Spiritual furnace - Chapter 35

Chu Yan closed his eyes and continued whispering. Barely came back to being composed, he opened his eyes and poured some of the Jin Chuang San on the part below her belly.

“En… Ah…”

That part was also sensitive, thus, the girl once again let out a moan sound. Her body instinctively wiggled while one of her hands pressed on the hand of Chu Yan’s.

“Shit, shit, shit! I need to stay calm!”

Chu Yan’s face was as red as it could get. Breathing heavily, such scene was too seductive for a virgin like him.

“I can’t take this anymore!”

His logic overtook his lust. Chu Yan pulled his right hand back from beneath of the girl’s hand. He turned his head around and ran towards the barrel of water.


Dipping his head in cold water finally cleared Chu Yan’s mind by little. He quickly activated his ‘Heavy Water Technique’. After a couple of seconds, his little bro had calmed down and was now taking a nap.

“I need to hurry!”

During his cool down, Chu Yan thought of her last injured part while pouring some Jin Chuang San on his palm.

As for now, the redness on the mysterious girl’s cheek had died down, the pain shown on her face had lessen.

Looking at the bloody injury by the breast, Chu Yan exhaled a long breath, forcefully calming himself down.

“Miss, this is the last part, bear with me!”

Chu Yan heavily pressed his right hand on the girl’s injured breast. Instantly, a soft mixture with a bouncy sensation spread through his hand, causing Chu Yan body to tremble.


The girl made another moan, and her face lit up with red. The moment, her eyes opened.

“Ah…you…f*cking pervert…”

The first scene the mysterious girl saw as she opened her eyes was a male stranger groping her breast with a blush face.

“Wait miss, please let me explain! I…”


A loud sound of a clap echoed out of the hut.

Chu Yan didn’t know at the time when he was about to nervously explained the situation, his hand accidentally fondled her breast due to the sudden event. Feeling the sense of numbness from her chest again, the mysterious girl had her face dyed in red up to her ears, thus a slap came.

The first comment from Chu Yan as he was flying midway from the slap was:

“What an absurd strength this lady has!”


With pieces of wooden scrapes flying here and there, a sound of crashing was heard from the wooden wall of the hut, leaving a human shape hole behind.

“Is this miss a tigress?!”

Chu Yan crawled out of the grass patch outside of his hut. Feeling the scorching pain from his body, he complained.

His clothes covered in dirt mixed with different types of weeds and grass, making him looked like he was rough up.

While he stood up, he patted the dirt off his clothes. No matter what reasons, I did touch her breast. Feeling remorseful, “Miss, it was an emergency. Your life was under threat. I have no ulterior motives!”

There was no reply.

Chu Yan became anxious, “Miss, sorry for saying this but your injures are not in a stable condition. You must, eh, miss you can relax, you don’t need to rub the medical herbs on you injures anymore. All you need are to consume some pills!”

There was still no reply.

Chu Yan became more anxious. Did something happen to the mysterious girl?

“Miss, miss, if you don’t reply, then it means you allow me to enter. I’m going to enter; I’m really going enter!’

Chu Yan cautiously stepped into the hut; he didn’t want this beautiful girl sending him flying with another slap on his face.

“Lost conscious again?!”

Chu Yan was dumbfounded as he stared at the once again, unconscious mysterious girl laying on his wooden bed.

“Hey, miss, wake up!”

“Miss, wake up, you need to take the pills!”

“Miss, if you don’t wake up, I’ll have to feed you.

Spending hours trying to wake her up, Chu Yan came to conclude it was futile. The external injuries were already taken care of with the Jin Chuang San, but her internal injuries would need to be tended, and the only way was consuming the pills.

Chu Yan bit his teeth and lifted her body up. During the process, his heart beat faster while his face inevitably blushed.


He then put a pill in her mouth and fed her with water, but the water leaked from the corner of her mouth. Chu Yan really didn’t know what to do. You could’ve had you used all those strengths when slapping me to recover yourself…

“cough, cough…”


The pill was coughed out by the mysterious girl. Continued to cough, she started to cough out blood; her face instantly became paler.


Chu Yan had a heavy expression. Looks like her injuries got worse. If this continues, this girl might die.

Looking at her beautiful face, Chu Yan hesitated, but at last, he bit his teeth.

“Miss, this was not intended. I will sincerely apologize after.”

Chu Yan put another pill in the girl’s mouth, then he held a mouth full of water in his mouth and placed it her lips.

As the two lips touched, Chu Yan felt a shock wave throughout his body.

The next moment, the mysterious girl who had a painful expression suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at the spectacular scene before her.

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