Spiritual furnace - Chapter 23

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An eagle with lively bright red feathers flew up into the sky. Its opened wings stretched five to six meters wide, and its body was three to four meters in length. Each of its two claws has a wisp of red flames, but the most surprising feature was the third eye on its forehead.

After appearing so suddenly, it flew underneath Qi Diaomu.


Acting like a cushion, it allowed Qi Diaomu to land safely on its back.

By another command, the Three-Eyed Flaming Vulture flew above the platform. Its eyes bursted with rage when it glanced at Chu Yan, as it saw that Chu Yan injured its master.

“Didn’t I say to look behind you? That’s what you get for not listening~”

Chu Yan chuckled softly. The current Qi Diaomu was heavily injured. His left shoulder totally bent in the wrong direction, and his shirt was soaked beet-red in blood. Although he was laying calmly on the vulture’s back, he couldn’t hide his blood shot eyes.


Without the supply of spiritual energy, the Dazzle Ray Mirror started to fall. Draco Turtle Shield took up this opportunity and bashed the mirror, shattering it into pieces.


Due to his spell artifact being destroyed, Qi Diaomu once again had his psychokinesis damaged, spatting out another puddle of blood.

“Sorry about that, I didn’t control the output properly.”

Those words felt like humiliation in Qi Diaomu’s ears, turning his already red face to a turning point of purple.

“The Flaming Scale Dao, I will take it back for my father.”

Chu Yan picked up the Dao. Two threads of light blue spiritual energy dwelled into it, wiping off the conscious mark within.


The unfortunate Qi Diaomu once again spat a puddle of blood.

(TLN: the author never mentioned this but in any xianxia novel, to be able to wield a weapon using the mind, one will need to leave a marking to be connected)

Chu Yan pointed the Flaming Scale Dao at Qi Diaomu, his two eyes shining like torches in a dark night. With a plain yet pressuring tone, he uttered, “You…lose…now!”

Those words echoed through the stadium. The pause from the disciples was long and silent, it was so quiet that you could even hear a pin dropping on the floor.

“He- he lost!”

That one phrase was like the ignition of a bomb, causing the whole stadium to drown back in noise.

“He lost, Eldest Senior Brother Qi Diaomu lost!”

“It can’t be…”

“The sky must be falling, Chu Yan actually won!”

“Monster, one hundred percent a monster!”

Many shouts and screams rang around, expressing their shock and astonishment.

But in Qi Tianlie eyes, there was a thick sense of bloodthirst as he gazed on this unbelievable scene.

Daoist Xuan Qing had a grin, while ice queen Ruo Wenxi’s  face also hung a smile.

Hua Mengqi eyes were sluggish, since her future husband lost and her former lover won…

“I didn’t lose yet!”

Qi Diaomu shouted. He used all of his strength to pull out a jade bottle from his pouch.

A light-yellow pill was poured out of the bottle, entering his mouth.

Just in seconds, the external injuries healed up rapidly, and even the bones connected back together. Under a short fifteen seconds, Qi Diaomu stood back up, his aura gave off the same feeling as when he was at his peak condition.

“Seriously, he took a pill!”

“How shameful!”

“Yeah, how shameful. How can a person who holds the Eldest Senior Brother title be like that?!”

“That’s-that’s a Degenerate Essence Gather Pill!”

The words from other disciples went into Qi Diaomu’s ears, and anger drilled into his mind.

“Shut up you bunch of trash!” He shouted with his face turning red and blood veins popping from his eyes.

On the spectator platform

“Brother Qi, your disciple is very daring. To sacrifice twenty years of lifespan for a mere victory!”

Daoist Xuan Qing spoke indifferently. Degenerate Essence Gather Pill was similar to Piercing Seal Pill, both had side effects one would need to pay. For a cultivator who was below Foundation Establishment phase, no matter how badly injured you were, once you took this pill, you would revert back to your prime. Of course, the price for such amazing condition was twenty years of your lifespan. To a cultivator, every minute was very important, so not many would use this kind of pill.

“My disciple must only walk away with a win in any match!”

Qi Tianlie coldly snorted. He of course understood the ridicule hidden in those words, but he also firmly believed that the match had not ended.

“Let’s see about that!”

Daoist Xuan Qing replied, while smiling lightly.

The disciples who were closer to the platform immediately shut their mouths, yet discussions could still be heard by the ones behind them.

“So that’s how much of a tolerance Qi Diaomu has!”

“How disappointing…”

“Look at him ruining our Flying Dragon Peak’s reputation!”

The quiet atmosphere once again submerged in comments, flaring the flames in Qi Diaomu’s heart. He shouted at Chu Yan, tearing his voice apart: “ITS YOU! ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! Chu Yan, today I must KILL YOU!!”

Chu Yan expression didn’t even change the slightest, “As I said before, I will clear out the trash on my father’s behalf.”

Before that incident, many respected and supported Chu Yan on the Flying Dragon Peak. The reason why everyone was isolated from the current Chu Yan was because of Qi Tianlie, and most felt that he was a stain on Qi Changtian’s reputation for being so worthless.

Cultivation was a dog-eat-dog world, where only the strongest survived. The actions which Chu Yan performed won the recognition of the crowd, connecting to what Qi Diaomu did from before up till now, someone shouted:

“Kill him! Kill that ungrateful bastard!”

One phrase caused waves of uproars.

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

The whole crowd, one by one, answered these calls! The lineage of the Chu family had the most contribution towards the Flying Dragon Peak, but the whole family almost ended in complete annihilation from the hands of Chu Changtian’s dotted disciple, Qi Diaomu.

“Killing you is the wish of everyone!”

Chu Yun slowly uttered those icy words. Listening to the herd of voices, it suddenly reminded him about his father’s broad figure, and his mother’s warm hugs. Father, mother, do you see this?


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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