Spiritual furnace - Chapter 4

All things created from the Heavens and Earth were born with spiritual essence. Cultivating is the path where one absorbs spiritual essence from the Heaven and Earth to increase one’s cultivation level, till they reach to the mythical ‘Spiritual Body’, which is also called the immortal body.

Spiritual liquid is the liquid form of spiritual essence, but the two of them can’t be compared. Spiritual liquid contains 10 times more the amount of spiritual essence than spiritual essence of the same grade.

It plays a big part in refining pills, weapons, talismans, etc, butut the best and most direct way of using it would be to drink it directly, as it greatly helps cultivators in their cultivation.

For those who have money, they normally buy spiritual stones to absorb spiritual essence. Those who are richer would use pills to speed up their process of cultivation, and only the big cultivation clans and sects would have spiritual liquid for their members and disciples. The reason why spiritual liquid is so popular was not only because it contained more spiritual essence, but also because it is much easier to absorb. It displays its effects fully on those who have just stepped on the cultivating path.

Natural spiritual liquid is a rarity. Moreover, man-made spiritual liquid were four to five times harder to produce than pills of the same grade, which explained why spiritual liquid is very valuable in the cultivation world.

Although Chu Yan was one of Yuhua sect’s ten most talented disciples before he was thirteen years old, he could only acquire one small bottle of spiritual liquid every three months.

“I can’t believe this is a grade one spiritual liquid!”

Chu Yan scoped a teaspoon full of spiritual liquid from the small furnace and carefully placed it in his mouth. The taste made his eyes glitter. He could safely say that it was a grade one spiritual liquid as he consumed this for nearly three years until he reached fourth layer of Tempering Qi phase. Afterwards, he received  grade two spiritual liquid instead of grade one from the sect.

He didn’t dream that the small furnace would have such an unbelievable function, to turn just water into spiritual liquid. If its like that, then from now I could be drinking this every day, and with my cultivation talent… hehe.

Chu Yan was excited just thinking about it. Now with the assistance of the little furnace, and my harsh daily training, I will be able to rise rapidly. Then I can finally avenge my parents’ death.

His face twisted with anger when he thought about his parents’ death. He still remembered that rainy night day from three years ago…

The next day

Chu Yan sat on his small wooden bed with his legs crossed and eyes shut tight. One could see a warm layer of sunlight shine on his ordinary but strong-willed face.

When he opened his eyes, a confused expression was placed on his face.

“How can this be?”

Chu Yan had spent the whole night intaking spiritual liquid to cultivate. Although his cultivation progress rose by a little, it was still an unexpected result for him. He clearly remembered that with the spiritual liquid he obtained from the sect, he also used it for a whole night, but it was ten times more effective than the one he used just now.

“Maybe the problem lies with the spiritual liquid?”

His heart filled with doubts. But after some more time, he rejected the conclusion. If the spiritual liquid had problems, then my cultivation wouldn’t rise, so where did it go wrong?


A noise of a bronze bell rang through Chu Yan’s ears, it was the signal for outer disciples to start working on their daily chores. That was, if they still want to stay on the peak’s premises.

Chu Yan stopped his thoughts, walked out his hut, and headed to where the chores were under others’ feared gazes.

The supervisor of the chores was Elder Zhao, his body was skinny like a monkey, with cross-eyes that displayed nothing but harshness.

Chu Yan’s chore was to fill ten barrels of water every day. It didn’t seem much, but the Chu Yan before didn’t had any cultivation. Ten barrels of water was his limit and he ended up dead tired all the time when he got back to his hut every night. But now with his current cultivation, ten barrels of water were a piece of cake. Suddenly he heard,

“Chu Yan, I thought you were dead. Anyhow, now that you are alive and can cultivate again, you must fill one hundred barrels of water. Fifty whips will be your punishment if I see one barrel less. The ten barrels before was because I was looking after you, so don’t get any wrong ideas.”

Elder Zhao coldly laughed.

Chu Yan chose to stay quiet. He thought about the conversation between Li Gousheng and Chen Daniu and his heart began to ramble with killing intent. When I find a chance, I will finish off this old dog.

Then he lifted the two buckets and headed towards the north side of the peak.

Flying Dragon Peak’s western side had the thinnest spiritual essence, which became the residential area for the outer disciples.The spiritual essence from the north, south, and east sides were the same, which were the residential areas for the regular disciples. As for those talented core disciples, they lived at the center of the peak, where the spiritual essence was the thickest. The center of Flying Dragon Peak was the core of the peak, for the important rooms such as the Pill Refinement Room, Artifact Refinement Room, Spells and Techniques Library, Spiritual Herb Garden, and Spiritual Beasts Farm were all located at the center.

Chu Yan had to pass through a stone path at the center of the peak in order to reach the spring water at the east side, or else he would have to take a longer route crossing either the south or the north.

“Senior Sister, I can’t believe you broke through another layer again, no wonder you’re so strong~”

“Xiaowen, stop making sound like it was something big. I came out from shut-in cultivation in order to relax myself, please don’t ruin the mood by talking about cultivation again.”

Along the stone path, a lovely girl wearing a red long dress worn a face full of smiles as she looked at a pure young maiden who complained.

Suddenly, a ragged looking figure came into, the young maiden, Hua Mengqi’s view. She was stunned, her beautiful eyes lost their focus.

Chu Yan gaze met the beautiful maiden. However, his eyes did not show any admiration, instead, they were sharp and cold.

Hua Mengqi was the most important person in Chu Yan’s life besides his parents, but now only hatred was left in his heart as he looked at her.

He gripped the two buckets tightly and slowly walked towards her. Just as he walked face-to-face with her,

“Young,young- “

Hua Mengqi still stood there, absentminded. Only the word ‘young’ came out of her mouth, but the word ‘master’ stayed stuck in her throat.

“Senior Sister, can you please excuse yourself, I still have work to do.”

Chu Yan’s gaze changed from cold to indifferent, as he told her with a calm voice.

“Hey, watch your mouth. Who do you think you are, huh? Who gave you courage to speak to our Senior Sister like that, huh?”

“Xiaowen, stop it!”

Looking at Hua Mengqi complicated expression, Huang Xiaowen realized she had said something wrong, so she kept quiet after.

“It was Junior Brother fault for talking too harshly, can Senior Sister forgive his insolence? Junior Brother still has work to do, can Senior Sister let me pass through?”

Chu Yan displayed no emotions, similar to his tone.

He did not bite on the words ‘Senior Sister’, but it sounded grating in Hua Mengqi’s ears. She strained herself to hold down her emotions while her face turned pale like a paper. She knew that the current position between them was far. In the end, the words ‘Young Master’ couldn’t came out of her mouth.

She spoke in a crumble voice: “Chu-Chu Yan, I heard that your cultivation has recovered. I’m so happy. At that time-I- “

“Wait, I think Senior Sister is mistaken. Junior Brother here doesn’t have any other intentions. I’m really only busy with chores, Junior Brother here is only an outer disciple, nothing else!”

Chu Yan smiled lightly and walked past Hua Mengqi. In that instant, her eyes showed a sense of guilt, then regret, and at the end, pain.

Watching the shadow of Chun Yan’s back slowly drifting away, Hua Mengqi felt that her heart, which was meant for only one person, was squeezed tightly as if it was going to burst apart.

As Chu Yan disappeared at the end of the forest, her emotions with hold any longer. Two lines of tears flooded down her cheeks as she screamed without composure: “ ‘Junior brother is only an outer disciple’?! Are you ridiculing me?! You think that I want the title ‘Senior Sister’?! At that time, when your spiritual root was destroyed, what did you expect me to do? What did you expect me to do?! I was just only a powerless little girl! Chu Yan you bastard- big, f*cking, BASTARD!”

It was the first time Huang Xiaowen saw her Senior Sister, who she admired the most, display such a side of her, for a boy named Chu Yan.

“Senior Sister, you- “

“Xiaowen, don’t tell anyone what happened to today. Let’s head back for now.”

Hua Mengqi wiped off her tears. Her pouch beside her hip started to shine and a navy-blue flying sword flew out of it. She stepped on the flying sword and headed towards the peak. Huang Xiaowen followed behind leaving a sigh.

“Who promised to endure any hardship with me, to stay with me for eternity?! Who promised that she would feel the same sadness, the same pain as I felt?! No one! Those words that you said to me were all FAKE! ALL FAKE- HAHAHA…”

Chu Yan’s lunatic voice suddenly shook the quiet forest as he laughed like a mad man. His face did not show any joy, but a sad suffering only he understood.



Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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