Spiritual furnace - Chapter 22

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“A high-grade spell artifact? Draco Turtle Shield come out!”

The pouch on his waist glowed as he shouted the last phrase, and an ancient-looking shield flew out from hispouch. It had a height from Chu Yan’s kneecap till his shoulder, with many packed runes carved on its surface. A drawing of an Eastern Dragon and a Tortoise were placed on the middle of the shield.

The Dazzle Ray Mirror had already closed in on him. Chu Yan pointed his finger, and the Draco Turtle Shield brimmed brightly as it faced off against the mirror.

The distance between the two artifacts kept on shrinking. The Draco Turtle Shield glowed even brighter, releasing a thread of dragon presence. As the Dazzle Ray Mirror was hit by the presence, the glow on its body dimmed a little.


The two artifacts finally collided.

Originally, Chu Yan’s artifact was at most a low-grade version in everyone’s eyes, since during these three years, Chu Yan had always been an outer disciple, and an outer disciple only received one spiritual stone per month. He could save no more than thirty six spiritual stones in three years, and with that kind of money it was still hard to find someone who was willing to sell a low-grade artifact for that price. But everyone was surprised after the next moment.

In the space where the two artifacts had collided, the Draco Turtle Shield didn’t move an inch, but the Dazzle Ray Mirror was bounce flying.

Highest- grade spell artifact!

Those four words exploded in everyone’s heart.


Qi Tianlie had an unbelievable expression plastered on his face. Everyone knew how rare a highest-grade spell artifact was. Even when Qi Tianlie, who was at Tempering Qi, only got his hands on a high-grade one, so he didn’t believe Chu Yan had the assets to buy a highest-grade.

“Maybe Chu Changtian left that behind for him?”

His eyes shown a sign of doubt. I remember I took all of his assets after his death, there shouldn’t have been anything left…

“That’s a highest-grade spell artifact?”

“Wow, Chu Yan has a highest-grade spell artifact! How great of a fortune did this guy encounter?”

“Now the stakes are balanced!”

“Maybe the ‘Eldest Senior Brother’ title will have a different bearer this year.”

The words from the surroundings sounded like needles piercing his body in Qi DIaomu’s ears. Due to his artifact getting damaged, his heart and mind were also both injured, which then made him show a ferocious expression.


Qi Diaomy called back his Dazzle Ray Mirror and spat blood essence on it. In the rhythm of his hand movements, the Dazzle Ray Mirror suddenly shone brighter like a small sun.


Chu Yan had a smile of a joker. Once again, he pointed his finger at the Dazzle Ray Mirror, telling his Draco Turtle Shield to bash it mercilessly. As it flew towards the mirror, the shield started to do a rapid spin, with razor sharp teeth giving off a sense of danger.


As the two met, the shield continuously bashed the mirror like a spinner hitting a wall. At the same time, both of their glows simmered a little.

On the spectator platform

“I didn’t think that this brat’s highest-grade spell artifact had dragon’s presence in it.”

But opposite from the tone of his voice, Daoist Xuan Qing was amazed in his heart. That Dazzle Ray Mirror was made with the bones of a rank three monster ‘Dizzleray Scorching Leopard’, yet it could only muster seventy to eighty percent of its strength under the pressure of the dragon presence.

“Old Qi, don’t put on that sullen face, he is your ‘best disciple’!”

Daoist Xuan Qing jokingly said.

“Just shut it…”

How could Qi Tianlie not hear the taunts in those words, but his heart was still anxious. Anxious that Chu Yan might win and would then be under the protection of the higher-ups, making it harder for him to kill Chu Yan in the future.

“Qi Diaomu, what’s that behind you!”

Chu Yan was fiercely shouting while in a frightened state.

Looking at his complexion, Qi Diaomu gave a cold snort: “How can you fool me with that childish act…”



Qi Diaomu was interrupted by the crowd’s burst of comments. In the next second, a deadly chill came from behind. He instinctively turned around, only to see a huge dark shadow covering his face.


At the same time of Qi Diaomu’s scream, the steel pole which was letting out a light blue glow gave him a nice bodyslam.

But in the last second, Qi Diaomu managed to dodge the critical strike in a hair’s breadth, letting the two hundred-something pound huge ass steel pole land on his left shoulder.





The sound of a metal object hitting flesh, followed up by the noise of bone cracking. With a voice that was constantly squealing, Qi Diaomu was knocked flying towards the outside of the boundaries while coughing out puddles of blood.

“Is- is that a spell artifact?”

“The steel pole also didn’t get damaged when it collided with the Flaming Scale Dao, maybe it’s…”

“That means, it’s also a highest-grade spell artifact…”

“Chu Yan has two highest-grade spell artifacts?!”

The audience was hyped up. Who would have thought that plain big ass steel pole, which Chu Yan swing brutally like a bat, was also a highest-grade spell artifact?

“How is this brat’s psychokinesis so strong…?”

Daoist Xuan Qing gave another sigh. The strength of one’s psychokinesis decided how many spell artifacts one could control. For a normal Tempering QI cultivator, one was already more than enough. As for that talented youngster Qi Diaomu, controlling two at the same time was his limit. But this steel pole’s necessary psychokinesis was greater than the two spell artifacts combined.

What Daoist Xuan Qing didn’t know was that when Chu Yan lost his spiritual root, he still had his ability to use psychokinesis, and its capacity grew three times larger after he reached back to the eighth layer.

Everything happened in a blink of an eye. Qi Diaomu was going to fall off the platform, heavily injured and he couldn’t summon his artifacts to save him due to low spiritual energy.

“Three-Eyed Flaming Vulture!”


With a cry sounding from a large bird, a line of red light rose into the sky.


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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