Spiritual furnace - Chapter 20

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Instant Chanting

These two words popped up in everybody’s heads. Only those whose proficiencies for spells were top notch could have the chance to master this technique. The meaning behind those words were as they implied- the use of spells without being bound by time.

First, it was Spell Combination and now, Instant Chanting. Chu Yan’s proficiency and his understandings in water type spells already exceeded all of their expectations- if they had one to begin with.

“You think low-grade spells will be able to defeat me? Dazzle Ray Mirror, come out!”

As Qi Diaomu exclaimed, the pouch on his waist flashed another light, and an eight-edge mirror emitting a faint red glow came out.

Suddenly, the Dazzle Ray Mirror grew brighter and brighter, forming a red glow around Qi Diaomu.


All twenty-something Dark Water Bullets landed on the protective layer, yet not a scratch could be seen.

“High-grade spell artifact, it’s another high-grade spell artifact!”

“Eldest Senior Brother is really damn rich!”

“Looks like Chu Yan will lose for sure…”

Chu Yan didn’t care about the discussion among the disciples. Instead, he kept stepping forward while maintaining his swings with the steel pole.

Since Qi Diaomu had to split his concentration for two artifacts, the Flaming Scale Dao’s movements became dull, which gave Chu Yan an opportunity to advance.


Borrowing this chance, Chu Yan yet again shot twenty something Dark Water Bullets. But this time, all twenty of them started to merge midway. They twisted and tangled together, slowly forming into one larger water bullet in the shape of a finger.

Low-grade tier seven spell: Heavy Astral Water Finger

The watery blue finger tried to pierce through the flaming red barrier, but it came to a fruitless halt.

“You think you can break my Dazzle Light Barrier with only that? So naïve.”

“Then how about this?”

Chu Yan summoned another two Dark Water Bullets on his fingertips. he then threw one each exactly on both sides of the water finger.


Although the strength of these three weren’t that high, under the constant drilling of all three, they were able to slowly cave in.


The red barrier sent waves of grinding sounds.


Under the awed gaze of the crowd, the red barrier shattered.

“What kind of move was that?”

“I don’t know… but this guy is really something else…”

“Hey look!”

In the midst of the audiences’ shouts, a close to realistic flaming red palm shot out from the shattering barrier and headed straight at Chu Yan.

Low-grade tier nine spell: Void Scarlet Palm

Based on instinct, Chu Yan immediately positioned the steel pole in front of him, but an unknown scorching heat hit his back.

The Flaming Scale Dao aimed itself at Chu Yan’s heart, charging from the back.


Chu Yan didn’t dare to block a tier nine spell with the steel pole recklessly, and since the dao was trying to finish him from behind, he only had one option. He jumped, letting loose of the steel pole, which was then knocked flying by the Void Flare Palm.

Unfortunately, the Flaming Scale Dao also changed course when Chu Yan jumped.


After a loud cry, spiritual energy gathered at an immense speed on Chu Yan’s palm, forming multiple sparkling water balls, and then thrown at the incoming danger.

Low-grade tier three spell: Explosive Water Ball

More than ten water balls exploded when they collided with the Flaming Scale Dao. In that moment, the cold voice of Qi Diaomu was transmitted to Chu Yan.

“You lose…”

Chu Yan felt an ambush of a heat behind his back again.


Without time to look behind, the Dazzle Ray Mirror slammed itself on Chu Yan’s back.


He heavily face-palmed the floor, showing no signs of movement even after several minutes passed.

“He lost?”

“No matter how many aces he had up his sleeves, he never could have won against Eldest Senior Brother.”

“They have a drastic difference in cultivation level.”

As the talks went on here and there, Qi Diaomu walked towards Chu Yan.

When he saw that unsightly face, which was unconscious with blood leaking from the side of its mouth, he laughed cunningly, “Brat, aren’t you very strong? Purge me? Hah, it will be you who is getting purged!”

Qi Tianlie hung a grin on his face, for he was about to witness the last of the Chu family disappearing from this world.

Hua Mengqi had a pale and anxious expression.

During all those flashes, Chu Yan who was lying on the floor, suddenly opened his eyes.


He swiftly got off the cold ground and jumped at Qi Diaomu. A dreadful smile was plastered on his face.

The sudden ambush from Chu Yan surprised Qi Diaomu, as he didn’t expect much of a comeback. Before he could react to the situation, pain started to surge from his abdomen.

It was a punch from Chu Yan. It didn’t stop there; with both hands covered in spiritual energy, Chu Yan continuously threw punches while Qi Diaomu was forcefully pushed back.

“What am I seeing?”

“I think my eyes are having problems…”


Everyone thought Chu Yan had already lost, yet he suddenly burst in strength and counterattacked so perfectly that Qi Diaomu didn’t have a chance to do a counter back. They felt that their views were turning upside down.


After all, Qi Diaomu was still an expert a half step away from the eleventh layer. He finally reacted to the sudden situation, but due to the distance of his artifacts, his only choice was to imbue his hands in spiritual energy and fight Chu Yan in the same manner.


Sounds of colliding fists echoed through the platform. With one possessing water element and the other fire, the collisions caused thin layers of mist to spread around.

“You think it’s only that?”

Under those words, Chu Yan pulled back his left hand. A light blue watery popsicle stick flew from his right hand, and then another flew out from his left. He continued to shower them out.

Low-grade tier three spell: Dark Water Spike


Qi Diaomu gasped. He totally forgot that this guy could do Instant Chanting.


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