Spiritual furnace - Chapter 17

The Qian Kun Bracelet flew toward Chu Yan at an unimaginable speed.

As he steadily moved his steel pole at a tempo that left shadows, Chu Yan didn’t show any sign of panic. During this whole month, Chu Yan had persistently trained the way of the pole. Due to his high proficiency in this skill, he could now easily swing the two-hundred-pound steel pole like a baseball pro.

“Hmph, this will not change the fact that you’ll lose today.”

Wu Renxing flew twenty meters above the ground on his flying sword. With his hands constantly making different signs, the bronze bracelet became faster and faster. Eventually, it also left shadows, and attacked Chu Yan at different angles.

The speed of the bronze bracelet exceeded what Chu Yan could handle, even using a spell would not guarantee that he would be able to hit it.

“Already unable to handle it? Here comes another one!”

Wu Renxing gave a wry smile while a thread of golden spiritual energy floated out of his hand. The next moment, the golden spiritual energy flew towards Chu Yan.

It split into three, each gathered spiritual energy and transformed into a golden light spike.

Low-grade tier five spell: Xuan Gold Spike

Chu Yan narrowed his eyes. “A tier five spell huh, looks like I have to show some cards.”

A light blue glow gathered in one his hands and three threads of light blue spiritual energies floated out. “Go!”

As Chu Yan shouted, one of the spiritual energies expanded, forming a water barrier around Chu Yan.

Low-grade tier three spell: Imperial Water Coat

“Brat, you think a trash tier three spell can stop my attack.”

Wu Renxing scoffed in a playful tone.

However, Chu Yan hands didn’t stop there. The other two spiritual energies also expanded. In the blink of an eye, three Imperial Water Coats were formed.

“Che, it is still a tier three. You want to win with numbers? What a joke~”

Although Wu Renxing was surprised at Chu Yan instantly forming three tier three spells, he had confidence that his tier five spell could easily crumble them. However, his eyes widened on what he saw next.


After another shout from Chu Yan, the three Imperial Water Coats started to overlap with each other. Its new form exerted a thicker light blue glow in Wu Renxing’s view. On the barrier, one could see small streams of water flowing rapidly, splashing droplets around.

Low-grade tier six spell: Xuan Zang Water Barrier


“That was…”

“Spell combination! This guy can combine spells!”

The audience’s eyes widened, their faces filled with astonishment.

In legends, there were some talented people who had deep knowledge of spells and could combine spells of the same type. By doing so, they could create a stronger, more powerful spell. Yu Hua Sect didn’t lack these geniuses. As a matter of fact, within Yu Hua sect’s top ten talented disciples, the first five had learned how to combine spells already, but no one thought that a trash who had his spiritual root wasted for three years also knew it.

Looking at Chu Yan, Qi Tianlie had an ugly complexion while Qi DIaomu’s malicious intent grew heavier. The urge to kill Chu Yan became even stronger for both of them.

On the other hand, a mixed feeling could be seen in Hua Mengqi’s eyes.


The three golden spikes stabbed into the barrier, but they didn’t pierce in any further.

The difference between a tier six spell and a tier five was clearly seen.

“You think that this much will suffice? Qian Kun Bracelet, go!”


The Qian Kun Bracelet attacks were shaking the Imperial Water Barrier to the point of breaking.

Would Chu Yan idly sit there and wait? Of course not. After gathering a light blue glow on his palm, he shot it on his barrier.


The force that landed on the barrier made it vibrate intensely. A wave of water suddenly appeared on the barrier’s surface, smashing the three golden spikes into pieces.

“To reinforce his spell while maintaining another one at the same time, this brat…”

Qi Tianlie face turned uglier, for Chu Yan today’s performance exceeded what he had anticipated.

Just as Wu Renxing was dazed at this unforeseen situation, Chu Yan uttered in a low voice: “Disperse.”

Instantly, the barrier turned into mist and disappeared, while the bronze bracelet that was attacking the barrier came at full force to Chu Yan.


Wu Renxing shouted.


A steel pole landed on the bronze bracelet, sending it flying in the sky. The glow slowly faded away and it fell to the ground.


Wu Renxing who was still in the sky, choked out a mouth full of blood, which almost made him fall from his sword.

“CHU YAN, you destroyed my spell artifact! I WILL KILL YOU!”

Another level of anger was written all over his face. He was still very confident that he could defeat Chu Yan because the latter couldn’t fly, but at the next second, he was in awe and disbelief.

Chu Yan had put all his force on his feet and launched himself into the air.

“You can jump twenty meters high? Brat, come then, I will stand here waiting for you!”

Once Chu Yan reached the five meter mark, he threw his steel pole upwards. Around ten meters in the air, his body lost its force and started to descend. It was at that time, Chu Yan stepped on the steel pole which was also falling, and launched himself back in the air like a torpedo.


Wu Renxing was dumbfounded. Wanting to fly away on his sword, the speed of the incoming Chu Yan exceeded his imagination.


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by VIS

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