Spiritual furnace - Chapter 27

The corpse of a known figure coldly laid on the platform.

There was not a single sound coming from within the stadium, many were still processing those words ‘So what if I kill him?’ in their heads.

No one dared to speak, anyway. Commenting on Qi Diaomu was one thing, but Qi Tianlie was the Peak Master of Flying Dragon Peak, none of them wanted to get on his nerves.

“Chu Yan, you dare to disobey you master’s orders! Good, good, this master will purge this disobedient disciple of his!”

When Qi Tianlie gave an angry howl, a hand-length scarlet gold flying sword flew out of his mouth.

As he touched the sword, it suddenly transformed into a thirty-three meters gigantic sword. Its body was decorated in complicated runes, which gave off a dazzling light.


After Qi Tianlie casted a sword spell, the scarlet gold sword charged at Chu Yan like a mad bull in the influence of a red carpet.

Low-grade spell treasure: Scarlet Rainbow Golden Sword

“Old Qi, are you ignoring my existence?”

Daoist Xuan Qing gave a cold snort. Similar to the sword Qi Tianlie had spat out, the sword, which had a pale green body, also transformed to a thirty something meter long gigantic sword, but it had a countable amount of emerald green vines crawling around the sword.

Middle-grade spell treasure: Emerald Mark Wooden Sword


The speed of the Emerald Mark Wooden Sword was incredibly fast. It positioned itself on the path, which the Scarlet Rainbow Golden Sword was charging. Inevitably, the two collided.

The results were predictable; the damage Qi Tianlie suffered caused his face to turn pale. No matter if it was cultivation level or treasures, Daoist Xuan Qing was one level above him. Just a brief exchange and he was already at a disadvantage.

"Xuan Qing, you don’t have the permission to meddle in the Flying Dragon Peak’s affairs!” he spoke those words with frustration.

“Qi Tianlie, I have no authority over your peak’s affairs. But I made a promise to brother Changtian that within the Yu Hua Sect, I will kill whoever tries to harm Chu Yan’s life!”

After Daoist Xuan Qing uttered those words, another set of sword spells were casted.

The Emerald Mark Wooden sword suddenly glowed even brighter, forcing the Scarlet Rainbow Golden sword to struggle harder than before. The sparks became more intense whenever they collided.

Just as the situation was going to get more interesting:

“Stop now!”

Although his voice sounded hoarse, it had an aspect of authority contained within. The words that demanded absolute obedience shook the whole stadium.

An old person dressed in a flaming red robe was riding a scarlet cloud as he drifted closer to the stadium.

With tiger-looking eyes, he had a naturally serious expression coming off his face. He performed a  swipe and a round plate with many flaming threads overlapping each other flew out of his sleeve. The temperature of the stadium suddenly rose as it made its entrance.

High-level spell treasure: Nine Xuan Flare Plate


It cut in between the Scarlet Rainbow Golden sword and the Emerald Mark Wooden Sword with its lightning speed. As it cut in, it exerted a strong pressure, bouncing the two other treasure swords backwards.

Everyone was caught by surprise under this spectacular view.

“I pay my respects to Senior Brother Yan!”

Both Qi Tianlie and Daoist Xuan Qing quickly withdrew their spell treasures, and respectfully greeted him at the same time.

“Hmph! Two peak masters fighting in front of their juniors. What a shameful display!”

Yan Tianlong said in tone that couldn’t be questioned.

“Senior Brother Yan, Xuan Qing overstepped his authority and meddled into my peak’s internal affairs!”

Qi Tianlie had a pitiful look, like someone wronged him, starting to explain everything in detail.

“Did the rules say you cannot kill?”


“Then why did you try to stop them?”


Two simple questions from Yan Tianlong made Qi Tianlie speechless.

“As a peak master, you didn’t stop the match even though those disciples broke the rules, and you yourself also tried to break the rules! What do you take the sect’s laws as?”

“I… but Chu Yan disobeyed orders…”

Qi Tianlie didn’t think that Yan Tianlong would stand on Chu Yan side. He suddenly found himself in a tough situation, since he didn’t have an excuse for the questions.

“Chu Yan did disobey orders, and he will get the punishment he deserves. I will personally deliver him to Senior Brother sect master for his punishment. As for you… Law Enforcement Squad!”

As Yan Tianlong shouted, four shadows came flying on a giant pillar. The four machos had overwhelming muscles on each part of their bodies, and they also were at the complete-stage of the Foundation Establishment phase.

This was the Yu Hua Sect’s Law Enforcement Squad. They were a special existence under the direct command of Pan Sky Peak’s peak master Yan Tianlong. As the saying goes ‘If a prince commits a crime, he will serve the same punishment as a commoner’, so even the peak masters could not run away from the punishment they deserved.

(TLN: the idiom means no one is above the law)

Although with that said, the law enforcement squad wouldn’t normally touch the peak master for small affairs. Sadly, today, Qi Tianlie would become the first peak master punished by the Yu Hua sect’s Law Enforcement Squad.

“The punishment will be one hundred beatings to his hips!”

With that command, the four machos held the three-meter-thick wooden pillars in their hands as they stepped forward.

“Senior Brother Yan, I…”

“Shut up! Give it to him!”

Even though Qi Tianlie was a second layer of Core Formation expert, he didn’t dare ignore the punishment. He knew that if he tried to do so, it would mean betrayal towards the sect. The only thing left was to endure the humiliation and anger within his heart.


Qi Tianlie was pressed against the ground, the four machos held the thick wooden pillars and smashed them onto his hips.

With the natural strength of a macho plus the thousand-pound pillars, even the cultivation level of a Core Formation expert couldn’t withstand the damage and had his butt cheeks turn into half-ground meat.

After the hundredth beating…

“Chu Yan, let’s go. Senior Brother sect master wants to see you!”

Yan Tianlong casually spoke to Chu Yan who was still standing on the platform.

“Grand Master Yan, I have a request!”


“Can you allow me to finish the inner peak tournament?”

“Go ahead.”

Looking at the unwavering Chu Yan under the immense pressure he was given, Yan Tianlong gave some approval points in his heart.

Scanning the rest of the core disciples, Chu Yan spoke with his tone loudly, “Who wants to challenge me?”


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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