Spiritual furnace - Chapter 14

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The Inner Peak’s Tournament lasted three days. Chu Yan had ploughed through the contestants and reached the finals, which left everyone speechless. The crowd thought that since Chu Yan had only reached the third layer not too long ago, he would lose to normal third layer cultivators due to instability, but the reality was harsh.

Chu Yan was able to reach the last group match without using a single ounce of his spiritual energy, nor invoking one spell. He relied solely on the big black pole and his body’s strength.

The current Chu Yan was at the eighth layer of Tempering Qi phase. In addition, with the refinement by the black lightning, his body’s strength could even face of a tenth layer. With the steel pole, which weighted around two hundred something pound, no normal cultivators could stand against him.

Today was the day which held the final group match

A young boy who had a cold face was standing in front of Chu Yan. His name was Zhao Yunhai, and his strength reached the fifth layer of Tempering Qi phase.

“Chu Yan, I must acknowledge your achievements, but your glory ends here! You should know the difference between an early-stage Tempering Qi and a middle-stage one.”

Zhao Yunhai contained a small admiration when he looked at Chu Yan, but his eyes also showed a sense of heartlessness. Since someone wants your life, a person like me has no choice but to comply.

“You can start!”

Chu Yan spoke lightly.

“Great, I would like to see how a mortal weapon can block a cultivator’s spell artifact! Come out!”

By Zhao Yunhai’s last words, a three-feet flying sword flew out of his pouch, brimming in a pale green light.


He muttered a sword technique and pointed at Chu Yan with one finger. The flying sword followed his finger, its tip heading towards Chu Yan.

“Do you guys know who will win this time?”

“Nonsense, of course it will be Zhao Yunhai. You think a mortal weapon can rival a spell artifact?

The next moment, everyone was amazed.


Chu Yan with the steel pole in his two hands, smacked the incoming flying sword. A metal clash sound could be heard, accompanied by the flying sword flying in the opposite direction in which it was originally heading.

“What?? Is that really just a regular steel pole?

“It can go against a spell artifact unscathed…”

“Chu Yan didn’t even use any spiritual energy…”

Most of the audience had a complicated and shocked expression, while Zhao Yunhai’ face was pale. He took some damage when his spell artifact was injured.


Zhao Yunhai roared in anger and started to mumble his sword technique again. The pale green light on the flying sword became brighter. Once again, it flew towards Chu Yan.

A grin floated on Chu Yan’s face as he slowly stepped closer to Zhao Yunhai.


Although the flying sword ambushed Chu Yan by his side, it was still mercilessly smacked away like a fly.


The flying sword tried to sneak behind Chu Yan, but it was smacked again as if Chu Yan had eyes behind his head.


Under the crowd’s gazes as if they were seeing a monster, Chu Yan smacked all the incoming attacks without breaking a sweat, slowly closed his distance with Zhao Yunhai.


After another smacking, Zhao Yunhai was finally standing face to face with Chu Yan while blood was leaking on the side of his mouth.

“Do you want to continue?”

Chu Yan casually said while placing the pole on his shoulder after another smack.

“I didn’t lose yet…”

Suddenly, Zhao Yunhai brought forth his hand that he hidden behind his back. A pale green light spike was formed on it.

“Go die already!”

Low-grade tier four spell, ‘Green Wood Spike’

“Too slow~”

Chu Yan said, while already appearing in front of Zhao Yunhai, and gave a powerful blow to his stomach before he could even shoot out the spike. Zhao Yunhai’s body bent into a bow shape and flew out of the platform while a trail of blood spilled out of his mouth.

“Number eighteen Chu Yan wins!”

The judge announced the outcome after a momentarily pause.

The fourth day of the Inner Peak’s Tournament, each group had a victor.

Using a mortal weapon to ward of a spell artifact, and with a body strength that could be described as monstrous, the deeds of Chu Yan once again spread across Flying Dragon Peak. Under everyone’s opinion, Chu Yan would fit more as a martial expert than a cultivator.

“Mu’er, is this how you handle such matters?”

Qi Tianlie gave a cold snort.

“Master, this disciple didn’t expect Chu Yan to have hidden his skills to this extent. No matter how strong his physical body his, he is still a third layer. If the match continues, he will eventually die.”

Qi Diaomu respectfully replied. For every opponent Chu Yan had faced, he sent a messenger to tell them that they must end Chu Yan’s life no matter what, but Chu Yan had always came out uninjured.

At a corner of the stadium

Chu Yan sat on the tip of the steel pole just like before. His eyes indicated he was spacing out, no one knew what went through his mind.

“Chu Yan, Senior Sister wants to see you!”

Appearing out of nowhere, Huang Xiaowen said.

Chu Yan displayed a smirk. Right now, Chu Yan could face Hua Mengqi without having other feelings stir up in his heart.

In a remote forest of the Flying Dragon Peak

“Xiaowen, you can leave.”

Within the forest, only Chu Yan and Hua Mengqi were left.

“Chu Yan, I didn’t think that you actually…”

“Eldest Senior Sister, please stop with the sweet talks.”

Chu Yan cold voice cut off her sentence.

Hua Mengqi’s heart was twisted in pain, but she knew that all of this were her own doing. “Chu Yan, Master wants you dead. Senior Brother Qi Diaomu already told the opponents to finish you off. With your current strength you- you should escape…”

Chu Yan showed an icy grin.

“Are you done talking? If I live or die it should have nothing to do with Eldest Senior Sister, right?!”

Hua Mengqi was shocked by his words, but then she remembered the bloodied ‘休’ word written crazily on the divorce letter. Oh yeah, he had already divorced me.

“Chu Yan, I just don’t want you to die…”

Her eyes became gloomy.

“What will happen if I live or die? In the end, they are my problems. You already chose to let go, so you don’t have any relationships with me anymore. ‘Immortals are different from mortals, so don’t force what can’t be achieved!’ this was taught by Senior Sister. Goodbye.”

Chu Yan ended his cold words and turned around, ready to leave.


She wanted to say something but stopped. In that moment, Chu Yan suddenly turned back facing her, and pulled her into his arms, placing one of his hands on her head.

Their lips tightly touched together.

Chu Yan’s kiss was very forceful. After a temporary struggle, Hua Mengqi felt dizzy and surrendered. She closed her eyes, letting him do as he pleased. Tears flowed from her eyes and entered her lips, tasting like sorrow.

They separated their lips after a long while.

She opened her eyes and had a complicated expression when staring at Chu Yan.

“This is what you owe me. From now on, we will be strangers. Goodbye.”

His words stabbed deep into her heart.

Her mind floated to another sealed memory of the past.

There was a little boy asking a young girl “Senior sis, when can I kiss you?”

The young girl answered bashfully “When you reach sixteen, I- I’ll let you kiss me~”

One wondered, from that kiss, who felt the most pain?


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