Spiritual furnace - chapter 13

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Qi Tianlie was angry and surprised at the same time. He shattered his tea cup on the table beside him.

His heart was brutally shaken by the fact that Chu Yan had reach the third layer. The idea of reaching two layers within two months could only be described as an abnormal deed. Moreover, he had a Five-Elemental Spiritual Root. Anyone could see that, right now, Qi Tianlie had the eyes of a murderer. Feeling a sense of danger, he thought to himself. If I let the boy grew any longer, he will become my biggest obstacle. I must get rid of him this instant!

Qi Diaomu also had a ruthless expression. Chu Yan was always a pain in his eye, if he didn’t die then Hua Mengqi’s heart would always have his shadow. For this reason, he hated the fact that he could not finish Chu Yan right here and now. Today was supposed to be the perfect chance as Chu Yan would be expelled but unfortunately, it seems that fate was not by his side.

“Is- is it possible that~”

Hua Mengqi widened her eyes, an unbelievable look could be seen within it. Chu Yan recovered his talent? Her heart was in a mess by that thought.

“How is that possible?”

“The stone must be broken, it must be!”

“But the stone was handed down by our previous great-grand peak master, it can’t be broken?”

“Don’t tell me that trash is possessed by a Yao?

The stadium suddenly became noisy, everyone had a suspicious look when they glanced at Chu Yan.

On the other hand, the elder responsible for the test was also surprised and shocked. There were many events about thousand-year-old Yao taking the body of a young one after their bodies were destroyed. If Chu Yan really had a thousand-year-old Yao in his body, then, “You come here~”

Chu Yan didn’t seem surprised by the elder’s judgement.

The old skinny elder grabbed his wrist, and a thread of consciousness entered his body.

The elder’s cultivation was at the middle-stage of Foundation Establishment. If Chu Yan actually been possessed, then the Yao should be in a weaken state. Plus, this is within the Sect, so he was not scared and started to do a checkup.


A moment later

The elder uttered his words difficultly with an unexpected expression. “Chu Yan, Tempering Qi Third Layer. Passed!”

“What? That bastard really reached the third layer…”

“This can’t be…”

“Are you serious…”

Once again, the whole stadium became noisy. Since it was certified by an elder, then it should not have any problems. This meant that Chu Yan had actually reached the third layer of Tempering Qi phase. To be able to reach that height in just three months of time, everyone’s looks changed from disdain to astonishment.

Chu Yan slowly walked down the platform. This time, he didn’t post any expression on his face. After the cold smile from before, his face became the usual dull version.

“You… it’s impossible!”

When Wang Xiong saw him headed his way, he shouted while having a frightened face.


The bland voice made Wang Xiong shiver, and instinctively dodged.

This is the first step to my rise, there will be more to come!

Chu Yan had a slight smile as he felt released.

The current Qi Tianlie looked as if he could shoot flames from his eyes. Everything didn’t go accordingly.

Qi Diaomu saw through his master’s intentions, and whispered: “Master, I have an idea that can get rid of this brat.”

“Oh? Tell me…”

Qi Diaomu whispered some words into Qi Tianlie’s ears. Upon hearing them, Qi Tianlie had a malicious smile.

“Mu’er, I will leave this matter in your hands.”

“This disciple will do as you wish.”

The most important event of the Inner Peak examination was the Inner Peak’s tournament after the Inner Peak’s test.

The standard to enter the tournament was not that high. Any disciple who was younger than thirty and had reached third layer of Tempering Qi phase could participate.

The top ten youngsters would be the representatives of the Flying Dragon Peak and participate in the Yu Hua Sect’s Sect Tournament. If one could catch the eye of the higher ups, they would have a bright future ahead of them.

Flying Dragon currently had six hundred and eighty-four disciples qualified for the Inner Peak’s tournament. The stadium only had fifty platforms, so the disciples were divided into fifty groups, each group containing a hundred and more persons.

Chu Yan sat on a giant black pole that had the thickness of an adult’s thigh. On his shoulder, you could see a big black chicken curiously looking around while *cooing* from time to time. The combination attracted drew much attention.

He opened the paper that he had drew from a ballot. ‘twenty-third group, number eighteen.’

“Eighteen Chu Yan and Sixty-three Sun Mingwei, please come forward to the Twenty-third platform!”

“It’s finally starting.”

Chu Yan muttered to himself. He had waited for this day three years ago. He patted the chicken who was sleeping soundlessly on his shoulder.

“Black chick, time to wake up. It’s our turn.”

It was not happy being awakened , as it held its chicken head proudly in the air.

“Isn’t that Chu Yan?”

“Yeah, that’s him. The thing on his shoulder, I believe that was the mythical plump crow he’s been carrying around?”

“Wha-what is that thing!”

Under the crowd’s surprise, Chu Yan shouldered a big black steel pole 1.8 meter in length as we walked up the platform. The crowd felt a chill in their spine when they looked at the Chu Yan body size compared to the pole. How strong was he to be able to lift up a pole that was not smaller than him? Many had wondered.

The big black steel pole was the ‘Flying Sword’ he got from the old man when he had wiped off all the rust. Because of its enormous size, Chu Yan didn’t have space in his pouch after placing in the ‘Draco Turtle Shield’, so he held it in his hands instead.

Sun Mingwei’s cultivation was also only at the third layer. He couldn’t use a spell artifact, so he had a broad sabre as his weapon. His sabre was supposed to look domineering, but compared to Chu Yan’s big steel pole, he became dumbfounded. How heavy is that think? Is must be a hoax, right?

“The match ends if one person admits defeat or get knocked out of the platform. Let the match begins!”

The judge on the platform raise his hands, signaling the starting of the match.

“Who do you think will win?”

“What rubbish are you talking about? Of course it will be Sun Mingwei. That Chu Yan only just reached the third layer.”

“Yeah, Chu Yan must have taken some forbidden pill to reach that layer so fast. So even though they might be in the same layer, he stands no chance against Sun Mingwei.”

Sun Mingwei was delighted when he heard conversations between the crowd.

“I’ve been hearing that our trash Chu young master had recovered his talent. Since we don’t know your strength, it could be that you took a forbidden pill just to make yourself look strong. Today, this me will…“

“What happened black chick? Why are you snoring?”

Chu Yan ignored him and started to talk to the chicken.

“Brat, are you playing dumb? No wonder someone said…”

“Black chick! What did you say? A dog is barking? Oh, I understand~”

Chu Yan looked as if he understood something, and made Sun Mingwei face turned purple.

“You’re only talk and no bite, wait till I…”

“Hey, let’s start already. I’m in a hurry, stop nagging like a girl will ya~”

Chu Yan said in an annoyed tone while he had a lazy expression.

“You dare to belittle me!”

With anger written all over his face, Sun Mingwei charged at Chu Yan with his broad sabre covered in red spiritual energy. He pointed the sabre at Chu Yan’s chest.

“Come at me!”

Chu Yan instantly retracted his lazy expression when he felt the killing intent from Sun Mingwei.

Looks like somebody has paid him to kill me… I will like to see who can do that today!

Chu Yan thought while his face turned ice cold, his legs didn’t move an inch.

The rushing Sun Mingwei was exalted when he saw that Chu Yan had no reaction. Senior Brother warned me to be careful and to must take this brat’s life. Looks like this coward is already scared still!

“Go die!”

Sun Mingwei’s sabre tip got closer and closer to Chu Yan’s chest. The judge also saw his intention to kill but he didn’t stop him.

Just as the sabre tip was about one inch from Chu Yan’s chest, the triumphant Sun Mingwei felt a chill striking his body.


A sound of body hitting a metal object spread, accompanying a scream from Sun MingWei.

His body fell off the platform and landed on the ground heavily. Before his consciousness faded away, only one phrase popped into his mind. What the f*ck, that pole is real!

Chu Yan hung a smirk on his face, with his two hands still holding on the pole in a smashing position.

The crowd was at awe by such a scene…


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