Spiritual furnace - Chapter 3

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“What is happening?”

The frenzied vibration of the small furnace made Chu Yan feel like it was going to escape from his dantian at any moment. When Chu Yan was thinking of how to get this thing out...


A ray of green light flew out from his dantian, and at the next moment, a broken small furnace similar to the size of a rice bowl appeared on the table in front of him. When he glanced back in his dantian, he could not see the small furnace anymore.

“This little guy actually came out… is it possible that…?”

The broken small furnace transformed into a green light and disappeared when Chu Yan commanded it to again. He laughed without careas he felt the vibration of the small furnace in his dantain.

His hunch was on the mark, the small furnace had become his Natal spell artifact.

Only a cultivator who was at least in the Tempering Qi phase could control spell artifacts. Generally, a normal spell artifact would need some of the owner’s blood essence and a spell related to the artifact to use it. For example, you would need sword spells in order to use a flying sword artifact.

A Natal artifact is an artifact that is constantly nurtured by the owner’s natal blood essence. However, it is difficulty to do, and it would require too much of the natal blood essence.

The natal blood essence is the accumulation of blood essence and then refinement to become purer. When a cultivator loses too many natal blood essences it would slow down their cultivation speed, so most cultivators would not do that just to obtain one.

But the Natal artifact does have its perks. It can move at the owners will without the need of a spell. Therefore, the cultivator can obtain the upper hand in a battle between artifacts because they can lessen the time needed to use the Natal artifact.

Another reason is that a Natal artifact will be three to five times stronger than a normal artifact of the same level.

How could Chu Yan not be happy when he got a Natal artifact out of nowhere. It was like money raining from the sky. Chu Yan thought he was dreaming.

He calmed himself down after his excitement, and then proceed to test the small furnace’s strength.

“Come on my little small furnace, please start moving, please, small furnace….. why aren’t you moving!”

The excitement on Chu Yan’s face was gone. Instead, his eyes widened with a confused expression.

The small furnace stood steadily on the table, without moving an inch. This puzzled Chu Yan. “The small furnace did read my mind and came out of my dantian, so why doesn’t it listen now?”

The furnace disappeared from the table as he commanded it again with his mind.

After some time passed…

Chu Yan had to face the reality after multiple back and forth experiments. The small furnace could only go in and out of his dantian, it would not listen to any other commands. The dream of using the small furnace to kill his enemies was instantly crushed.

But when he thought about all the benefits he got from the small furnace during these two days, like to be able to cultivate and have the power of a third layer while still in first layer, it was quite enough already.

He also gained a Natal artifact, although he could not really use it.


Could it be that the small furnace has other functions? He thought with a mind-blowing theory.

Maybe this small furnace is one of those legendary artifacts from the Immortals. The ones that can refine pills, other artifacts, or something like that. Then, when I have an immeasurable number of those pills and weapons, who can stand in my way again? Chu Yan stopped his joyful thought there and proceeded to study the small furnace again.

He put a piece of Dark Iron into the furnace and placed a couple of lit carbon stones under the furnace.

After fifteen minutes passed, when the fuel for the fire was used up, a clump of black metal sat in the furnace. Clearly, the Dark Iron had become wasted material.

Maybe it is for refining pills?

Chu Yan then placed two horse-tail grass into the small furnace. Although horse-tail grass was just a regular weed that could be found anywhere, if the small furnace truly was one of those godly refining pills artifacts, then it should show some effects.

However, Chu Yan was disappointed again when the horse-tail grass became a pile of trash; releasing a burnt smell.

Maybe it has a more powerful function since it couldn’t refine pills and other artifacts.

He continued to study what the small furnace had to offer with an unyielding hope.

Dead Wood Peak’s Inner Hall

An old man dressed in light green was floating above the air with his eyes closed. A vine grew out of his right hand’s wrist and twisted around his body four to five times, releasing a faint green light. Such a scene would look unearthly to one’s eye.


Exhaled the old man as he opened his eyes. His wrinkled face displayed a smile while the vine slowly shrunk back into his wrist.

He looked at the girl in a green dress beside him with a serious expression, anda glimpse of affection like that a doting father could be seen in his eyes. “Little Wen, about the matter I told you to investigate, how is it?”

“Just as Master thought, that perverted bastard did not die~.” Daoist Xuan Qing gave a slight smile as he listened to Ruo Xiwen’s report. He had sent her to investigate Chu Yan because three days ago, Xuan Qing couldn’t feel Chu Yan’s presence; but then today his presence reappeared, and it was slightly different than usual.

“Hmph, not only is the perverted asshole was alive, he can also cultivate again. That is some stupid luck he’s got there.” After saying those words, Ruo Xiwen remembered a scene that made her blush in anger. It had a little kid whose face blushed while blood started running down from his nose. She clenched her fists tightly as if she wanted to smash that boy into pieces.

“Oh, that was unexpected,” Daoist Xuan Qing looked amazed. I checked Chu Yan spiritual root myself when it got wasted, it was beyond repairable, but Ruo Xiwen would never lie, hmmm…

“Xiwen, what happened that year was your master’s wrongdoing. I know it’s unfair treatment, but you can’t hurt Chu Yan’s life unless it’s on the sect’s dueling platform.”

She wrinkled her brow as she heard her master’s words, but didn’t dare to defy his order. “Yes, master.”

Only Daoist Xuan Qing was left in the hall when Ruo Xiwen exited the building.

“Changtian, is this your will? Then this old me will not back down on what I promised to you!”

A resolute expression could be seen on his face as he uttered those words.

At night

It was a full day’s work so many of the worker disciples had fallen asleep. Only one hut remained with a light on.

“Is it really the case that this small furnace doesn’t have any other functions?”

Chu Yan was disappointed. From sunset till night, he had tried everything in order to see if the furnace had any other use, but it bared no results.

*Stomach rumbles*

His stomach was complaining. Unless one reached the foundation establishment phase, they would still have to eat in order to survive.

Chu Yan stopped thinking about the small furnace.

Filling my stomach is more important.

When Chu Yan lifted his cooking pan, he saw a big hole within it.

Shit, I forgot to buy a new one. Chu Yan smacked his forehead. Maybe I can go hunting? But then again, it’s already this late, let us not talk about finding a prey first, if I accidentally met a tier three or tier four monster, I would die instantly with my current level.

“Wait, that will do!”

Although the small furnace has cracks here and there, at least it didn’t have a hole. It would be a waste if it couldn’t at least be used as a rice cooker.   

He poured water into the furnace from the barrel he had in his house, then he went to prepare the meat and vegetables to steam it together with the rice. Chu Yan liked to cook this way because it was easy to prepare.

When he was going to pour the ingredients into the furnace, his eyes widened.

The small furnace’s appearance had drastically changed. The words on the broken furnace slightly floated off its body and started to rearrange itself, producing a faint green light. Then, the light shot itself into the water within the small furnace.

Chu Yan was staring intensely at this miraculous scene.

After the water absorbed the green light, it turned into white and thick-like milk substance. A heavy aroma of spiritual scent was emitted into the air.

Chu Yan rubbed his eyes. He was staggered after confirming he wasn’t seeing things.

“This is- a grade one spiritual liquid!”



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