Spiritual furnace - Chapter 29

The afternoon of the fifth day

On the western side of Pan Sky Peak, one could see the figure of a young boy climbing under the scorching sunlight. His clothes were already torn here and there with a pale face and a body that had been washed many times by his own sweat.

“Haha, that’s the layer of clouds. Above them must be the peak.”

Looking at the short distance from the clouds, Chu Yan couldn’t hide his excitement anymore.


Flapping its black wings, the plump meat ball black chicken also excitingly let out a cry beside Chu Yan’s ear.

“I say Black Chick, why you do you always cry day and night… You… that’s a rank two early stage Sword Head Centipede! You wastrel!”

Looking at the sword shape head centipede sticking out of the chicken’s mouth, Chu Yan felt another pot of money slowly drifting away.

Infused by the anger at the chicken, Chu Yan once again moved his aching muscles to climb upwards.

“Haha, I finally passed the clouds, what… the shit…”

The scene after passing the clouds prompted Chu Yan to curse.

Another spectacular view of infinite climbing, Chu Yan wanted to drop dead right now.

The big black chicken didn’t seem to care the slightest. Cocking its head high up in the air, it started to leisurely ascend. Looking at its complacent face, Chu Yan cursed again in his heart. Ooh soon I’ll prepare a nicely roasted chicken for a meal.

The peak of the Pan Sky Peak

Under the old tree, the board was half-filled with black and white pieces.

As he placed another piece, Yan Tianlong smiled broadly: “Senior Brother sect master, looks like you are at a disadvantage. This Junior Brother will be the winner of today’s game.”

The young man replied a slight smile, “Junior Brother, it may look like you are at an advantage right now, but due to the fact that you compete restlessly at the beginning, you don’t have the reserve force to compete in the ending battle.  Humans are the same as a board game, just as a board game can be compared with humans.”

Yan Tianlong deeply thought about those words, “Senior Brother, are you trying to say that Chu Yan doesn’t have the strength to climb anymore since he recklessly wasted his energy at the beginning? Then can you guess where he is at now?”

“Just as you said, the brat’s stamina and spiritual energy should be depleted by now. He should be ten thousand meters before the layer of clouds.”

The young man said. Because of what happened before, he tried to repair the embarrassment he had suffered from in front of his Junior Brother, with a prediction after his detailed analysis.

“So that’s it… Senior Brother again with his great conclusion.”

Thinking thoroughly, Yan Tianlong found that Shui Tianyu analysis sounded reasonable, and nodded.

“Reporting to Senior Uncle. Chu Yan…”

“You don’t need to report to us this time, Senior Brother Sect Master has already predicted it. The brat is ten thousand meters away from the layers of clouds.”

Cutting off the disciple’s words again, Yan Tianlong spoke in a undoubtful manner.

The young man this time didn’t add anything, only giving out a confident smile.

The disciple showed a complicated complexion.

“Reporting to Senior Uncle, Chu Yan has already passed the layer of clouds.”


“Chu Yan has passed the layer of clouds!”


Holding the folding fan in his hand, Shui Tianyu once again had a stiffened smile. His face felt as if he gained a slap on his cheeks. He couldn’t hold his urge and let out a curse in his mind. The shit, here I go blabbering my mouth again.

The dusk of the seventh day

Below the sunset, there was a shadow glued on the side of a mountain. His clothes tattered in pieces, with many cuts and injuries all over the body. His hair was messier than a girl’s one in the morning, and his face covered with a layer of white frost, which was salt produced from his sweat.

The young boy had a tenacious look in his eyes while he tightly pursed his white dried lips together.


Flying around Chu Yan, the big black chicken had a six-legged frog the size of a palm in its mouth as he excitedly cried.

Rank three early stage monster: Six Leg Log Frog

“Ah, the money… the money is flying away again!”

Chu Yan gave out another curse secretly, but the excessive occurrences of such events already numbed him to the point of utter speechless. Looking at the chicken’s round belly growing to the size of a basketball, Chu Yan swore that he would put this useless trash to good use when hunting for prey.

“Black chicken, your stamina must be absurd after all that restless flying around huh?!” Chu Yan sarcastically said.

The big black chicken proudly nodded, causing Chu Yan to burst in ange,: “Why you… alright then, we are serving roast chicken when we get back!”

Ignoring Chu Yan’s threat, the big black chicken spread its wings and flew upward, searching for another prey.

Chu Yan clicked his tongue. As he looked up ahead, his face suddenly showed a hint of joy.

“That’s, that’s the peak, it’s really the peak! Haha!”

The peak of the Pan Sky Peak

In the faint light of dusk, when the last ray was about to sink, it left the dark sky with little shining stars.

Under the old tree, the game board was almost at its end.

Yan Tianlong had a tangled expression. Where do I place my next piece? Gritting his teeth, he randomly placed it down.

“Junior Brother, you lose.” Shui Tianyu casually said, while placing the last piece to seal his victory.

“Senior Brother Sect Master’s Go’s skills are still far from my reach.” Yan Tianlong regretfully replied.

Yan Tianlong felt a slight frustration in losing a match when he had the upper hand. As his eyes sparkled, he asked: "Senior Brother, can you tell me how long will the brat take to reach the peak?”

Looking at Yan Tianlong’s cunning face, Shui Tianyu knew that he was trying to embarrass him again since his calculations were wrong twice.

“Next day’s noon.”

“What? Senior Brother, you’re not joking right?! Aren’t you implying that this brat’s talent is higher than Tengming?”

Hearing those words coming from Shui Tianyu, Yan Tianlong had a face full of doubts.


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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