person?

“Then may I ask you to deliver a message for him? Please tell him that I’m willing to offer a salary of a hundred thousand spiritual stones if he becomes an honorary retainer for the Lin Lang building.” (TLN: not an actual retainer, but more like mutual benefit. The retainer and employer have the same social status)

His heart ravaged like storm waves. Looks the spiritual liquid from the furnace really is valuable. Chu Yan was tempted by the price, but he quickly calmed himself.

He understood that this couldn’t work out, since there were a lot of stories about cultivators getting killed because they were in possession of strong artifacts. The only reason that Lin Lang building hadn’t made their move yet was because it wasn’t worth it. Once they found out about the small furnace, then things might turn different.

“I will definitely deliver this message to my master, but I can’t promise you that my master will agree. Now, let’s talk about the spell artifact. What is the price?”

“Since brother is willing to deliver the message, then this artifact will be gifted to you for free…”

When Qian Wanxin heard that Chu Yan promised to deliver the message, he answered his question with a smile.

“My master taught me to never accept gifts without working for it. Please give me the price.”

“Ok then. Eight bottles of the same quality as last time.”


Chu Yan didn’t bargain the price, for the price was already cheaper than a low-grade spiritual artifact. Considering the fact that a highest-grade spell artifact was more valuable than a low-grade spiritual artifact.

He had ten bottles of grade-one spiritual liquid and five grade-two, which were all of his assets and would never increase any further. Why? Because with the big black chicken, his cultivation speed accelerated, that also meant his absorption rate of spiritual essence increased. The spiritual liquid produced by the furnace could only last him up to three days, which also meant he didn’t have any extras.

When Chu Yan had reached the middle stage, the furnace also changed. The cracks on it lessened and the spiritual liquid it produced advanced to grade two.

Chu Yan sold a bottle of spiritual liquid and bought a spiritual beast pouch. He then left Lin Lang building after spending fifty spiritual stones. When leaving, Qian owner gave him a golden token saying that this would make it easier to find him if he ever visits again.

“I’m so poor…”

After he left the building, Chu Yan could not hold it any longer and let out a sigh. Right now, he only had one bottle of grade-one spiritual liquid, five bottles of grade-two and seventy spiritual stones. He also couldn’t use the remaining spiritual liquid to exchange for items rashly since he prioritized cultivation level first.

Now that he had a defensive spell artifact, he would need to buy an offensive one, so he went to try his luck on the street stalls.

He observed the all the stalls on both sides. Many of them had at least some people, but there was one stall that didn’t had any. There would be times when someone would come and ask about the items, but they all left after couple of questions.

As Chu Yan closed in to take a look, he realized why the stall didn’t have people. The old owner had a ragged cloth for a cushion, the items that laid above the ragged cloth were either broken or damaged. When Chu Yan was about to pick one up, he heard.

“If you’re not going to buy, then don’t touch them. You think you can afford to pay for it if you accidently broke the item?"

The old man was leaning on his broken chair, with one hand holding a straw fan while he snorted coldly.

“May I inquire the prices of these items?”

Chu Yan wanted to see how the old man would respond.

“That is the defensive middle-grade spell artifact ‘Yin Yang Mirror’, it costs two hundred spiritual stones.”

“Are you talking that mirrorless round frame over there?”

Chu Yan became speechless.

“Ah, um… it’s just a little damaged, can still be used. Take a look at this middle-grade spell artifact ‘Nine Dragon Whip’, you can have it for just only three hundred spiritual stone.”

“That two-piece whip over there?”

“Eh… small problem. Then take a look at this ‘Heavenly Silkworm Armor’, you only need…”

“But it has a lot of holes on it…”

“Then look at this one…”

“Do you even have any item that can be used?”

Chu Yan was totally speechless at the old man. So, this old man was actually selling junk?! He sighed as he turned around and walked off.

Looking at Chu Yan who was actually interested in his items, the old man hurriedly called out “Hey friend, don’t leave! Look at this ‘Flying Sword’, a highest-grade Spell Artifact. Although it has damages here and there, but it still works. Trust me, it does! ~”

“You sure it’s a highest-grade? I don’t even see how this could be call a sword… Where is the handle and the sword head?”

Chu Yan stared at the broken to the point of unreasonable, rusty steel pole looking thing. No matter how you look at it, it couldn’t be described as a highest-grade…

“Um, this~ although I can’t see its grade, but it was definitely passed down from my ancestors. I can guarantee you that it is a highest-grade spell artifact.”

The old man used both hands to lift up leg-thick ‘steel pole’ and stabbed it into the ground. The rusty steel pole went in as if it was stabbing through a tofu.

This ground is paved with dark meteorite rocks, a normal medium-grade Spell Artifact will not even scratch it, let alone a normal steel pole. Can this rusty looking thing really be a highest-grade Spell Artifact?

Suddenly, the small furnace started to vibrate, which made Chu Yan surprised. Without showing it on his face, he said blandly: “This metal scrap… how much is it? I want it.”

“This, this is for three hundred spiritual stone. I can’t sell it lower than that. If my clan didn’t suffer from a downfall, the old me would never sell something that my ancestors had left behind.”

The old man’s heart was screaming in joy. The steel pole might be strong and sturdy, but it was also too heavy. A normal person couldn’t wield it smoothly, and it can’t be refined with blood essence. No matter how good a weapon was, it couldn’t be called an artifact unless the wielder could make it move by will.

“I have one bottle of grade-one spiritual liquid and seventy spiritual stones. That’s all I have so If you don’t want it, then I’ll leave!”


The old man showed a painful expression as if he had made a loss. He hastily packed his stuff when Chu Yan disappeared into the crowd with the steel pole, which was as tall as he was. If he ever finds out that thing can’t be refined and comes back looking for me, I’ll be so dead.


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