Spiritual furnace - Chapter 26

I smell trouble  o(>.<o)

“What is that?”

“If I remember correctly, that’s the mystical monster pet Chu Yan owns.”

“That fat plump crow?”

“It’s a chicken for pete’s sake!”

“Black Chick, why did you come out, hurry and go back in!”

Chu Yan restlessly said. During these past few months, the bond between him and big black chicken had greatly deepened. He didn’t want it to sacrifice itself for his sake, but the scene before him was contrary to what he had in mind.

The big black chicken shook its head as if it was saying “No worries.” Flapping its wings, its giant meatball body lifted up from the ground. At the same time, it sucked in a mouthful of air, causing the already plump body to expand like a balloon.


The big black chicken let out a high pitch sound. Its body started to rapidly inflate while a white mist spurted out of its mouth.

Suddenly, the platform let out a chilling aura that could cause piercing pains in one’s bones.

The two forces, white mist and flames collided with each other…

Under many awed gazes, the Three-Eyed Flaming Vulture’s flares slowly died out, transforming into a thread of white smoke before disappearing.


The big black chicken excitedly cried out. Once again, he spurted white mist, but this time it had a heavier and thicker aura.


The white mist instantly vaporized the flares of the Three-Eyed Flaming Vulture and headed straight towards it. In the blink of an eye, the Three-Eyed Flaming Vulture was covered in a layer of frost, which rapidly slowed down its reflexes.

“Co Coooi!”

The big black chicken pridefully held its head up high.  Simultaneously, its meat ball body started to spin. With the its beak pointing towards the vulture, it looked like a rapid spinning drill, ready to pierce through a woodplank.



Following a loud collision sound, the crying vulture was knocked flying back by the big black chicken.

Its cold body fell to the ground and a frozen bloody hole on its head could be seen.

Including Chu Yan, the owner, everyone went quiet.

“Co co cooi!”

The heavily breathing big black chicken slowly readjusted its tempo and breath. Followed by another cry, it flew towards Chu Yan. It proudly puffed its head up as it landed on Chu Yan’s shoulder.

The bird’s cry deeply resonated in everyone’s heart.

“That fat crow… no wait, that mysterious black chicken… what kind of monster is that?”

“The Three-Eyed Flaming Vulture is a rank three early stage monster. It’s comparable to a ninth layer of Tempering Qi phase and it was instantly KO’d?”

“Scary, I can’t believe Chu even had a hidden trump card like that!”

The stadium became a ruckus…

On the spectator platform

“Haha, old hag Qi, no wonder you blocked me from interfering. You knew all along that Chu Yan would win right?”

Looking at Daoist Xuan Qing’s merry laughter, Qi Tianlie had a stiffened face, his eyes contained a deadly sense of murderous intent.

On the platform, Chu Yan smiled at big black chicken as he said, “Never knew a little bastard like you had some skills. Looks like all those roasted meats didn’t go to waste feeding you.”

Qi Diaomu had a despairing look. He knew that he lost everything, undoubtedly and totally.

Chu Yan slowly walked towards him, his face was as icy cold as before.

Standing in front of Qi Diaomu, Chu Yan held him by the neck with one hand, and lifted him up into the air.


The clear sound of a slap was heard by everyone present.

One of Qi Diaomu’s bloodied teeth went flying out of his mouth.

“This slap is on behalf of my father!” Chu Yan said in a tone that express no emotions.


“This slap is on behalf of myself!”


“This slap is on behalf of my father’s retainers!”


As each slap landed harshly on Qi Diaomu’s face, it also rang in everyone’s heart.

From the bottom of their hearts, the crowd couldn’t help to sigh. One was a trash who couldn’t cultivate for three years, another was the Flying Dragon Peak’s Eldest Senior Brother. They still had a drastic difference in power, but their status miraculously switched.

Unbelievable? Those clear slap sounds told them that they weren’t dreaming!


“This slap is because you deserve one!”


“This slap is because you look too ugly!”


“This slap is… yeah… I don’t have a reason, I just want to hit you!”

Looking at Chu Yan justice turning into unreasonable punishment, many became speechless…

After a good while

Chu Yan felt a sense of refreshment after all those slaps. Qi Diaomu’s face had swollen to the point where one could call him a pig, but he gritted his teeth. The pride within his heart didn’t allow him to utter the words ‘I admit defeat’, thus, this meant that the judge also couldn’t announce the outcome.

“I had said before that I will clean the trash who tarnished my father’s reputation! Since you’re a man, no matter how trash your morality was, I’ll give you a painless death.”

The crowd almost fell to the ground by those words. You had given him more than hundreds of slaps! You called this painless death? Although his words were questionable, no one pitied Qi Diaomu. In their hearts, his death served him right.


On the spectator platform, Qi Tianlie slammed the tea stand as he rose from his seat.

“What? Just who do you think you are, telling me to stop?!”

Looking into Qi Tianlie’s eyes, Chu Yan’s voice finally unmasked his hatred towards him.

“Insolent! You are the disciple of the Flying Dragon Peak and I am your master! You dare to disobey my orders!”

Unable to hide his frustration and anger anymore, Qi Tianlie let out a shout.

“My only master was my father. I have not recognized anyone else after my father’s death!”

Chu Yan boldly said, showing no hint of hesitation in confronting Qi Tianlie.

“Chu Yan, if you kill Qi Diaomu… I will…”

“So what if I kill him?”

Chu Yan’s words sliced through his speech.


The sound of a broken neck entered everyone’s ears. It left everyone thinking about that simple yet bold phrase: So what if I kill him?


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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