Spiritual furnace - Chapter 18


In one breath, Chu Yan appeared in front of Wu Renxing.

Since Wu Renxing had been hurt before, his senses weren’t sharp enough to react in time. He felt a sudden pain spreading from his stomach, that was when he realized just how powerful Chu Yan’s body really was.

“Descend for me!”

In another breath, Chu Yan pulled back his right fist and held his hand in a fist. He used all of his force to pound Wu Renxing’s back, which was already falling in a U shape.


Wu Renxing descended at an extreme speed with a cry.


He landed on the platform, causing cracks to spread like a spider web.

Chu used his palms to send spiritual waves to the ground while descending. It turned into a cushion as he slowly touched down.

He then placed the steel pole back on his shoulder and, step by step, walked towards Wu Renxing.

“Am, am I dreaming…”

“Wu Renxing, a sixth layer, who was the tenth strongest on Flying Dragon Peak lost to a third layer cultivator!”

“Chu Yan’s skills… damn…”

Everyone who was watching felt like they were in a dream.

‘I can’t let him live.”

The fighting capabilities and abnormal talent of Chu Yan made Qi Tianlie became wary out of fear; fear that one day, Chu Yan might grow into an unstoppable opponent. Although he had never heard of a five-element spiritual root cultivator reach Foundation Establishment, but it still didn’t ease his feelings.

On the platform, Wu Renxing opened his eyes. The slim figure of a boy came into his view.

Due to the excessive beatings and broken bones, he couldn’t move an inch. In the suffocating atmosphere, he painfully said with his trembling voice: “What, what are you going to do?”

Chu Yan moved the steel pole from his shoulder, and spoke with an evil smile brightly hung on his face, “Oye, didn’t I say I want one of your arms!”

“You, you can’t! Chu Yan, you must not! I’m sorry for what happened before…I…”

Only now did Wu Renxing feel the overwhelming dread Chu Yan brought upon him. To lose one of his arms, his future would become nothing but darkness. His heart had only regrets, regretting why he kept provoking Chu Yan in the past. If it wasn’t because of that, Chu Yan might have been more lenient. But now…

“It’s too late…”

With those cold words, Chu Yan moved his steel pole.

“I admit- “

At this moment, Wu Renxing couldn’t care less for his reputation. As he was about halfway to admitting defeat.


His shoulder was forcefully burst open by the steel pole. Blood splattered everywhere, turning the surrounding ground to a crimson red carpet.


From timid to rage, Wu Renxing eyes turned red while roaring wildly. His left shoulder had a pale white bone sticking out with pieces of meat hanging here and there, and a torn-off arm could be seen beside him.

Chu Yan was going to let the judge announce the outcome, but after hearing those words, his expression turned cold.

“Sorry, I don’t like hidden threats.”

He pointed at Wu Renxing’s dantian with a finger, producing a light blue glow on its tip. A light was shot out from it.

Low-grade tier two spell: Water Spirit Shot


The body part where Wu Renxing had his dantian started to bleed as he lost consciousness.

The surrounding crowd gasped a mouth full of cold air. They knew Wu Renxing would now be useless for the rest of his life. When a person’s dantian was destroyed they would never be able to gather spiritual energy again.

“Chu Yan wins…”

At this moment, under thousands of witnesses, Chu Yan had defeated Wu Renxing and successfully become the tenth strongest disciple on Flying Dragon Peak.

From the founding of Flying Dragon Peak until now, there had never been a situation where a disciple entering the top ten strongest had a cultivation layer lower than six, but Chu Yan did it, and he was only at the third layer. Chu Yan now was described as a monstrous existence in many disciples’ hearts.

“Good, haha…”

Qi Tianlie gave a cold laughter. Chu Yan’s actions were mocking his authority.


“Disciple is here.”

Qi DIaomu responded with an ugly complexion written all over his face. He was the one who ordered Wu Renxing and the others to take good ‘care’ of Chu Yan. Now that they were in this situation, Qi Diaomu had nothing but rage in his heart. There was a saying ‘Need to know who the owner is before beating the dog’, this was Chu Yan’s announcement of a challenge.

(TLN: above idiom meant: if someone want to scold a person, better find out if they had a someone backing them up first or they might face consequences.)

“Go pull some strings. Let Chu Yan face you in the first battle for the top ten.”

“Thank you master for letting me face him.”

Qi Diaomu’s face had a cruel smile, since he was very confident of winning. No matter how strong his body is, how great his battle instinct is, in front of absolute strength they will become nothing.

“Do not disappoint me any further.”

Seeing the ruthlessness in Qi Tianlie eyes, Qi Diaomu knew that he was hinting at him to finish Chu Yan off in their battle, which was also what he had wanted in the first place.

“Chu Yan let’s see how long you can stay arrogant. Soon, I’ll send you off to see your dead father.”

Looking at the familiar figure on the platform, Qi Diaomu smiled coldly.

Hu Mengqi felt tangled. She hoped that Chu Yan could once again gain back his glory, defeating all his opponents. But when she thought about Qi Tianlie’s desire to kill him, she had also wanted him to run away. If only he was a normal person, but how can I face the current him?

“The matches for the top ten begins!”

“First round, number ten Chu Yan versus number one Qi Diaomu…”

The whole stadium went quiet after the judge’s first announcement.

One was once the most talented disciple on Flying Dragon Peak. The other was the current Eldest Senior Brother of the same peak. Both of them had undying resentments of each other.

Who would have the last laugh?


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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