Spiritual furnace - Chapter 12

Today was destined to be extraordinary, for today was the day when Flying Dragon Peak’s disciples thirty and under would undergo judgement by fate. From the first time entering the Sect to the end of five year’s training were all to prepare for this day. After today, one might become a core disciple, might be expelled from the Sect, or become just a regular disciple. Only strength played the deciding factor of this outcome.

At the peak of the Flying Dragon Peak

On the Peak, there was a stadium that surpass ten thousand square meters. Legend said that the stadium was created by a sword slash from the first Peak Master of the Flying Dragon Peak.

There were multiple platforms built on the stadium, and thousands of disciples from the Flying Dragon Peak had gathered here today.

It was the beginning of the Inner Peak Competition.

But before the competition, all disciples must go through the Inner Peak Examination. It was to test if a disciple qualified to participate in the competition.

A two-meter tall tablet stood in the middle platform of the stadium, which was the Spiritual Identifier Stone.

There were five people seated beside the platform, each of them held an important position within the Flying Dragon Peak. Four of them were the elders of the peak while the one seated in the middle was Peak Master Qi Tianlie.

Below one of the platforms stood a row of outer disciples, ranging from two to three hundred persons.

Currently, many were crying or had sadden faces, only few put up a bright expressions. Chu Yan was the only exception; his face was expressionless.

“Li Yun…”

The voice of an skinny old man rang the platform. The person who was the first in the row stepped up nervously on the platform.

“Place your hands on the Spiritual Identifier Stone and exert your spiritual energy in full force.”

The skinny old man gave a despised look when he saw the disciple who blandly said.


The disciple placed one of his hands on the Spiritual Identifier Stone. The next moment, the area around his hand started to glow, and a faint red light entered the stone. After a couple of seconds, his face turned bright red. No matter how much he pushed himself, the faint red light didn’t reappear again.

Suddenly, the stone tablet glowed brightly, and gold words floated on the surface of the stone.

“Tempering Qi, First Layer!”

While looking at the words, the disciple’s face instantly turned pale and squatted on the floor.

“Cultivation didn’t reach the third layer, failed. Next!”

“Elder! Please give me another chance! Elder…”

“Drag him away!”

This was the cruelness of reality, over half of the three hundred disciples had taken their examinations, but only a few had reached the third layer. For those who didn’t reach it, they would be dragged off the platform and expelled from the Flying Dragon Peak.

“Wang Xiong…”

Wang Xiong excitedly stepped on the platform when his name was called by the elder. He also gave Chu Yan a provocative look.

He placed his hand tightly on the stone, and a thick earth brown color light continuously poured into it.

“Tempering Qi, Third Layer!”

“Hahaha, I passed! I passed!”

Wang Xiong had a heavy laughter when he saw those big words on the stone. Since the day he was beaten by Chu Yan, he pushed himself to train day and night. He didn’t think that he would be so lucky as to reach the third layer the night before the examination.

“You can go now.”

“Thank you Elder.”

Wang Xiong walked down the platform with a complacent face. He whispered into Chu Yan’s ears as he passed by. “Brat, soon you will be expelled from the peak. When that time comes, no one would be bothered if I killed you. You made me lay on the bed for a whole month and I had to waste all my money for my medication, I will definitely make you pay for this.”

Bedsides a slight reaction, he ignored Wan Xiong like thin air. Wang Xiong immediately got pissed.

“Hmph, trash, wait till you become a laughing stock for the crowd.”

“Chu Yan…”

When the elder called out this name, it attracted everyone’s attention towards the young boy.

The son of the previous Peak Master who used to be one of  the ten most talented disciplse of Yu Hua Sect. Barely three years had passed, his spiritual root was destroyed and what’s worse; he was stricken by lightning. By the blessing of the lightning, he regained his ability to cultivate but his spiritual root became the most trash Five-Element Root. His situation with Hua Mengqi, his hatred with Qi Diaomu, his resentments with Peak Master Qi Tianlie made him the spotlight of today. Most of them found the situation hilarious and funny rather than respect and pity for what Chub Yan had gone through.

In seconds, the quiet platform became a noisy circus.

“Isn’t that our Young Master Chu? Lol… he really shamed his father’s name!”

“Right now, he’s just a lost puppy, and he absurdly thinks that he can rival our Eldest Senior Brother?!”

“Don’t forget he has a woman protecting him.”

“This trash will soon be kicked out of the Peak anyway, we should just enjoy the how this clown makes a fool of himself~”

Mockeries came non-stop from within the stadium. Chu Yan, step by step, walked up the platform as if he had heard nothing.

A young boy standing beside Qi Tianlie was constantly staring at the platform.

When Qi Tianlie noticed his discomposure appearance, he said. “Mu’er, the remaining Chu family will soon be expelled from the peak. By that time, you can take care of the rest.”

Qi Diaomu saw the killing intent within the Peak Master’s eyes and answered respectfully. “Yes, master.”

He had been flustered since this morning. He did not know where it came from, but what he did know was he sensed danger, and it became stronger when he saw Chu Yan.

“Maybe Chu Yan has an ace up his sleeve? That will be impossible!”

Qi Diaomu immediately rejected his thought. He felt that he was thinking too much. To reach the third layer from the first layer within a three-month time, and with a trash Five-Elemental spiritual root?! Not even a Heavenly spiritual root disciple could do that. Unless he was possessed by a thousand-year-old Yao, or else it would never be possible.

Hu Mengqi face turned pale when she heard Qi Tianlie words. She knew from the start that Qi Tianlie wanted to kill Chu Yan, and when he gets expelled from the peak, he would not have a chance to live.

What can I possibly do?

Her heart was burned by lament. Many admired her position as the Eldest Senior Sister of Flying Dragon Peak, but she was still powerless when facing Qi Tianlie. Although she wanted to save Chu Yan, she knew very well she did not have the ability to do so, and it was not possible for the current her to sacrifice all she had just for him.

Under the heavy gazes of the crowd, Chu Yan stepped on the platform.

He turned his head around. When his vision passed by every single one of them, he looked up at Qi Tianlie, Hua Mengqi, Qi Diaomu and his lips curved into a wicked smile.

“Is he smiling, did he get struck dumb by lightning?”

“He is only bluffing, watch when he cries.”

“Just watch the show.”

Different from the comments of the disciples below the platform, Qi Tianlie felt unease at the moment. This feeling is quite baffling…

Qi Diaomu was shocked. A bad premonition rose in his mind when he saw the weird smile on Chu Yan’s face. Hua Mengqi had a complex look. He is giving me a cold smile, but why? It must be because he hates me…

Chu turned back and placed his hands on the Spiritual testifier stone.

The next moment, a high density of light blue spiritual energy entered the stone. Seconds after…

‘Tempering Qi, Third layer’

The five golden words blinded the crowd while their voices quieted down.


Translated by: Lazy Pica

Edited by: VIS

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