Spiritual furnace - Chapter 24

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

Listening to those deathly words from the crowd, Qi Diaomu knew that even if he defeated Chu Yan, Chu Yan’s reputation would still soar into the sky. But he also knew if he didn’t win, then his existence would be erased from everyone’s vision, and he could even possibly be erased from this world.

“CHU YAN! You destroyed my spell artifact, you will gain no honor in winning against me like that! Do you dare to compete against me with spells?! We will both use one spell to decide our fate!” Qi Diaomu blurted out, barely holding his image in one piece.

“Damn so shameful, how can there be a person that is this shameful…”

“Already lost, yet he has the face to say that…”

“Senior Brother Chu Yan, just finish him already!”

“Yeah, don’t listen to that scumbag’s nonsense!”

Despite the warnings and supports of others, Chu Yan waved his hands and spoke, “I suppose I’ll give you a chance then!” While throwing both the steel pole and the Flaming Scale Dao on the floor.

Based on Chu Yan’s present spiritual energy, which didn’t exceed more than half of his prime state, and Qi Diaomu who was at max after consuming a Degenerate Essence Gather Pill, Chu Yan had a high chance for him to defeat Qi Diaomu if he ultilized his artifacts. But without them, Chu Yan absolutely did not stand a chance against Qi Diaomu. After all, Qi Diaomu’s cultivation level was two layers higher than Chu Yan, meaning he must have mastered certain higher level spells.

Chu Yan, you know you’re seeking your own death?!

Qi Diaomu mumbled in his heart, both hands had flame red spiritual energy threads floating out of each tip. Suddenly, the area’s temperature started to rise, while the air turned illusive. When rounds of heat waves were released from Qi Diaomu’s body, the ten threads of spiritual energy floated in front of him, and started to intertwine in a special trajectory.

“If I can suppress you three years ago, I can still bring you under my feet three years after!” Chu Yan said.

He had that confidence. For he had reached the eighth layer again, not only was his body and mind stronger than that of his past, each of his spiritual energy threads was also 1.5 times thicker than it used to be.

Not only that, he had also mastered the proficiency of water related spells, and he could instant chant all tier three spells and below.

Another blessing after rebirth was the consumption of spiritual energy for a spell, it had drastically decreased the amount of spiritual energy needed in order to cast the spell.

But Chu Yan’s biggest trump card was spell combination. Three years ago, when Chu Yan spiritual root was destroyed, he had already half-stepped into the understanding of spell combination. After reaching the eighth layer again, he now took complete control over this skill.

Chu Yan gave a wicked smile, eight threads of light blue spiritual energy floated out of his fingertips, forming an octagon in front of him. It started to weave at an immense speed, each thread of spiritual energy became more and more solidified. Its color turned darker and darker, changing to an ocean blue hue.

“Hahaha, Chu Yan, if you have to blame someone then blame yourself for being so arrogant! You will lose today! Fire Serpent Shining Sky, GO!”

Qi DIaomu had a devious look. Together, the ten spiritual energies submerged, and a giant beast stepped out of the flares.

Camel’s head, snake’s neck; deer’s horns, turtle’s eyes; fish scales, tiger’s paws; eagle’s claws, cow’s ears. Although it had an appearance resembling that of a dragon, its two horns weren’t long enough, and it had only four claws in each paw. A true eastern dragon had five, so this one could only be called a serpent.


The five meter in length fire serpent headed straight for Chu Yan after its howl.

Low-grade tier twelve spell: Fire Serpent Shining Sky

On the spectator platform, Daoist Xuan Qing’s complexion turned serious. A low-grade tier twelve spell was basically one of the top spells for Tempering Qi . The highest level spell for Tempering Qi would be a low-grade tier thirteen spell, but it was very hard to actually master it to that level. And within the low-grade fire spells, the Fire Serpent Shining Sky had a  tier thirteen version: Dragon Roaring Nine Heavens.

With this kind of spell, it was practically unstoppable for Chu Yan.

Qi Tianlie showed a hint of happiness, for now he knew the outcome of this match.

“This… this is a low-grade tier twelve spell! I never knew Qi Diaomu mastered a tier twelve spell!”

“Oh shit, Chu Yan doesn’t even stand a chance!”

“Such powerful spell… not even a Tempering Qi twelfth layer would take a spell like that head on!”

Even with those remarks, Chu Yan showed no fear in his expression.

Almost at the same time when Qi Diaomu successful cast his spell, Chu Yan uttered, “Combine!”

The eight threads of light blue spiritual energy, which had already transformed into eight Three-Legged Water Cows, started to merge together under Chu Yan’s command.

Low-grade tier eight spell: Three-Legged Water Crow

“Even with eight three-legged water crows, it would still be impossible to win against the fire serpent!”

“Yeah, the difference in four tiers shows the contrast in powers.”

“Wait guys, look!”

The crowd, which felt that the winner was already decided, saw something unbelievable.

After the disappearance of the mist that was created from the merge of the eight crows, a huge figure appeared.

Chicken head, swallow’s beak; snake’s neck, turtle’s back, fish’s tail with five different colors and a body height of six feet.


Many were in awe, but everyone’s heart remembered a name of a famous water spell that was not mentioned in decades: Water-Phoenix Piercing Heaven!

The maximum tier of a low-grade spell, low-grade tier thirteen spell: Water Phoenix Piercing Heaven.


Obeying Chub Yan command, the water phoenix, which had water running on its body’s surface, gave a cry as it charged at the fire serpent, leaving a gust of wind behind.

The water droplets turned the heated sky calm.


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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