Spiritual furnace - Chapter 31

“No worries!”

Shui Tianyu replied to Yan Tianlong as he wiped the spit off his face.

“Nice brat, follow me!”

Shui Tianyu whispered to Chu Yan while he walked past him.

Yan Tianlong gave Chu Yan a pitiful look and followed Shui Tianyu footsteps.

Another person followed up, and patted Chu Yan shoulders, “I had wanted to say I was Master Yan’s disciple.”

Chu Yan face instantly turned pale white. This was so humiliating, who would have thought that Yu Hua Sect’s Sect Master was a handsome young man who looked like he was of similar age to him. And exceedingly airheaded to be precise.

“Um, Senior Uncle, did I just curse the Sect Master?”

“Yes, you did…”

“Did I call him brother and not use any honorifics?”

“Yes, you did.”

“Did I pat his shoulders like it was nothing?”

“Yes, you did. The best part was that you spat on his face. Sect Master is famous for being very fastidious. I wish you all the best.”


The disciple left after speaking in a very low voice. Chu Yan momentarily paused, he felt his happiness was slowly slipping away from his hands. What shitty luck is this! Looks like all that hardship was for nothing…

“Chu Yan, why are you loafing around over there?!”

“Yes, I’m coming Grandmaster Yan!‘

It makes no sense thinking about it. Whether it is good or bad I will eventually have to face it.

Pan Sky Hall

In the hall, Shui Tianyu was seated in the center while Yan Tianlong sat besides him.

Chu Yan who was standing below them had his heart jumping left and right. Scared of what the nitpicky Sect Master would do to him. After all, he not only called his name without honorifics, he also spat on his face, although it was not intentional.

A plain, but contained a heavy pressure voice came into his ears: “Chu Yan, not bad, not bad at all!”

Chu Yan’s heart jumped from the words. This is the second time Shui Tianyu had said this similar phrase. This must meant the opposite, absolutely mean the opposite, shit…

“Grand Sect Master, I’m sorry that i didn’t notice that it was Sect Master. But I’m not to blame right?! Who would’ve thought that our Sect Master was so young so… handsome!”

Chu Yan’s flattery unintentionally brought a hint of smile to SHui Tianyu’s face, “You brat, you should stop using such roundabout methods to get on my good side. Take this seriously, did you not have an ounce of cultivation three months before?”

“What Sect Master said is correct!”

“Then tell me how your three months passed.”

Consequently, Chu Yan started his tales on how his three months were. Naturally, only nine out of ten were the truth, since he couldn’t mention the black chicken’s side effect and the spiritual furnace.

“Based on what you just said, that lightning not only strengthened your body, but it also changed your talent? But that still does not explain how your cultivation progressed so fast. From first layer of Tempering Qi phase to eighth layer just within three months, even a heavenly spiritual root cultivator can not reach that speed.” Shui Tianyu had a doubtful expression after hearing Chu Yan’s explanation.

“Sect Master, according to this disciple’s speculation, I believe it relates to my previous cultivation level. I was an eighth layer Tempering Qi before my spiritual root was destroyed three years ago. As I recultivate my levels, I feel no bottlenecks and it seems so unreal.”

Shui Tianyu slightly nodded after hearing a more detailed explanation. A recultivation sounded similar to a cultivation recovery. Although it sounded quite forceful, it was still logical.

“Chu Yan, this time you gained a fortune from your misfortune. It must be the Heavens giving you another chance, do not let it go waste.”

“This disciple will keep those words by heart.”

Shui Tianyu saw the gloomlyness on Chu Yan’s persevering face.

“Chu Yan, you have to remember. On the path of cultivation, only the strong rule. Everything is judged by one’s power. Do you understand?”

“This disciple understands.”

Chu Yan felt a sense of sadness. He knew that Shui Tianyu was talkingabout the events related to Qi Tianlie and the Chu family affairs.

“Chu Yan, this is the same reason why the sect didn’t intervene three years ago. But as how I see it, it seems that these three had completely polished you. I promise that no one can harm you within the sect until you are fully grown, but remember, you must solve all your resentments by yourself.”

“Thank you Sect Master.”

The promise gave Chu Yan an anchor to his heart, now he could be at ease from Qi Tianlie’s assaults within the sect.

“Another thing. Keeping a low profile is good, but that item can only hide you from Foundation Establishment. This item is called Spiritual Restraintment Jade. Unless it is a not-so-often-seen Nascent Soul phase cultivator, not even a complete stage Core Formation phase cultivator will be able to see through. This is also a spatial storage, just consider this as compensation for these three years.”

Shui Tianyu threw a transparent ocean-blue jade pendant at CHu Yan.

“Thank you Grand Sect Master!”

Chu Yan took it with his heart jumping in excitement. He would eventually meet Core Formation phase cultivators during his growth so this item really came in handy.

“The seven days of climbing will be counted as the punishment for disrespecting Qi Tianlie. You can go now.”

“This disciple once again thanks Sect Master for everything. He will take his leave.”

The image of this Sect Master, who Chu Yan cursed in his heart changed 360 degrees. As  he was about to step out of the hall, another speech send shocks to his body.

“If you can reach the Foundation Establishment phase before the age of thirty, you will have a spot to compete for the Sect Master title!”

Chu Yan held his chest high while walking out of the hall.


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited: VIS

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