Spiritual furnace - Chapter 7

One month passed in the blink of an eye...

Chu Yan’s hut was covered in a light-blue light. The next moment, the light headed straight into Chu Yan’s head at a rapid speed.

*Breathe out*

Inside his dantian, three threads of light-blue gaseous spiritual energy were formed. This meant that Chu Yan had broken into the third layer of Tempering Qi phase. Only one month had passed and he already reached the third layer- with this cultivation level he would need not to fear being expelled from the peak.


The ringing of the bell stopped Chu Yan from thinking further ahead. He walked out of the hut while using the Spiritual Blocking Stone to disguise his cultivation back to first layer.

On the stone path of the Flying Dragon Peak’s Central District. As usual, Chu Yan walked down the path with two buckets of water.

At the same time, five core disciples were descending the peak.

“Yo, isn’t this our Junior Brother Chu? Did anybody else hear how Junior Brother Chu was struck by lightning and came back being a ‘genius’ from trash~ “

Wu Renxing glanced at Chu Yan while talking in a high pitch voice. As the tenth most talented disciple on Flying Dragon Peak, he felt that he had the right to be arrogant.

“Senior Brother Wu, you are wrong about that. Trash will always be trash, they will never have any dog shit luck coming their way. Our Junior Brother Chu did recover the ability to cultivate, but he got the one out of ten thousand ‘finest’ spiritual root, the Five-Element spiritual root! Ha ha...”

The one who quickly replied was another core disciple who was ranked thirteenth in Flying Dragon Peak, Li Shikuang.

“Hey, trash should know they are trash, some still think that they can be ‘a toad who can eat the meat of a swan’. If it’s like that then we will have to let them know their place. Am I right, Junior Brother Chu?" (TLN: the above idiom means how individuals are attracted to what appears unattainable.)

Wu Renxing gave a cold smile as he stared at Chu Yan intensively.

“This junior brother does not understand what Senior Brother is saying. Can senior brother please step aside? Junior Brother here still has chores to do.”

Chu Yan spoke in an indifferent manner, not even a slight emotional response was seen on his face.

“Hey brat, who gave you the courage to talk to our Senior Brother Wu like that, huh?”

A young boy with a muscular looking body kicked his foot at Chu Yan.

Chu Yan blocked it by placing both his arms in front of his chest. The impact caused him to be pushed back half a step. He then lifted his head and shot a freezing gaze at the young boy.

“Brat, are you trying to stare me to death? Oh, I’m so scared~ ha ha…”

A sense of chill went through his heart when his eyes met with Chu Yan’s. However, it was only for a brief moment and he quickly recovered.

Some place above the mountain…

“Senior Sis look, isn’t that Chu Yan? He is getting bullied…”

Huang Xiaowen tugged on the corner of Hua Mengqi’s dress.

Hua Mengqi had a tangled expression while she sighed in her heart. When she heard that Chu Yan recovered his cultivation ability, she was really hoping that Chu Yan would one day gain back the glory he once had. But contrary to her expectations, he became a trash who had a Five-Element spiritual root. This made it hard for her to choose. To give up everything she had fought for just to be with him? She just couldn’t do it.

“Junior Brother Chu, it seems that you like to show disrespectfulness towards your seniors. I have long heard that your brute strength quite something, I would like to test that out today.”

Wu Renxing said in a playful tone. The others saw that Wu Renxing was ready to act and also rubbed their hands.

“You guys are only a couple of dogs. If you want to fight, then I will give it to you. I hope you don’t bring shame to your master’s face.”

Chu Yan gave a cold snort. Qi Tianlie didn’t have time for me after he checked that I had a Five-Element spiritual root, these guys who came to provocate are most likely sent by my ‘great Senior Brother’.

Chu Yan would not back out because no one was brave enough to kill another disciple on Flying Dragon Peak. Although I can’t expose my cultivation level, my current body strength should be able to rival a sixth layer Tempering Qi cultivator. Out of the three, only Wu Renxing is at the peak of the sixth layer while the other two are just only at the fifth, it’s still possible to fight them. Even if I lose, I will make them suffer.

When Chu Yan was prepared to attack. Then, a voice was heard from a distance.

“All of you, stop it!”

A girl in a white dress with a beautiful figure flew, on a flying sword, towards Chu Yan and the others. She looked like a fairy descending from the immortal world, which no one could have impure thoughts about her.

“Eldest Senior Sister…”

Wu Renxing and others quickly bowed when they saw that it was Hua Mengqi.

“Do you guys have a lot of cultivation time?”

Hua Mengqi spoke in cold-like icy tone.

No one was brave enough to reply.

“The next sect’s tournament is in less than half a year. I hope you will not bring shame to the Flying Dragon Peak… Now leave!”

Wu Renxing and the others could only listen to her words without response. He gave Chu Yan a scornful look before they left.

When Hua Mengqi was about to help Chu Yan with his fallen buckets, Chu Yan said, “I can do that…,”as he instantly placed them back on his shoulders and turned around.

Both of their eyes met. While a complicated gaze could be seen in Hua Mengqi’s eyes, Chu Yan had a bland expression.

“If- if it’s too hard then please don’t push yourself. Being a normal person is also great!... I’m- I’m sorry…”

It was impossible for Hua Mengqi to not to see that Chu Yan was currently only at the first layer of Tempering Qi phase. To reach the third layer within three months? It would be absolutely delusional to even think that way, not to mention reproducing the glory he once had. Although she still had feelings for Chu Yan, for the future of her cultivation path, she already chose to dump him, just like three years ago.

*Dry laugh*

“THANK-YOU-for your kind words…”

There was a smile that could freeze someone from miles away on Chu Yan’s steadfast face, as his throat whimpered those words.

Pain, that could not be expressed in word, was like a knife slowly stabbing into his heart.

Chu Yan turned around. With the buckets on his shoulders, he walked away unsteadily.

Hua Mengqi was adopted by Chu Yan’s parents. From small, they both grew up together, and Chu Yan saw her as one of the most important persons in his life beside his parents. When he started to understand the difference between the love of a family and as an interest to the opposite sex, he found himself deeply in love with her.

I’m sorry? Is this her choice? Three years have passed and Chu Yan thought he could’ve forgotten his feelings for this girl who was devoid in gratitude. There should be only hatred in his heart, but those simple words from her mouth made him understand that he still deeply loved this girl. However, those words also shattered his heart into pieces comparable to powder. To cure Hua Mengqi’s poison that made her body cold, he went with his parents to look for the mythical Heavenly Miraculous Flaming Lotus that resided in the mountain range to the south-west. This resulted in the death of his parents, and her betrayal towards him, towards his parents, which were also her foster parents.

Looking at his lonely shadow, Hua Mengqi felt that her heart was blocked by something. Even though she was contemplating, she didn’t regret her decision. The earlier we cut ties the better it is for us.

“Senior Sister Hua, Chu Yan from now on will not love you anymore, never again, and will never again…”

His reddish eyes didn’t drop a single tear.

When she heard those words, her heart tightened and two rows of tears dripped from her beautiful face. Her trembling voice carried a certain sorrowful tone because no one would understand the sorrow in her heart.

“Young-young master I’m-I’m sorry…”

Starting now, we would part from another and our bonds would be cut. This is your choice, and also mines.

(TLN: I want to clarify ‘Eldest Senior Sister’ and ‘Eldest Senior Brother’ are titles given to the top male and female disciple of a Peak.)



Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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