Spiritual furnace - Chapter 33

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“Blood Oath Contract!”

Zhang He and the two others turned pale after hearing what Chu Yan just said.

The contract’s conditions were known by many in the cultivation world. If a cultivator signed a Blood Oath Contract, once you violated the contract, their body would rupture, thus causing death.

“Eldest Senior Brother…” Zhang He mumbled with a frightened expression.

“Ten years, you will be under my command. After ten years, I will return your freedom.” Chu Yan said.

“Eldest Senior Brother, can we…”

“A Tempering Qi cultivator has a lifespan of hundred years. With your talent, stepping into the Foundation Establishment will be easy. Ten years are not long, and I promise that within these ten years, I will guarantee your safety! If you comply, then I will forgive what happened before. If not… well, I’m not going to force you. Just remember that the Eldest Senior Brother has the authority to sentence death!”

The three cautiously dodged the threatening glares of Chu Yan.

“I, Zhang He, hereby aby to the Blood Oath Contract. From now till ten years, I will obey every command of Eldest Senior Brother. If I disobey, my body’s blood essence will rupture.”

Zhang He unwillingly said. He then merged his blood essence with a thread of his consciousness.

“We both hereby aby to the Blood Oath Contract. From now one till ten years, we will obey every command of Eldest Senior Brother. If we disobey, our body’s blood essence will rupture.”

Seeing Zhang He’s situation, the other two didn’t hesitate and followed up. They simultaneously swore their oaths and merged their blood essence with a thread of consciousness.


Chu Yan started to move his hands in a complex rhythm. With a light blue spiritual energy leaking from his fingertips, it formed a complicated formation in front of the three.


By Chu Yan’s command, the blood essences, which contained a thread of conscious from the three persons, entered the formation. After absorbing the blood essences, it shone brightly before rapidly shrinking into a crimson bead and entering Chu Yan’s forehead.

In order to cast a Blood Oath Contract, one would need to have a high level of psychokinesis. They thought that Chu Yan would look for an Elder to perform the spell. But contrary to their expectations, not only did Chu Yan cast the spell, he did it like it was a simple cast of a low-grade tier one spell. The huge difference in skills destroyed their remaining ease.

Feeling the fear emitting from the crimson bead, Chu Yan gave a light grin. With this, if the three dared to betray me, the bead will sense it. All I need to do is shackle the bead itself, and their body’s blood essence will rupture, thus, killing themselves.

The scene of three pale faces due to the loss of blood essence prompted Chu Yan to say, “Remember not to do bad deeds and ruin my reputation. You can go now. If I have any requests, I will call you.”

The owner to whom the person swore the oath to could be communicated with through telepathy. Chu Yan only need to call them by mind, and they would hear it.

After Chu Yan left, one of them spoke up, “Bro Zhang, are we really just going to sell ourselves like that?”

“You got a better idea? From now on, Chu Yan is our owner, I hope you understand he will know if you disrespect him just by thinking. Ten years… maybe it will not be that bad since he’s strong.”

Zhang He had mixed feelings, as he didn’t know his choice would bring him luck or disaster. But what he knew was that, from now on, if he ever tried to betray Chu Yan, the only road left for him to walk would be to death.

Walking from the eastern to the western side of the Flying Dragon Peak, Chu Yan got a respectful greeting of ‘Eldest Senior Brother’ whenever a disciple passed by. Chu Yan mostly replied with a smile. There were some who had talked behind Chu Yan’s back that tried to avoid eye contact, but Chu Yan didn’t bother dealing with petty things.

With the status Chu Yan had, he could live in the area where the spiritual essence was the thickest, but he chose not to. There were two reason, first, Qi Tianlie would be living around the same area. Second, the chances of his spiritual furnace getting exposed would be higher.

Chu Yan’s hut was at a hill behind the outer disciples’ living quarter.

As he was passing through the tall grass, a voice stopped him on his track.

“Junior Brother Chu, please wait a moment!”

Chu Yan turned around and saw Elder Zhao sending friendly gazes at him. Murderous intent instantly cloaked his heart when he saw who it was. He had almost died that time at the graveyard. Although he knew it was by Qi Tianlie’s order, he still wanted to get rid of the tools Qi Tianlie used to harm him.

Due to the fact that they both were Tempering Qi phase cultivators and Elder Zhao’s cultivation level was higher, calling Chu Yan Junior Brother Chu was at the norm.

“Elder Zhao, do you need something from me?”

Even though Chu Yan really wanted to kill this guy, he didn’t show the slightest intention on his face.

“Junior Brother Chu’s performance in the Inner Peak examination was spectacular. Please don’t call me Elder, it’s fine to just call me Senior Brother instead.”

“Ok Senior Brother Zhao, what do you have to say.”

Chu Yan wanted to vomit, seeing the old fart’s face trying to get all chummy with him, and coldly replied.

“Here are the rewards for coming first in the examination, Peak Master asked me to deliver them to Junior Brother for him.”

“Thank you, goodbye then!”

Chu Yan took the bag and left.

“Hmph, brat, your life will be mine to take.”

Looking at the distant shadow of Chu Yan, Elder Zhao’s eyes flashed with a sign of maliciousness.'


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