Spiritual furnace - Chapter 34

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“The Blood Oath Contract passed on by father really came in handy this time.”

Chu Yan was in a good mood. There would be situations where he was inconvenient to completes. Now with his new three underlings, it would be easier and with the Blood Oath Contract, Chu Yan was not scared that they would betray him.


The big black chicken let out a cry.

“Black Chick, it’s still midday… hmm?!”

Chu Yan saw a black thing laying in front of his hut. With questions above his head, he rushed over to see what it was.


The black thing was a person. The person was wearing a jet-black tight suit with a black cloth covering the head. Because the body was in a crawling position, Chu Yan couldn’t see the face, but the beside the body was a puddle of blood slowly spreading.

Chu Yan became speechless. Not long ago I found a chicken in front of my hut… and now a living being… Wait, I don’t even know if this person is alive…

Wang Shu flipped the person over. As he touched the body with his hands, a soft plus bounce sensation spread from the part he was touching.

“Hmm, this bastard is really soft…”

Comparing with his muscles, Chu Yan became confusing. Curiosity made Chu Yan to check the face under that tightened cloth covering the head and a thin black blanket covering the face.

As he took off the blanket, “…”

A pair of brows looked as if they were drawn; a noise that looked like a small peak with eyes closed like a sleeping beauty. Even the pain twitch from the corner of the eyes couldn’t hide the beauty of the face.

Time was still when Chu Yan continued gazing at the beauty.


Chu Yan hesitated, but he still slowly moved the cloth covering the head.

 A long silky black hair came into Chu Yan’s view.

After checking she was stilling breathing through her nose, Chu Yan let out a breath. It would be such a pity to let a beauty die like this.

“A beauty like her wearing night clothes with heavy injures, I’m guessing she is being chased by enemies. Handing her over to the peak’s doctors? I don’t think that will be a good idea. Her identity is unknown. What if she has something to do with the Yu Hua sect?”

Not only did he find a living person, she was a beauty too. Chu Yan’s thoughts kept disconnecting due to the flashing of her face in his mind.

“It’s not like I ca leave her dying!”

Chu Yan hugged her body up. The softness made Chu Yan lost once again lost his focus. Hardly holding calming his heart, Chu Yan brought the girl into his hut.

Placing the mysterious girl on the only small wooden bed, Chu Yan had a hesitated expression. The girl was heavily injured. She had three injured parts; one by her thigh, one by the lower of her belly and one by her right breast.

“The f*ck, this man must be a pervert. Where do he think he’s hitting?!”

What Chu Yan must do now was to stop the bleeding by sealing the acupoints around the injured parts, but Chu Yan hesitated as to where he could place his hands.

“I shouldn’t get to sensitive in this situation. A life is more important, please forgive me!’

Chu Yan erase his thoughts by a shout and sealed the acupoints of the three parts. Although he cleared his mind, the thoughts came straight back as he touched the softness of her breast.

“Zhang He, Zhou Yi, Wang Qi!”

Chu Yan connected himself the blood bead using one of his a thread of his consciousness.

“Yes master!”

The persons stood up while they were cultivating within the Flying Dragon Peak.

Answering them, “Hurry and bring me these medical herbs: Red Luo Flower, White Zheng Grass… also bring me ten Blood Recovering Pills, ten Bone Tempering Pills and ten Qi Gathering Pills.”


The three replied without questions.

Before fifteen minutes, the three were guarding the entrance of Chu Yan’s hut.

Chu Yan walked out of the hut. Seeing that they were covered with dust, He knew they did their best to fulfill his request without slacking off.

“Here are two hundred spiritual stones, it should be more than enough. You guys did well today, take them!”

“Eldest Senior Brother, it’s alright! This was just a small matter!” They nervously waved their hands.

“Don’t make me repeat myself, I don’t retake my words! Now leave, and make sure not to spread what I asked for today!”

Chu Yan threw the sack of spiritual stones to them and returned back to the hut.

The three showed a hint of surprise in the corner of their eyes. They thought that Chu Yan was going to borrow this chance to rob some cash off them, but never would they thought… Anyhow, they went away in a pleasant mood.

“First, I need to prepare the ‘Jin Chuang San’!”

Chu Yan placed a couple of medical herbs into a stone bowl, poured in some spring water and mushed them together with a stone stick.

The Jin Chuang San was a medicine passed down from the Chu family. Compared to normal medicine for injuries, this one was a hundred times better. Without it, Chu Yan’s three years would have been a lot harsher.

“I’m sorry for what I’m about to do miss.”

Chu Yan poured the light green looking substance onto his palm. He then used his other hand to spread her legs a little and place the substance on the injured part of the thigh.


The mysterious girl gave an loud  moan, her face started to turn a little red.

Chu Yan’s face also turned red, and a wicked fire ignited from the lower part of his body.

“I didn’t see, I didn’t hear. I didn’t see, I didn’t hear…”


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