Spiritual furnace - Chapter 21

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Qi Diaomu used all of his might to dodge those water spikes. However, five to six of them still landed on him, forcing the afterimages from his speed to become more vivid.

“Flaming Scale Dao!”

As he called out, the Flaming Scale Dao flew next to his foot. He stepped on and took off into the sky, and at around thirty meters he came to a halt.


Those words came out between his grinding teeth. While blood stained his right shoulder, his chest area had multiple holes;however, it didn’t have any blood. A golden plated armor could be seen through those gaps.

Anger and surprise both swelled up in Qi Diaomu’s mind. Chu Yan did take a heavy hit from the Dazzle Ray Mirror. How can he still ambush me in that condition? Is his body that absurdly durable?

He had also used multiple spells. Even though they were just tier two to three, Chu Yan only has the spiritual energy amounted of a third layer- shouldn’t his spiritual energy be emptied by now?

And what is that steel pole thing, which can withstand an attack from a high-grade spell artifact?

One by one, questions rose in Qi DIaomu’s head.

Once again, Chu Yan’s performance had surpassed many expectations. Those who thought that Chu Yan would be K.O.ed instantly had their minds in disbelief.

Currently, Qi Tianlie has an ashen complexion, with regrets sprouting in his heart. If only he knew this was going to happen, he would’ve killed Chu Yan on the spot and taken the price of Daoist Xuan Qing becoming his nemesis.

“Old hag Xuan Qing, if only you didn’t obstruct my plans…”

“I think I just heard someone talking behind my back?”

Qi Tianlie’s words were cut off by a hoarse voice. An old man wearing a light green robe came by on a wooden flying sword. Beside him was the ice queen beauty, Ruo Wenxi.

“Oi, old hag Xuan Qing, what are you doing here?”

Qi Tianlie asked with a ghastly expression when he saw Daoist Xuan Qing.

“The Sect Master told me to personally come and check on Chu Yan.”

With that said, Daoist Xuan Qing casually moved his hands and a vine flew out from his sleeve, forming a vine chair.

He then proceeded to focus all his attention on Chu Yan as he sat on the chair, ignoring the bystander Qi Tianlie.

Ruo Wenxi kept her eyes on the platform, flashes of anxiousness could be seen in her eyes, in contrast of her cold atmosphere.


Qi Tianlie also gave a cold snort and kept quiet, but his heart was shaking violently. I didn’t expect Chu Yan to capture Sect Master’s attention. This is bad, now it will be even harder for me to finish him off.

Looking at Qi Diaomu in the sky, Chu Yan shouted, “Coward, if you’re a man, come and trade punches with me!”

The attack just now did land on Chu Yan, but he took it intentionally. Since he was ready for it, he transferred most of his spiritual energy to negate the attack. So, although Chu Yan was hurt, it wasn’t severe.

All of these were under Chu Yan’s calculations. Due to the two spell artifacts Qi Diaomu was wielding, it was hard to get near him, thus he performed such a play.

“Coward? Che, the victor will always be righteous, you don’t need me to teach you that right? Today you must and will lose!”

Qi Diaomu let out a cold snort. A flaming red spiritual energy came out from his finger tip, rapidly transforming into a fireball.

Low-grade tier four spell: Fireball


The fire ball hit the steel pole, which was laying on the platform, knocking it out of the boundary.

“Let’s see how you’ll hit me now!”

Qi Diaomu growled while pointed at Chu Yan. The Dazzle Ray Mirror followed his finger and headed towards him.

“There is absolutely no chance for Chu Yan anymore.”

“That guy’s biggest reliance was that steel pole, he will lose this time.”

“Looks likes it’s going to end.”

At the moment, when no one was optimistic about Chu Yan, he chuckled: “Qi Diaomu, you think only you can fly?”


Chu Yan screamed. His pressure started to change drastically. Waves of spiritual energy were released from his body. Tempering Qi Fourth Layer, Tempering Qi Fifth Layer…

“You know what? I’m done with this.”

“I must be seeing things. Sixth Layer, Chu Yan is emitting a Sixth Layer Aura?”

“He was hiding his strength all this time when fighting against Eldest Senior Brother. This… Seventh Layer! It’s the Tempering Qi Seventh Layer!”

“From First to Seventh in only three months… Wait no, this is the Eighth, the Eighth Layer!”

Following the surprise conclusion from the Foundation Establishment Elder who was the judge, the whole stadium went off like an explosion.

Three months, from first to eighth, this speed could be called godlike.


Qi Tianlie stood up tensely, his mind was blanked out.

“Why you didn’t tell me this earlier…”

Hua Mengqi, with her surprised complexion, also felt a little sad. If Chu Yan had told her about it, she wouldn’t have written that divorce booklet.

“Good going there, brat… Changtian, your son didn’t disappoint you.”

Under his surprise, Daoist Xuan Qing let out an emotional sigh. Thinking about what the Sect Master had told him, hea linger of smile hung on his face.

“You perverted scum, you dare lie to me, you…”

Ruo Wenxi tightened her face while grinding her teeth. She looked as if she was really pissed, but it still couldn’t hide the happiness she had in her heart.

Right now, Chu Yan showed no reservation of hiding his cultivation level. What he had to do at this point was to attract all the attention because today was the day when he would shine.


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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