Spiritual furnace - Chapter 30

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Shu Tianyu gave a light chuckle without replying.

At that moment, “Senior Uncle Sect Master, Chu Yan…”

“I already know, that brat will arrive at the next day’s noon.”

This time, Shui Tianyu didn’t wait for Yan Tianlong to speak. He wanted to erase the disgrace he brought upon his own name.

But in contrast to his expectations, the disciple had an extremely awkward look.

Looking at the disciple’s expression, Shui Tianyu once again had his smile stiffened, accompanied with a bad premonition.

“Reporting to Senior Uncle Sect Master, Chu Yan’s distance to the peak does not exceed more than a hundred meters.”

“… Are you sure you see right?” Yan Tianlong surprisingly shouted. Doubtfulness was written all over his face.

“This disciple can swear that his eyes have no problem!”

The disciple’s seriousness caused Shui Tianyu stare blankly in the open space. In the next moment, his figure transformed into a white light and disappeared from the spot without a trace.

Just in a flash, Shui Tianyu already appeared at the western side of the peak.

As he was about to look down, he heard a voice.

“It must be that half-crack Sect Master’s stupid idea, damn this is tiresome!’

Following a trail of complaints and curses, a hand suddenly popped out from the edge. The hand, which was covered in blood, grabbed ahold of the ground right next to Shui Tianyu’s foot.

The next moment, an angry face covered in dirt appeared in Shui Tianyu’s eyes.

Shui Tianyu had a rich complexion, starting from surprise to waves of joyfulness.

“Yo brat, what’s with your laughter? Are you blind or what? Come and help me up will ya!”

(TLN: I replaced the original word with ‘me’ since it sounds better. The word ‘me’ is a substitute for a word representing the person a higher status than the other he is talking to in a very arrogant way)

Only the word frustration could describe what Chu Yan was feeling right now. He took so much work to reach the peak yet the first thing he saw was a man who had a beauty of female model and he also looked as if he had some few screws loose.


Shui Tianyu was at loss for words. He had lived for hundreds of years, but this was the first time a disciple spoke to him in such a manner.


As it flew up, the big black chicken let out a cry to express its dissatisfaction when he saw Shui Tianyu just standing there idling.


Shui Tianyu stared dumbfounded at the butterfly with six wings which was in the chicken’s mouth.

Rank three early stage bug monster, Six-Wing Rainbow Butterfly. Where did this chicken came from?

“Hey hey, you there. Stop standing there like a clueless freak and help me get up fast.”

Me, a clueless freak? Shui Tianyu questioned himself, subconsciously helping Chu Yan get up.

“You’re really dumb, aren’t ya? Huh… lecturing you is a waste of time.” Chu Yan said as he had a look of disdain.

The only comment Chu Yan had for this air headed person was amazement. He was unexpectedly startled when he saw Yan Tianlong who just arrived, looking at him with his jaws dropped.

Chu Yan hurriedly rushed to Yan Tianlong…

“Grandmaster, did my performance enter your eyes?”

Although Chu Yan seemed calm on the outside, his satisfaction of himself was higher than a skyscraper. I only needed one out of the three Food Pills, hehe.

Yan Tianlong’s face stiffened: “Yeah… you did well… do you know who that person was?”

“Ah, which person? Is Grandmaster saying that white robed idiot over there? I’m sorry for my ill mannered speech but when did Grandmaster accept disciples based on appearance? That idiot over there, besides being a little pretty, no matter how I see it, it cannot compensate for his stupidity. No one can compete with Grandmaster’s fame and reputation, please take this matter seriously since it might ruin your reputation.”

Chu Yan felt that his speech was flawless. Not only did it express what he had thought, it also complimented Yan Tianlong. Say, who doesn’t like to be complimented.


The big black chicken flapped its wings to express its agreement.

“Chu Yan, shut up!” Yan Tianlong shouted.

He felt a heavy burden on his shoulders. Everyone knew that Senior Brother Sect Master was a very narrow-minded person. Shui Tianyu was already embarrassed by his calculations, and now with Chu Yan talking to him in this kind of tone, he might…

“Um… Grandmaster, may this disciple ask…”

Chu Yan really didn’t know what to say. Does this person have some mental problem? I gave you such a complement, yet this is the attitude you show me. Wait, maybe this disciple is…

Following his thoughts up till now, Chu Yan jumped by his own imagination. Rumors say that Grandmaster doesn’t have a son. Maybe that idiot white robe guy is Grandmaster Yan’s illegitimate child… It must be, or else it wouldn’t explain the fact why he was so angry by my words.

“Chu Yan, that person is my Senior Brother Sect Master!”

“Haha, Grandmaster Yan can really joke around. How can that idiotic looking person be our sect master…” Chu Yan replied as he pointed at the handsome young man.

The young man appeared right before him, as Chu Yan turned to face him. Chu Yan laughingly said, “I say, idiot… ah, Daoist friend. Grandmaster Yan said that you are the sect master of Yu Hua Sect, isn’t that funny? Ha ha… why aren’t you laughing?”

Shui Tianyu with stiffened face, replied while smiling awkwardly: “Junior Brother Yan was right, I am the Yu Hua Sect’s Sect Master, Shui Tianyu!”

“Oh… haha, You’re really funny. Never thought you would be brave enough to pretend being the sect master. But relax, I won’t tell the others about it!’

Chu Yan laughed so hard that his spit ran across the young man’s face. As he patted the young man’s shoulder, Chub Yan spoke, “Grandmaster Yan, about this brat…”

“Shut up, you insolent fool. Senior Brother Sect Master, Chu Yan is still small and has much to learn…”

Hearing half of Yan Tianlong words, Chu Yan stopped smiling, his expression paused.  What? Senior Brother Sect Master? So just now when that idiot brat said Junior Brother Yan… shit…

Chu Yan suddenly drowned himself in cold sweat. As he slowly turned his head, he coincidentally met the eyes of a young man whose face covered in spit.


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Edited by: VIS

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