Spiritual furnace - Chapter 32

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“Senior Brother Sect Master, that Spiritual Restraintment Jade has followed you for more than two hundred years, how can you gift it to the brat just like that?” Yan Tianlong couldn’t hold his questions and asked as Chu Yan disappeared, after exiting the Pan Sky Hall.

“That’s not a problem. Since that jade is no longer useful to me and it is also surprisingly well suited for Chu Yan, why not gift it to him?” Shui Tianyu said while taking a sip from his tea.

“Senior Brother, I know you are still bothered by Changtian’s incident, but you already did your best. Based on how that murderer killed Changtian in the blink of an eye, we…”

Listening to Yan Tianlong, Shui Tianyu sighted heavily: “You think I don’t know that those two murderers came from above… If it wasn’t for the restrictions, they could wipe out our Yu Hua Sect at anytime!”

Looking at his Senior Brother sigh, Yan Tianlong added: “Senior Brother, you should stop thinking about it. As for what Chu Yan said, do you think it is true?”

Shui Tianyu submerged into deep thought: “I can guarantee at least ninety percent was real. He has an aura that even I can not see through.”

“Even Senior Brother can’t see through?!” Yan Tianlong was surprised by what his Senior Brother said.

Shui Tianyu was a Sect Master, his cultivation level was at the peak of Core Formation phase; a thirteen layer cultivator, which was a complete stage of Core Formation phase. At any moment, his core might reform into an Original Infant, and thus, reach the legendary Nascent Soul phase. Yan Tianlong couldn’t believe there was something even Shui Tianyu couldn’t see through.

“It’s the truth, that scent is really unique. And that chicken, its strength is unstoppable among the monsters of the same rank. I can’t see what species it belongs to, it has a high chance of being an Immemorial Mutant category though.”

“What? An Immemorial Mutant Species! I thought those things only exist in the above world!”

Yan Tianlong stood there like a piece of wood after hearing what Shui Tianyu said, one could see how much pressure the words ‘Immemorial Mutant species’ carried based on Yan Tianlong’s twitching face.

Shui Tianyu didn’t continue, instead, he went into deep thought.

After a momentary silence, Yan Tianlong opened his mouth: “Senior Brother, what you said just now, was that true?”

“I’m serious. For thousand of years, there hasn’t been a person reaching the Foundation Establishment phase with a five-type spiritual root within the Yi Province.  If he can build his foundation before the age of thirty, he is more than qualified to be the heir as the next Sect Master. And as a matter of fact, his water root has six layers!”

“What Senior Brother saying is…”

“That’s right, if that brat can successfully build his foundation before age of thirty, I will personally pass on my legacy to him.”

Yan Tianlong was shocked, causing tides to surge in his heart. Shui Tianyu’s legacy…

On the same old path of the Flying Dragon Peak

Chu Yan had passed through this path many times, but none of them was as pleasantful as today.

He held it in for three years, and was finally able to unmask his strength. The current him became the Flying Dragon Peak’s Eldest Senior Brother and threw away the past where he could be easily expelled from the peak.

“Eldest Senior Brother…”

The three incoming persons who greeted Chu Yan were three core disciples. Their faces suddenly turned pale upon seeing Chu Yan and immediately sent out their greeting.

“Oh, it’s you guys!”

The nostalgic scent brought Chu Yan to a smile while his eyes sent dagger glares. How could he not recognize these three- Wu Renxing’s gang members.

“What happened before was our fault, we are very sorry! Please forgive us…”

One of them knelt on the ground. With his panicking face, he prostrated and holding his hands tightly together while begging for his life.

This person’s name was Zhang He and his cultivation level was the lowest among the core disciples. Originally, he did what he pleased using his status and the backing of Wu Renxing and Qi Diaomu, but now both were waste in Chu Yan’s eyes. He was scared that Chu Yan might target him next.

“That’s right, Eldest Senior Brother. We were blind at that time, please forgive me.”

“Eldest Senior Brother, please think of us as just farts and let us go.”

Seeing Zhang He prostrated, The other two also followed his example without any hesitation.

Chu Yan slightly smiled. That smile unexpectedly emitted a sense of chill. On the path of cultivation, everything would be decided by strength. Chu Yan once again experienced this principle.

“Junior Brother don’t need to be so tense. I, Chu Yan, am not such a vengeful person. But…”

Hearing those made them sighed in relief, but the last word turned their face pale.

“I will pay kindness with kindness and tooth for a tooth. I hope you understand what I am saying!”

Chu Yan casually said. His dagger eyes sent chills into their hearts.

“Please forgive me! Please forgive me! No matter what you request, I will obey your order!”

“Yeah, yeah. Eldest Senior Brother, we will do whatever you tell us to do!”

“Sa-same here. Eldest Senior Brother, we will be your loyal hounds. We will bite wherever you point us to!”

Their expressions had fear written all over them. Li Shikuang had one of his legs smashed and was still in a coma. Wu Renxing had his dantian destroyed and was expelled from the peak since he became a mortal again. Qi Diaomu ended up getting killed by Chu Yan. How could they not panic upon  facing Chu Yan after all those events unfolded before them.

“You will have to sign the ‘Blood Oath Contract’!”


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