Spiritual furnace - Chapter 5

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At the Central District of Flying Dragon Peak

A majestic building stood in front of Chu Yan, with the three golden words 'Flying Dragon Hall' engraved on a board that hung on top of the building. For many years, the Flying Dragon Hall was managed by the hands of the Peak Master and this rule didn't change even after the incident. Chu Yan was very familiar with this building as he had lived here for nearly thirteen years of his life. Although the building was still the same but a lot had changed. Those were his thoughts while his emotions were stirred by the remembrance of his past.

He was informed upon arriving back to his hut that the Peak Master had summoned him.

In the Hall, there were two rows of seats on the side and a golden dragon bench in the middle at the end. That bench was made purposely for the Peak Master. Currently, there was an old man wearing a golden striped robe sitting on the bench. His expressionless face exerted pressure with a hidden wicked intent.

This person's name was Qi Tianlie, the former Flying Dragon Peak's Senior Elder and the current Peak Master.

Chu Yan only had eternal hatred for him, for he took everything from him after his parents' death. Those who were his father’s loyal retainers, who were seen like his brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties, grandfathers and grandmothers were all murdered by this person.

Chu Yan did not know why Qi Tianlie left him alive. Is it because I became trash? That can’t be possible. He knew very well of this person’s ruthlessness.

Even though Chu Yan hated him very much, he could only suppress his anger. “May this disciple humbly ask why Peak Master summoned him here?”

“I heard that you can cultivate again, I just wanted to check.”

Without letting him say another word, Qi Tianlie swiped his robe. Chu Yan felt a strong killing intent cover his body as he was sucked with overwhelming power towards the Peak Master.

Qi Tianlie then placed his big hand on his head. After a while, he actually smiled for once, still with a wicked expression.

“Take a look for yourself!”’

He released Chu Yan and a giant stone tablet as tall as a regular adult appeared when the light from his sleeve died down.

Looking at the Spiritual Tablet Identifier, Chu Yan had a bad premonition, but he still put his hand on its surface.

The Spiritual Tablet Identifier started to shine, golden words slowly floated out on the surface.

“Five-type spiritual root, six layers water spiritual root, one-layer gold spiritual root, one-layer wood spiritual root, one-layer fire spiritual root, one-layer earth spiritual root…”


Chu Yan froze on the spot, his confidence from regaining his cultivation ability suddenly shattered into pieces. Five-element spiritual root, I actually have five different types of spiritual roots! Are you playing me?

Only those who have spiritual roots can cultivate. However, those with less types of spiritual roots will train much faster than those who with multi-element spiritual root. The reason for that is the different elements will affect each other, causing the cultivating speed to be slower.

Those who have only one type of spiritual root are called the Heavenly Spiritual Root, for it is the blessing of the heavens. Their cultivation speed, is not the least, the fastest out of all.

Before Chu Yan’s spiritual root was destroyed, he had the Heavenly Water Spiritual Root, which many envied. Now that his spiritual root contained five elements, it could only be called the trash among trash because five elements are the maximum number of elements one could have; therefore, it is defined as the worst.

Of course, the chance for one to gain such a useless spiritual root was not high. In fact, it had the same occurring rate as that of a Heavenly Spiritual Root, roughly one out of every one hundred thousand. Chu Yan could not believe that when he gained back his cultivation ability, he was ‘lucky’ enough to get a five-element version.

No wonder why my cultivation speed was that slow.

Chu Yan felt upset and displeased, as if the heavens had toyed with his heart.

He exited the Flying Dragon Hall, staring blankly at his surroundings…

An elegant looking boy stepped out from behind the hall. Qi Tianlie slightly smile as he looked at the young boy. “Mu, now you can rest assured that no one can ever move you from your current position in Flying Dragon Peak.”

The young boy did not show a pleased expression, instead, he frowned as he questioned, “Why, master, do you still let him live? After all he can now cultivate again…”

“Little Mu! You are overthinking this. Although the boy can cultivate,he still is a trash and will never reach Foundation Establishment, so you don’t have to worry. Your master letting him live is to at least maintain a good reputation since he still is the son of Chu Changtian. The Inner Peak’s Examination will begin in three months and at that time, he will be kicked out of the peak because it will be impossible for him to reach the third layer of Tempering Qi phase. Then his life and death will have absolutely nothing to do with us.”

Qi Tianlie spoked in a light tone. The reason he called for Chu Yan was because he was anxious. He was scared that Chu Yan had recovered his talent; then, Chu Yan would become his biggest threat as he grew stronger. If Chu Yan had really recovered his talent, he would kill him on the spot, even if it caused old Xuan Qing to become his swore nemesis.

The current Chu Yan now possessed the most useless spiritual root. It will be a loss to gain a strong enemy just over a trash’s death that contained no threats, so he let Chu Yan go.

“Master’s plans and thoughts were detailed and wise, it was this disciple who was short sighted.”

Qi Diaomu held his fist together. Qi Tianlie did not see the malicious intention within his eyes.

In the small hut

“Deep breaths~“

Chu Yan sat on his bed with his legs folded and suddenly opened his eyes as he released his breath. The blank expression that he once had while leaving the hall could not be traced on his face.

“If I really regained my talent, I might not even come back alive.”

His heart trembled when he recalled Qi Tianlie releasing killing intent without any intention of hiding it. It was thanks to my trash talent that I am still alive. So he thought.

“Now that I have a Five-Element Spiritual Root, I will need to maximize its uses. A disadvantage can be an advantage in certain ways.”

Chu Yan started to think about his cultivation method. It not like a Five-Element Spiritual Root had no benefits. A Heavenly Spiritual Root could only use one type of element whereas a person who had a Five-Element could use all five different elemental techniques and spells. If both cultivators were at the same cultivation, then the one who had the advantage would be the one who possessed a Five-Element Spiritual Root.

Under Chu Yan’s estimation, if he used the spiritual liquid every time during his cultivation, even if the speed couldn’t reach that of a Heavenly Spiritual Root cultivator, it would at least not be slower than that of a Dual Spiritual Root cultivator. Additionally, the name ‘the trash who possesses five elements of spiritual roots’ could be a disguise from attention.

“I wonder what the results are when I train five different elemental types of techniques. I’m really looking forward to this!”

At the end of his thoughts, the most important thing was the small furnace.

Chu Yan had already placed the spiritual liquid in a jade bottle, the standard kind. It could fill up till four bottles, but it was not enough for him. Chu Yan currently had no spiritual stones. pills, spell artifacts, and talismans as they would all need spiritual stones in order to buy them. Chu Yan needed to use spiritual liquid to exchange for these items.

He summoned the spiritual furnace and filled it with water. He then stared at it with his eyes wide open while waiting, however…

Fifteen minutes had passed…

Thirty minutes had passed…

After an indefinite amount of time, the water within the small furnace didn’t change. Chu Yan frowned. What went wrong? Is it that the small furnace can produce the spiritual liquid only once? Hmm…

Chu Yan tried it again a couple times, but it yielded no results. He suspected that the small furnace should be able to produce the spiritual liquid, so it must have some sort of cooldown before using it again. When I think about it, if the small furnace could produce spiritual liquid without limit, then I would be the richest man within the cultivating world.

“These spiritual liquids shall last me four days.”

He took out a bottle of spiritual liquid and gobbled it down. Then, he started to activate his Heavy Dark Water breathing technique, as he could not waste a single moment of his time.



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