Spiritual furnace - Chapter 28

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“Who wants to challenge me?”

His voice resounded loud and clear, yet not a single response came from the stadium.

Even Qi Diaomu lost to you, you think I’m stupid? Was one of the answers residing in many hearts.

“Elder Judge…”

After those words, the judge immediately understood Chu Yan’s intentions.

He hastily spoke: “If no one wants to challenge Chu Yan, then I hereby announce that this year’s Flying Dragon Peak Inner Peak Examination’s number one is Chu Yan. Chu Yan will become a core disciple, the new Eldest Senior Brother and also have the rights to participate the Sect’s Tournament on Flying Dragon Peak’s behalf.”

Father, mother, do you see this?

The outcome reminded him of the promise with his parents.

“Alright, let’s leave now!”

Yan Tianlong became a little annoyed from all the waiting. Chu Yan followed his command and used the spiritual energy he just recovered a little from. The steel pole flew next to Chu Yan and he jumped on it. Following Yan Tianlong, Chu Yan rode next to him on the weird ‘flying sword.’

At the bottom of the Pan Sky Peak

“Grandmaster Yan, may I ask why does the sect master wanted to see me?”

Chu Yan respectfully asked. There were two factors playing an important role that made it possible for Chu Yan to argue with Qi Tianlie. One was that Daoist Xuan Qing would save him in need, and the second was that the higher ups wouldn’t allow such a talented disciple to go to waste.

“Stop asking useless questions, you will understand once you reach to the top of the peak.”


Just as Chu Yan was about to fly up the peak.

“Hold it, you’re not allowed to use artifacts!”

“The how will I…”



“You’re not allowed to borrow any strength from others! Here, this is for you!”


Holding the water pouch and the three food pills, he started to climb the high mountain with his bare hands unwillingly. He cursed Yan Tianlong in his heart as he flew past him.

“A test it is?”

After Yan Tianlong disappeared, the unwillingness was overwritten by a grin on his face.

In the middle of the night after three days

The bright stars shed their light on a boy who was still climbing the mountain heaps. With a big black chicken on his shoulders, the boy locked his eyebrows together. Sweat dripping from his youthful face, his two hands were covered in blood due to excessive scrapping. The same went for his joints, yet the boy still climbed the hill, showing no signs of giving up.

“What the fuck, how high is this Pan Sky Peak? Don’t tell me it actually pierce the skies…”

Wiping the sweat off his face, Chu Yan cursed as he gauged down a mouthful of water from the pouch.

Chu Yan had been constantly activating his breathing technique ‘Heavy Dark Water’. And with the help of the chicken’s presence, it was exceedingly fast, but still not enough to upkeep the expenditure of spiritual energy.

The mountain he was climbing was different from others. Without the use of spiritual energy, he couldn’t even get near it, not to mention climbing it.

Feeling some of his spiritual energy recovering back, Chu Yan bit his teeth: “I will climb without rest and sleep, I don’t believe I can’t reached the top under that condition!”

Consuming one food fill allowed one to stay full for ten days. In Chu Yan’s eyes, Yan Tainlong must have expected him to reach to the peak in one month since he gave him three pills.


The black chicken excitingly rose his prideful head and let out a cry.

“Watch it Black Chick, it’s the middle of the night for peace sake!”

Chu Yan became speechless when he saw what was in the chicken’s mouth- a green bug with four pale white feather wings.

That’s a Four Wing Emerald Bug, a rank two early stage bug monster! Its corpse should worth a lot of money… Chu Yan felt as if his money slowly flew away from him.

Staring at the endless heights, Chu Yan let out a sigh: “This looks harder than I what thought it would be.”

At the peak of the Pan Sky Peak

Under the moon’s brightness comparable to the sun, there were two people talking to each other, near an old tree with a board game between them. The black and white pieces strategically placed on the board contained the smell of traps laying everywhere.

One of the persons who was wearing a flaming red robe asked, while holding a piece in his hand, “Senior Brother, how long you think that brat will need?”

The other person who was wearing a white robe and had a youthful appearance questioned: “How long did Tengming take?”

Yan Tianlong paused for a while, and uttered, “The evening of the eighth day.”

As the handsome young man placed down another piece, he uttered, “Ten days shall be enough!”

Yan Longtian showed a surprised expression: “I can’t believe Senior Brother has that much expectations for him. Can you guess how high he’s reached right now?”

The young man swiftly opened the folding fan and laughingly said, “He must have reached at least around thirty to forty percent.”

At that moment

“Reporting to sect master, Chu Yan…”

“You don’t need to say anything, Senior Brother sect master already guessed it. That brat must have already reach one third of the height, am I right?”

Yan Tianlong stopped the person from talking. The young man said with a smile: “Junior Brother, you don’t need to boast about me in front of the disciples, Senior Brother might be wrong.”

“Senior Brother really can joke!”

Yan Tianlong lightly laughed. Yeah yeah, you who has the title ‘Predictor’…

The disciple who came to report respectfully said, “Senior Uncle Sect Master is correct!”

The young man still had a smile on his face. See that, when did my prediction ever went wrong.

But the disciple replied something unexpectedly: “Senior Uncle was correct about his wrongness. Chu Yan has already passed half of the height.”


Yan Tianlong almost fell off his chair.

And the young man’s smile stiffened, with his eyes wide open.

Shui Tianyu who had lived for more than hundreds of years, finally experienced what they called ‘shoot oneself in the foot’.


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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