Spiritual furnace - Chapter 16

Chu Yan had entered the top twenty and became a core disciple. This news created a huge fuss within the Flying Dragon Peak as it steadily spread to other parts of Yu Hua Sect.

Wither Wood Peak

At the same time, Wither Wood Peak also had a Tournament in progress.

Daoist Xuan Qin hung a smile on his face. Today he was feeling quite well, since this year’s disciples had promising talents. He felt that his Peak would rise to another level after the Sect’s Tournament.

Ruo Wenxi who stood beside him, was acting a little weird. She sometimes blushed, clenched her fist while gritting her teeth, hung a light smile, had a blank face, or became worried…

From his memory, his disciple was a quiet girl, her face always made people think that she was unapproachable, so he wondered what was wrong with her today.

Ruo Wenxi was also Xuan Qin Daoist’s favorite disciple, he saw her as his own granddaughter. He couldn’t hide his worried expression and asked: “Wenxi, are you feeling alright?”

This time, Ruo Wenxi had on a smile. She lowered her head while twiddling her toes, like a bashful girl. She didn’t even notice her master was talking to her.

“Wenxi…Wenxi…what happened to you?”

Ruo Wenxi didn’t answered his call.

“Wenxi!” Daoist Xuan Qing used his spiritual energy to amplify his voice.

“A-ah, what happened? Did master call me?” She got scared to the point of panickedly looking around.

Looking at Ruo Wenxi’s reaction, Daoist Xuan Qing felt something was off. Hmmm. He tried to test her, “Wenxi, I heard that brat Chu Yan reached the third layer within two months with a trash five-element root. This cultivation speed can be called monstrous right?!”

“Ah~master, that perverted thief must have gain some dumb luck, he~hehe~” Ruo Wenxi’s smile was kind of stiff.

“Wenxi, can you get master the two ‘Piercing Seal Pills’ which I had refined a couple days ago? Your master has big use for them.”

“Ma-master-I…” The suddenly frightened Ruo Wenxi knelt before Daoist Xuan Qing.

“You gave the pills to that brat, right?!”

“Master…” Seeing that Xuan Qing knew what was going on, Ruo Wenxi’s face turned pale.

“You don’t have to kneel; your master does not blame you.”

He lifted Ruo Wenxi and said: “Did you know that the pill also had a side effect? Think about it, if it didn’t have any side effects and it can also raise a person’s cultivation level by one per pill, then wouldn’t our Yu Hua Sect have many complete-stages of Tempering Qi phase disciples?”

“What? Why did master never mentioned this before, what side effect does it have?” Her face became paler as she impatiently questioned.

“For every ‘Piercing Seal Pill’ you intake, it would decrease twenty years of your lifespan.”


Her current face could be compared with that of a sheet of paper,. She had only known the benefits, but not the price that came with it. This meant that Chu Yan lifespan would be decreased by forty years. Since a Tempering Qi cultivator had a lifespan of a hundred years, Chu Yan would only have less than sixty years to live.

“It is all my fault in forcing him to pass the Inner Peak’s Examination. Now he’s…” Ruo Wenxi started to blame herself.

“But that brat never ate the ‘Piercing Seal Pill’.”

Daoist Xuan Qing’s words pulled her senses back.

Looking at her anxious expression, Daoist Xuan Qing sighed: “If that brat did eat the two pills, he would only have reached the third layer. Since it was a forceful attempt, his third layer would be weaker than that of any ordinary third layer cultivator. The brat won all his matches up till now with only a third layer cultivation level, this means he was hiding his level instead of taking those pills.”

After hearing this, Ruo Wenxi let out a relieved sigh.


“Yes, master?”

“Do you like that brat?”

“Wha~ that is impossible. Absolutely not!”

The Flying Dragon Peak’s Inner Peak Examination was still continuing.

After another round of sortition, the remaining twenty disciples were divided into ten groups to compete for the top ten.

“Third platform, Chu Yan versus Wu Renxing.”

On the platform, Wu Renxing showed a malicious smile. He frankly said, “What a coincidence, Chu Yan. For you to face me will be your worst nightmare. You should get off your high horse of thinking that defeating that trash Li Shikuang was something remarkable.”

The current Chu Yan became a hot topic in everyone’s conversation. Who would have thought that a person who had their spiritual root wasted for three years would rise back and compete for the top ten spots?

“It’s not possible for Chu Yan to win this time. Wu Renxing who has the nickname ‘Merciless’ is the tenth strongest  on Flying Dragon Peak. No matter how strong Chu Yan is, he is still a third layer.”

“That sounds logical. I also heard that the two of them had conflicts, they should put up a good show eh.”

Under the muttering of Chu Yan’s surroundings, he chose to ignore them. Wu Renxing had been harassing him on a daily basis, he endured them up till now so that he could brutally humiliate him today.

“I want one of your arms.”

Chu Yan words contained a slight sense of authority.

“HA! You want my arm? Then I’ll need to see your skills first…”

Wu Renxing made a hmphed sound. With low mutturing, a flying sword emitting a gold flew out of his pouch.

This was one of his best spell artifacts, ‘Golden Yang Sword’, a middle-grade spell artifact. Li Shikuang’s low-grade spell artifact could not be compared with its power.

However, Wu Renxing didn’t control his Flying Sword to attack Chu Yan. Instead, he jumped onto his Flying Sword and ascended ten meters above the ground.

While in the air, Wu Renxing laughed loudly “That stupid asshole doesn’t know how to use advantages and suffered a loss to a mere third layer. I can fly but what about you, huh? Haha…”

Chu Yan hung an icy smile while looking at Wu Renxing, a lowlife with an ambitious expression.

The surrounding audience felt disdain at Wu Renxing’s action, they never thought that Wu Renxing would take such a measure. But then again, that also was part of his skills. They thought that Chu Yan could only blame himself for not having a sufficient cultivation level in order to wield a flying sword.

“Brat, I will make you face total defeat. Come forth…”

Wu Renxing made a low howl in the air and a bronze bracelet flew out from his glowing pouch.

Middle-grade spell artifact: Qian Kun Bracelet

“That’s a core disciple for you, so damn rich. He even has two spell artifacts.”

“One is up in the sky, the other is on the floor, it won’t be a fight anymore. Chu Yan’s win streak will end here.”

The crowd’s comments made Wu Renxing felt pleased. When he saw the fight Chu Yan had performed before, he realized Chu Yan was a beast in close combat, so his only option was to not fight him directly.

Under the commands of Wu Renxing, the bronze bracelet flew towards Chu Yan.

“Qian Kun Bracelet go!”

Gazing at the incoming artifact, Chu Yan still had on a smile on his face.


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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