Spiritual furnace - Chapter 2

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At dusk

The small huts located on the western side of Flying Dragon Peak were home to all of the outer disciples. They are called outer disciples because their cultivations were the lowest and were delegated to mainly chores. At this moment, many outer disciples were dragging their tired bodies back to their small huts.

A ruckus could be heard when a skinny looking figure came into the view of the crowd.

“That… that is Chu… Chu Yan?”

“What? I’m not seeing things, right?”

“Is he a human or a ghost?”


The crowd rubbed their eyes since most of them saw clearly, with their own eyes, that Chu Yan’s whole body was burned to crisp, without leaving a single breath behind.

Chu Yan entered his own small hut under the surprised gaze of the crowd.

After locking the door, Chu Yan hurriedly checked his dantian. A thread of dim blue spiritual power in gas form could be seen floating within, with a small broken green furnace underneath it.

The small furnace had three legs and was missing a handle when it should have had two. There were runes engraved on its body, with many cracks around it, and also bumps here and there.

“What is this small furnace? Did the black light come from this? Father! Mother! It must be your blessing that I’m still alive and have recovered my spiritual root. Your son will not disappoint you.”

Chu Yan expressed a face full of resolution. He believed that since he recovered his spiritual root, he could once again reach the top with his talent.


The door swung open by a kick.


The person that ‘squeezed’ in could barely go through the door. His body’s fat was shivering while his shrimp like eyes stared at Chu Yan as if they could pop out any moment. While pointing at Chu Yan with his flappy big hands, he could not utter another word. His face was fill with astonishment.

“Don’t you have hands? You’ve never heard of knocking?” Chu Yan coldly said when he saw who came in. A stately tone could be heard from his voice.

The outer disciples have little talent in cultivating and most of them are in the first layer of Tempering Qi phase, but a few exceptional ones have reached the second layer with Wang Xiong being one of them. Most of the outer disciples were bullied by him since he reigned as one of the supreme among them, relying on his brute strength and higher cultivation.

Chu Yan was also not an exception. He was occasionally ‘treated’ by Wang Xiong because Chu Yan used to be an unreachable genius disciple. Wang Xiong twisted mentality would always gain enormous satisfaction after he gave Chu Yan a nice beating.

Today, Wang Xiong heard loud noises when he was sleeping in his hut. When he went outside and looked around, he saw a group of outer disciples surrounding Chu Yan’s hut, saying words like “Chu Yan came back alive.” “He must have turned into a ghost and come back.” Wang Xiong was doubtful at first, but when he saw Chu Yan, he suddenly blanked out. His tone turned from one of shock to one of arrogance when he heard Chu Yan talk.

“So, you did not die! Pretending to be a ghost in broad daylight, is your skin itching? Come, let your Grandpa ‘massage’ them for you!”

Wang Xiong firmly believed that Chu Yan was not a ghost after seeing his shadow on the floor and hearing his voice. What is so fearful about him if he is not a ghost? He threw a punch at Chu Yan when he felt that his panicked appearance was damaging his reputation.

“A fool who does not know their limits.”

Chu Yan made a *hmph* sound and shot his right fist towards Wang Xion’s punch.


A clear sound of bone cracking could be heard when the two fists collided.

“This guy really does not know his strength, trying to compete with fists against Wang Xiong.”

“Don’t tell me Chu Yan got struck dumb by lightning?”

The onlooking outer disciples in front the door thought that Chu Yan’s hand bones were shattered. However, the next moment suddenly made them ‘as dumb as a wooden chicken’. (TLN: dumb as a wooden chicken describes stupidity in people. It also characterizes someone who is dumbstruck with fear, terror, or surprise)

“Aaaahhh! My hand, you broke my f*cking hand, I will kill you!!!”

Wang Xiong hugged his left hand while screaming and bawling.

“Get your ass out of here!”

Chu Yan did not have time to listen to him howling and kicked his stomach with lightning speed.

Many more outer disciples were gathering around the hut when suddenly, they saw a big fat object fly out of the door with a howling sound.


Wang Xiong body landed heavily on the ground. The crowd turned their gaze back to the door.

“I never thought that Chu Yan really is still alive.”

“He… he can cultivate again.”

“But he is only in the first layer of Tempering Qi phase, like us. How can he beat Wang Xiong?”


When Chu Yan heard the remarks of other, his sharp eyelashes wrinkled, as his eyes emitted an icy cold glare. Those who looked at his eyes felt a  chill run through their body, which made them freeze.

“Kid, this Grandpa will peel your skin off today!!!”

Wang Xiong crawled back up with a fierce-looking smile. Blood could be seen on the corner of his mouth. His hands were covered in brown light, and in the next moment, a cone shaped figure made of brown light particles appeared in front of him.

This was Wang Xiong’s trump card, a low-grade tier one spell: Dark Mud Spike. He already saw that Chu Yan’s cultivation was only on first layer. Although he didn’t know why Chu Yan’s muscle strength was so powerful,he firmly believed that with this spell powered by his second layer, Chu Yan would not be able to block it.

Chu Yan didn’t utter a word. Today I can use Wang Xiong to show these outer disciples that I am not someone you can mess with. Then, they will not bother me anymore, my only aim is the Inner Peak’s examination three months after.

A thread of dim blue spiritual power appeared above Chu Yan’s right hand. In the next moment, it glowed brightly and turned into a water ball.

Chu Yan compressed both of his hands together and the water ball shrink half of its size.


Chu Yan lowly growled as the water ball flew out of his hand and headed towards Wang Xiong at a high speed.

Low-grade tier one spell: Explosive Water Ball!


Under Wang Xiong’s amazed gaze, the Dark Mud Spike broke like a fist punching through thin glass. The water ball gradually grew bigger, and at the end, it smashed into the right side of his face.

The outer disciples usually didn’t try to learn any spells since their talents were little to none, so they usually spend most of their time raising their cultivation levels instead. You also need a strong perception and skill in order to master spells. There were those who tried but never succeeded. When they saw Chu Yan release a powerful spell, they were all stunned in awe.

Chu Yan was once granted the title ‘Yuhua Sect’s ten most talented disciple’ since he was already at the eighth-layer Tempering Qi phase three years ago. This title was not just for show. Even though both he and Wang Xiong used a low-grade tier one spell, Chu Yan’s mastery and efficiency were way higher than Wang Xiong’s. In addition, since Chu Yan’s spiritual root was the heavenly water spiritual root, he could only train water related spells, but his water spells became much more powerful than others.


Wang Xiong screamed with a half of his face looking like mashed potato.

Chu Yan, step by step, walked toward him. His left hand lifted the fat body three times his weight into the air while others stared in astonishment.

“Chu, Chu Yan, please forgive me! Please forgive me please… I know I was wrong before so please… can you…”

Wang Xiong lost his composure as he hung in the air, fear spread deep within his heart.

Chu Yan ignored him and turned his head toward the crowd with an expressionless face “This will be anybody who wishes to bother me again.”

A cracking sound could be heard when his right fist landed on Wang Xiong’s leg. Then he tossed Wang Xiong further away from his hut.

Wang Xiong’s fat body landed on the ground again, creating a vibration. The crowd’s hearts skipped a beat when they glanced at Chu Yan’s eyes. They were terrified; as if they saw the Death God who was ready to take their soul.

Cultivation is a path for the fittest, those who were weak will always be bullied and trashed around. One can say Chu Yan’s ways of handling things were already gentle. Ignoring the pig-like scream of Wang Xiong, Chu Yan walked back into his hut and shut his door heavily.

Chu Yan did not know that at a tree far away from his hut, there was a girl displaying a resentful expression while observing the whole scene.

Right when Chu Yan entered his room, the small green furnace in his dantian started to vibrate frenziedly.



Translated by: Lazy Pica

Edited by: VIS

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