Spiritual furnace - Chapter 11

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Time flew by and June 16th arrived. Today didn’t have anything particularly special besides the Flying Dragon Peak’s Inner Peak Examination that would begin tomorrow. All the disciples were nervously preparing for this event, for their future would be decided after the Examination’s outcome.

Those that didn’t reach third layer Tempering Qi phase had made their final efforts, hoping that they could get lucky and break through. Those whose cultivations were decent practiced spells and techniques. All hoped to achieve good grades while many aimed for the top ten, so that they could materialize their dreams; a chance to participate in the Sect’s Tournament.

As usual, Chu Yan was walking on the stone path with two buckets of water. This time he had a big black chicken on his shoulder, which a lot of people found it weird.

But because he had the chicken near him, his spiritual energy within his body would vibrate. This caused the breathing technique ‘Heavy Dark Water’ Chu Yan used for cultivation to be ten time faster, which explained why that even though the chicken made his appearance look weird, Chu Yan would still like to bring it around with him.

But then again, this bastard only stayed with Chu Yan for his roasted meat, it never recognized him as its master, and it didn’t like to go in the spiritual beast pouch. Instead, it loved to be on Chu Yan’s shoulder, constantly crowing as if scared that nobody knew it was a rooster, which also made Chu Yan speechless.


The big black chicken on Chu Yan felt happy and let out a loud call.

“Hey, isn’t that our ‘Big’ Young Master Chu?”

“You’re wrong, Senior Brother. Did you forget that we don’t have a ‘Big’ Young Master Chu anymore? Only an abandoned puppy who doesn’t know its place.”

“Can you see that thing on his shoulder? Oh my gosh~ ha ha…”

“Senior Brother, don’t you think that is a plump crow? Lol, Young Master Chu really has a unique taste; to have a crow as a pet~”

“Tomorrow is the Inner Peak Examination, I’m afraid that Young Master Chu will be kicked out of the Flying Dragon Peak, Pfff.”

“Gosh, don’t say that. He has a woman backing him! Lol~”

Wu Renxing and the others who had playful faces, spoke with mockeries and laughters.

As usual, Chu Yan ignored them like they were air bubbles. After another month of harsh daily cultivation, and with the help of the spiritual liquid plus big black chicken, he had finally reached the eighth layer of Tempering Qi phase. In the path of cultivation, each layer would be harder than the past one. If someone knew that Chu Yan went from first to eighth layer just in three months’ time, they would probably think that he was possessed by a thousand-year-old Yao.

With his current cultivation, proficiency of spells and spiritual energy control, killing them would a piece of cake for Chu Yan, but he chose not to so his strength would be kept in secret. It’s not worth it! They will eventually have a taste of my power by tomorrow anyway. He swore no mercy would be given and stomp them under his feet.

“As expected, he is a trash that has no balls. Ha ha~”

One of the boys hurled an insult when they saw Chu Yan didn’t respond.

Chu Yan frowned at the insult but ignored it anyway and left with the buckets of water. At the same time, a portion of his spiritual energy drilled into the ground from his leg and continued to head towards the boy who insulted him. Then, the water element spiritual energy spread behind that boy’s standing area, which caused the surrounding ground to soften up.

“Let’s go guys, I just realized it is a waste of time insulting this trash.”

Wu Renxing felt great when he watched Chu Yan run away like a wimp. As he turned around and made his first step, his right leg went into the ground as if he stepped on stacks of cotton. Due to  how heavy his step was, he lost his balance and fell forward. A crack sound could be heard from his leg.

“Aahh! My leg, my f*cking leg?!”

Emerald Willow Residence

In a large courtyard, there was a girl dressed in a light blue dress with a three-feet flying sword floating in front of her. The flying sword had a plain look, yet its body was filled with complicated rune marks. It danced in the air as it emitted a watery blue light.

Her looks were so beautiful, it could be described as if she was a fairy not belonging to the mortal world. At this moment, a complicated expression plastered her face while she was whispering a spell with her hands making complex handprints in the air.

Immediately, the flying sword glowed brightly in the sky. As the light particles formed a vortex, a curtain of spring water fell from the flying sword.

Looking at the flowery droplet spilled from the water curtain, her eyes became slightly blurred, and a picture of the past vividly came into view:

“Senior sister waifu, you just reached the fifth layer of Tempering Qi phase! Hehe, but I have already reached the seventh.”

“Young Master, you can’t call me waifu. We-we are not married yet!”

In a courtyard, there was a fifteen to sixteen-year-old girl blushing angrily at a boy who was half her height.

“Okie, okay, boss waifu. I will call you Senior Sister then.”


“Oh right, waif- ah Senior Sister, this is for you…”

The little boy’s face was full of smiles. The pouch on his waist glowed and a simple flying sword appeared in the air.

“Wait, I can’t take that. This was made especially for you by Master, I can’t…”

“Stop making things so complicated, aren’t you my wife? My things are your things so take it. Go ahead and just take it already. I just have to tell my father to make another one for me.”

The little boy ignored the girl’s concerns and pressed the sword onto her hands.

The girl saw a flash of charm in the boy’s eyes and could not refuse his stubbornness. No matter if it was the body or the mind, a girl would normally mature earlier than a boy, not to mention that the girl was also eight years older than him.

The boy didn’t realize what he had done and hastily spoke “Senior Sister Hua, please quickly put your blood essence to test it out.”

The young girl blushed, and a drop of blood essence enter the flying sword.

“Senior Sis, if you spread your spiritual energy at the center of the sword, and then line it up into a perimeter around and rapidly spin it, you will get a surprise.”

She listened and followed his instructions. During the process, droplets of sweat formed on her forehead while the flying sword began to emit a light blue light. The next moment, a water curtain fell from the flying sword, separating the little boy and the young girl.

“How is it, Senior Sis? Not only can this water curtain block attacks, it can also trap enemies. It’s a technique made by Father and I. Very strong, right?! Senior sis, you…”

The boy blushed without finishing his words when he saw the girl’s red beet face on the other side of the water curtain. This made it awkward since the boy was not used to something like this.

That was when the young girl realized that her unusual behaviors were seen by the boy, instantly becoming more embarrassed. “What- what is this flying sword’s name?” Her voice was soft as a mosquito buzz.

“Let’s call it… the Autumn Water Sword!”

The small boy’s laughter was bright as a flower.

The pictures slowly crumbled… Everything was just the past…


Due to Hua Mengqi momentarily becoming absent minded, the flying sword fell to the floor as it lost its supply of spiritual energy. While looking at the Autumn Water Sword who was laying on the floor, her glossy face contained two rows of tears on each side.

“Young Master, did you know? Qi’er’s heart is extremely painful.” She held her hands on her chest.  (TLN: Er is normally used for between intimate persons or status difference, it means ‘small’)

Who understood her sadness? She thought she could forget about Chu Yan, but that was proven wrong. The day when Chu Yan said ‘Senior Sister Hua, from now on, Chu Yan will not love you anymore. Never can, never will…’ it pained her heart. It was in the form of a drill, which kept drilling deeper and deeper.

I shouldn’t be thinking like this since I have already given up on him. Tomorrow will be the Inner Peak Examination and Chu Yan will be expelled from the Flying Dragon Peak. The two of us… don’t have a future together.

“Maybe this is my fate…’

Her eyes were dejected. QI Tianlie had given her an order that Qi Diaomu would become her cultivation partner, and they would have a celebration after the Sect’s Tournament. She understood Qi Diaomu feelings and was ready to accept all of this.


At the front of a small hut, a girl appeared in Chu Yan’s view.

He recognized this girl as she was the one who would always be with Hua Mengqi. A bad premonition arose when he saw her.

“I have been waiting for you a long time already, Hua Mengqi told me to hand this to you.”

Huang Xiaowen shoved him an envelope.

His mind exploded when he saw the words on it.

‘Divorce booklet’ (TLN: Traditional Chinese, I wife can only be divorced if the husband wrote a ‘休’ letter on some official document)

Chu Yan used both of his stiff hands to slowly open the envelope, there were only sixteen words written on a blank paper.

“Have fate but no future, differences between mortals and immortals, don’t force what can’t be achieved.” (TLN: We encountered by fate but there wasn’t any future ahead for us, and there was a drastic difference between a mortal person and a cultivator. Let us forget each other since nothing can be achieved from this. I wanted to keep it short since Hua Mengqi tried to shove this coldly at him)

“HAHA, what a nice no fate, a difference between mortals and immortal. Don’t force? I, Chu Yan am a MAN! I will never be held down by feelings!”

Looking at those words, Chu Yan immediately laughed like a mad man. He bit his fingers and as blood dripped from the wound, he violently wrote a single word on a piece of paper.

Huang Xiaowen left in a troubled state after she saw Chu Yan’s madness. In a brief moment, another person dressed in a greenish dress stepped out behind a tree.

“Chu Yan…”

A cold yet familiar voice was heard, and Chu Yan came out of his hut with a complicated expression.

“Why- why did you come here?”

Ruo Xiwen didn’t answer his question, but instead, she stared intensely at him.

Followed up by her eyes, besides the guilt he had for her, he currently felt shivers around his body, yet he didn’t know what to say.

After a good chunk of time, Ruo Wenxi opened her mouth “You must pass the Inner Peak Examination! You hear me?! You must reach the top ten! You hear me?! You must not die before the Sect’s Tournament! YOU HEAR ME?!”

This time, Chu Yan was totally loss, his eyes looked at her as if she was a monster. The normally cold and taciturn Ruo Wenxi actually spoke that much to me?

She became heated by the unscrupulous gaze of him. So, she threw a storage sack at him before she flew away on her flying sword.

“Remember, your life is not only yours!”

Her last words echoed the air, although in a cold tone.

There were two middles-grade spell artifacts and two ‘Breaking Seal’ pill within the sack, which filled Chu Yan’s heart with warmth. The female scent on one of the flying sword artifacts made Chu Yan ease his bad mood.

In my most difficult time, one chose to give up and the other chose to help…

Staring at the beautiful figure slowly leaving, Chu Yan became determined while remembering her order-like words.


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