Spiritual furnace - Chapter 25



The two forces collide under the frightened gaze of Qi Diaomu, exerting a force outwards.

A water crow, which became a phoenix, yet the serpent didn’t evolve into a dragon. The outcome was already decided from the beginning.

The five-meter-long serpent was shredded into pieces…


After the water phoenix gave a cry, it flapped its wings and headed towards Qi Diaomu like a tidal wave.


The distance was too short, its speed was too fast, and Qi Diaomu was unable to dodge it.

The water phoenix crashed directly onto his chest, sending him flying while he littered the air with a shower of blood. But since the water phoenix crashed at the angle facing the ground, Qi Diaomu luckily didn’t fall off the platform. In exchange, he suffered a heavy impact when his back smashed onto the ground.

His body was like that of a dead dog twitching on the platform. His chest area caved inwards, with pieces of shiny white bones and minced meat showing.

“He… he did it! Chu Yan actually won!”

“What’s more surprising, He can cast a eight tier eight spells simultaneously!”

“Forget about that one, he can even combine them to make a tier thirteen!”


All the of the Flying Dragon Peak’s disciples could not tell how they were feeling at the moment; Chu Yan had surpassed their expectations and understanding of logic.

“You lost!”

Words that could send shivers down one’s spine echoed the platform.

“Why? WHHYY?!”

Qi Diaomu shouted with his sandpaper voice. His bloody red eyes overlapped with many blood veins.

Chu Yan looked at him like a supreme lord watching his servant fall into the depths of hell. His tone this time contained a sense of authority, "Because I’m Chu Yan, a person you can never surpass in your life!”

“I…REFUSE! Why? Why only you are the only son of Chu Changtian? Why I must only be his disciple? Why has he always left the best for you? Why does Junior Sister Hua only love you? Why does fortune only smile upon you? Why? I’ve been giving it my best… but why does I always end up one step below YOU?! WHY?!”

Rampaging, Qi Diaomu sandpaper voice could be heard throughout the stadium. He finally let out some of his stress and feelings he kept inside for years.

Chu Yan’s complexion didn’t change one bit, and he also had no intention of arguing back.

At one point, tears were flowing out of Qi Diaomu’s eyes. After rampaging, his expression only had a savage look. “After my constant hardships. Finally, I met my chance! Chu Changtian died, your spiritual root destroyed! And me, I became the most talented disciple on Flying Dragon Peak! Those retainers under Chu Changtian always doted you, but for me, they acted as if I never existed! So, so I made a plan to kill them. And with the help of the Eldest Elder, I killed them with my two bare hands! Hehe… HAHA~”

Qi Diaomu’s laughter baited out the strong murderous intent within Chu Yan. He really wanted to finish Qi Diaomu here and now, but he held it down.

“But… why? Why can a trash who had their spiritual root destroyed, why can they still cultivate to this extent? I have been cultivating day and night, why did I still lose to you? Why does Junior Sis Hua, up to this day, still only think about you, no matter how much affection I showed her? I refuse to accept this! Why do the heavens have to be so unfair?!”

His words ended with his final hidden feelings.


Chu Yan asked blandly, his voice was same as before.

“My father’s love for you has never been any less. He even told me in private that he will hand over the Peak Master spot to you when you have grown. And you? How did you treat him? The day when my father was poisoned, who poisoned him? YOU FUCKING TELL ME! FUCKING TELL ME HUH!!”

Chu Yan cold words were so powerful, they were like mines that exploded in the side of Qi DIaomu’s ears.

“What?! What did you say? Me, inheriting the Peak Master position? Impossible! He would never give it to me! So what if I poisoned him? If he didn’t die, then I would always be one step below you! Don’t fucking lecture me bitch. Three-Eyed Flaming Vulture, KILL HIM!”

Influenced by his state of anger and hatred, he called upon his pet beast.


The Three-Eyed Flaming Vulture let out an angry cry as it charged at Chu Yan, shooting a ray of flames with the third eye on its forehead.


Daoist Xuan Qing shouted, shooting multiple vines from his sleeves.

“Xuan Qing, you shouldn’t interfere with the youngsters’ match!”

Qi Tianlie snorted, a hand-size Golden Thread Web was spat from his mouth. It expanded and warped itself around the vines, not letting them move an inch further.

“Old Qi, if Chu Yan dies today, this old man will definitely kill you!”

One could see anxiousness in Xuan Qing’s eyes, but sadly he ran out of time to save Chu Yan.

The platform below suddenly became noisy.

“He let his pet monster participate! It’s against the rules!”

“Dirty play!”

“I feel sad for Chu Yan…”

“So despicable!”

The crowd was blazing with rage. According to the rules, pets were not allowed to participate in the match. When Qi Diaomu had called his pet to assist him, he had already broken the rules. It was even more shameless to use it for battle.

Chu Yan had a heavy complexion. He had used up all of his spiritual energy when he casted the tier thirteen spell, which meant he also didn’t have any spiritual energy left to control his spell artifact. Should I take it head on with my body?

“Coo coo coo…”

The bright sound of a chicken cry rang out in the stadium, and the figure of a round black fat ball came out of Chu Yan’s spiritual beast pouch.


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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