Spiritual furnace - Chapter 15

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The group match ended. The fifty victors from each group became inner disciples and received one of the best treatments from the Flying Dragon Peak.

Next was the main event of the Inner Peak Examination, the rights to participate in the Sect’s Tournament. Only the top ten from the tournament could join the Sect’s Tournament along with the talented disciples from the other eight Peaks.

If they followed the traditional custom, only those who reached first within their respective group, and had a cultivation from the sixth layer up would be able to fight for the top ten spots.

It was the same old skinny man on the central platform. He shouted in a deep voice: “Within the fifty victors, only nineteen reached the Tempering Qi phase sixth layer. They will have the right to participate for the top ten spots with the core disciples!”

The Flying Dragon Peak maintained only fifty inner peak disciples, and they had twenty core disciples. Only the core disciples were the gems of Flying Dragon Peak, they would always have the best resources for cultivation. These twenty core disciples also didn’t need to participate in the Inner Peak’s Tournament to gain the rights.

Hearing the elder’s words, everyone got excited. Although most of them couldn’t participate, they could still enjoy the excitement brought by the battles between strong opponents.

“There is another announcement. Due to the outstanding performance of Chu Yan, the Peak Master granted him an exception to take part in the tournament.”

The sudden announcement pushed Chu Yan back into the spotlight.

Once again, all eyes were on Chu Yan.

“I originally wanted to show more of my cultivation level, looks like that’s not needed.”

He only gave a small grin on his casual expression.

A total of forty people started to pick out numbers from the ballot.

To prevent disciples of the same strength facing each other, there were two ballots. One for the core disciples and one for the inner disciples.

The first round would begin simultaneously on twenty different platforms, the emerging victors after the first round would become the new core disciples and fight for the top ten.

“Third platform, Chu Yan versus Li Shikuang!”

The match started by the order of the judge.

“Master, Li Shikuang’s cultivation level is at the middle stage of Tempering Qi phase. He will surely win against the brat. You can be at ease now.”

“Your master is not that worried. After all, if he can continue then I all need to do is put you last to face him, and he will definitely lose.”

Qi Tianlie was confident in Qi Diaomu skills, since he was ranked seventh in the ten most talented disciples of Yu Hua Sect. No matter how strong Chu Yan was, it would be impossible for him to rival a tenth layer of Tempering Qi cultivator who was on the verge of entering the eleventh layer.

Looking at Chu Yan who was standing on the platform, Hua Mengqi’s heart still paused on the moment when he had forcefully kissed her. She felt a little disheartened, as if she had lost something important.

Chu Yan gazed at Li Shikuang indifferently. For the past three months, Wu Renxing and his gang had constantly provoked Chu Yan, and Li Shikuang was one of them. He had a cultivation level of the sixth layer, and was ranked thirteenth within the core disciples.

“Young Master Chu, I did not expect my opponent to be you, haha...” Li Shikuang had a playful expression while laughing wryly.

“You’re not qualified.” Chu Yan said nonchalantly.

“I’m not qualified to be your opponent? Lol, you think you’re a hotshot just because I called you Young Master? You’re still a piece of shit even though you recovered your talent, look how I’m going to toy…”

“You talk too much.” Chu Yan took the steel pole off his shoulder; his body emitted an unseen aura.

Li Shikuang saw there was no point in talking and started to softly mutter a sword spell.  Then, a flying sword emitting a bright brownish yellow light flew at Chu Yan with extreme speed from his pouch.

Chu Yan without panicking, lifted the big steel pole to block the incoming attack.

Unfortunately, Li Shikuang predicted it and tilted his finger to one side. By following his fingers, the flying sword attacked Chu Yan at a different angle. Looks like you can’t compare a core disciple to those regular disciples.

Chu Yan danced to his rhythm, but the flying sword was absurdly fast and very nimble. Although Chu Yan managed to block its attacks, he couldn’t deal any fatal damage at it.

“Don’t worry, there’s more.”

Li Shikuang’s moved his fingers at a constant speed, while uttering another sword spell simultaneously.

The flying sword suddenly echoed. It went in circles with Chu Yan at its center and combo its massive increase in speed. Like razors in a hurricane, from time to time, it would try to sneak an attack on him.

But Chu Yan did not falter. He increased his handling speed of the steel pole, leaving only afterimages.

At that moment, Li Shikuang had one hand continuing moving fingers, while the other emitting a tread of brownish yellow light. He then pressed the light into the ground.

Low-grade tier six spell: Ground Spike

Chu Yan instantly jumped when he felt a dangerous presence coming from the ground.


The place where Chu Yan left had three brown spikes emerged. If Chu Yan was any slower, he would have been pierced by these spikes.

“Wow! I didn’t expect that.”

Li Shikuang was surprised. He shouldn’t have the time to react from my ambush with him so busy dealing against my sword. So how…?

Chu Yan switched to one hand for blocking the incoming sword attacks. A thread of light blue spiritual energy appeared on his left hand. When he closed his hand, gathering light particles and reopened it, the thread of spiritual energy split into three light blue halos.

Low-grade tier three spell: Water Prison Ring

Li Shikuang didn’t see when Chu Yan created a spell due to the steel pole blocking his view. He also didn’t expect that Chu Yan, under these circumstances, could still multitask.

From these factors, he couldn’t react in time when the three light blue halos looped itself on the flying sword. They made the flying sword pause in midair. Even though It violently shook as if it was trying to break free, its action was sadly, futile.

“Brat, you think your garbage tier three spell can trap my flying sword?”

He had a disdainful gaze, while his hands moved faster than before. The vibration of the flying sword became more intense with the halos starting to crack.

“You’re too naïve.”

Chu Yan held the steel pole with his two hands and slashed at the flying sword, which was still in midair.

“Not good!”

Li Shikuang finally understood Chu Yan’s intentions, but it was too late. The speed of Chu Yan didn’t allow him to have any chance to save his flying sword.


A loud noise echoed together with him coughing out blood. Since a spell artifact was connected to the user through the mind, he had been damaged mentally. Not only that, he had also lost his connection with the flying sword.

Chu Yan went to pick up the fallen sword, which had lost its glow and filled with cracks, and walked casually towards Li Shikuang.

Li Shikuang gritted his teeth to endure the massive pain while trying to gather his spiritual energy. But unfortunately, he saw Chu Yan appear in front of him in a flash, sending his knee into his stomach. Li Shikuang bent in a bow shape same as the previous opponent and fell to the ground.

Chu Yan placed one foot on his face.


Right now, he only felt fear. But as he was going to admit defeat,



Chu Yan pressured down his foot, cracking the jaw of Li Shikuang. Now that he couldn’t speak anymore, only painful growls could be heard.

Due to Li Shikuang not admitting defeat, and that he didn’t fall off the platform, the judge naturally couldn’t announce the end of the match.

Chu Yan crouched down at Li Shikuang. He lightly carresed his pale looking face and whispered by his ears: “Those who disgrace me, I will repay them a hundred times worse.”

Holding the flying sword with his right hand, Chu Yan stabbed it straight down.



It nailed through Li Shikuang thigh, immediately causing blood to spurt all around.

Chu Yan then stood up and said: “You can announce the outcome.”

“Chu-Chu Yan wins.”

The platform’s surrounding was abnormally quiet, only the sound of Li Shikuang’s cry echoed.


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Edited by: VIS

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