Spiritual furnace - Chapter 8

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Two months had already passed.

Through two months of cultivating, Chu Yan’s cultivation level reached the fifth layer with the help of the spiritual liquid. The five threads of light-blue spiritual energy within his dantian gave Chu Yan his confidence. I finally reached the middle stage of Tempering Qi phase. When my cultivation becomes stable, I will be able to control spell artifacts.

A cultivating person could only be described as a cultivator when he/she could control a spell artifact. A mortal could never experience the feeling of controlling an artifact, moving or riding it through the heaven and earth. However, the main function of an artifact was to fight off enemies.

Chu Yan didn’t feel satisfied by passing the Inner Peak’s Examination; he also wanted to become one of the top ten disciples so that he would have a chance to enter the Sect’s Grand Tournament. If he made a name for himself during the Big Tournament, then the sect’s highest authorities would value his importance. From then on, Qi Tianlie would not be a threat to him anymore, and he would receive favorable treatment from the sect, establishing a stable future to immortality.

After another day of heavy chores, Chu Yan headed to his newly built hut up on the mountain.

He had moved from the outer disciples’ living area because, as his cultivation progressed, the sound of each breakthrough was getting louder and louder. So in order to hide his secret, he moved to an obscure forest on the mountain. Base on his current strength, no regular beasts could harm him. Additionally, he did not care much about the greater spiritual essence in his previous home since he had the spiritual liquid.

During these two months, Chu Yan disguised his true cultivation from others with the ‘Spiritual Blocking Stone’. Inevitably, he would be mocked by other Flying Dragon Peak’s disciples, and most of the time, they would love to add phrases like ‘A trash who loves to hide behind a woman’s back’ or something along that line. However, because of his relationship with Hua Mengqi, no one dared to trouble him.

This situation was to his favor since he would not need to expose his strength. This is nothing compared to the last three years. Chu Yan had confidence that they would end up under his feet during the Inner Peak’s Examination.

“What is this?”

At the front of his hut, a kind of black object could be seen laying on the ground. There was also the corpse of a cow-sized python besides it.

When Chu Yan got a closer look, it was a big black chicken. Damn this chicken is black, its feathers are even darker than a crow. If it wasn’t for the its clear blue-colored comb, Chu Yan would’ve mistaken it for a fat crow. But then again, he had never heard of a chicken with a clear blue comb before.

The big black chicken had two bloodied holes in its neck. This must be the work of the python, but then who killed the python? Looking at the layer of frost on the python’s corpse prompted Chu Yan to think. Can it be the doings of this chicken? Don’t joke with me, I can’t even feel any spiritual energy coming from it. It can’t even be considered as a monster without spiritual energy, so how can it kill this python?

“Well, it doesn’t matter anymore. Today’s dinner is set.”

While thinking about the situation, Chu Yan went into his hut to prepare some ingredients. He set up the roast beside his hut.

Living by himself for three years, Chu Yan’s cooking skills became quite superb.

After peeling the python’s skin, he stabbed it through with a wooden stick and placed it above the fire. A moment later, a scent of roasted meat drifted into the air. As the meat color turned into a golden brown, Chu Yan couldn’t endure it anymore and proceeded to slice a chunk of meat with his knife.

As it was about to enter his mouth…

*The sound of biting metal*

Eh? Where’s the meat? The taste of luxury was replaced with his cold knife as he bit into what was supposed to be meat. What is happening? I remember cutting the meat…

Chu Yan was kind of speechless, and again, sliced another piece to place it in his mouth.

*Same sound*

Uh, are you serious?! The meat disappeared again… Chu Yan got the same taste..

This time, he stared intensely at the meat. Suddenly, he saw the flash of a dark shadow, and his meat disappeared again when he looked back at his knife.

“I’m seeing ghosts…”

Chu Yan observed his surroundings, trying to find who was the culprit. Instantly, his eyes stared the big black chicken, who was not yet on his cooking lists. He saw its bulging throat, something was slowly sliding down within its neck.

“So, it was you. Damn you’re pretending to be dead~”

Chu Yan mumbled. Then out of the blue, he jumped at the ‘dead’ chicken. But unexpectedly, he landed on the ground, with his chin smashed to the floor.

He got pissed. As he climbed back up, he went and chased after the chicken. However, the chicken surprised him with its ghost like movements, and a speed comparable to lightning striking up and down in a mirror room. He didn’t even catch a single piece of feather while drenched in sweat.

This can’t be a normal chicken, can it? Thought Chu Yan as he was dumbfounded.

He felt despondent after being messed around by the chicken. He had to face the fact that he was no match for its speed. He ground his teeth and unwillingly activated his one and only spiritual talisman ‘Dark Water Protection Sphere’. He bought this at Ling Lang building earlier for self-defense.

A water protection sphere instantly formed with Chu Yan inside of it. He sat back down and continued to roast the meat. The fragment of the crispy smell grew even stronger.

The scene of Chu Yan gobbling the juicy meat made the big fat chicken’s mouth water. Without hesitation, it dashed straight to the roasted meat in a dark shadow form.


The pale blue protection light emitted a weak vibration, knocking the big black chicken up in the air and causing him to land into a stone wall.

It was knocked completely out of its senses. While it slowly tried to get back up, its head swayed left and right. Its face displayed a human trait of anger, and it dashed again towards Chu Yan.


The scene repeated itself.

Chu Yan showed a complacent expression, while munching on the meat, when he looked at the chicken.

Although The chicken was angry, but it also lost its temper. This time, it slowly walked near the protection sphere. Then it showed a face full of desire, giving puppy looks at Chu Yan.

“Are you serious? Force didn’t work so now you’re trying to act pitiful… Wait, what is this?”

While Chu Yan found how amusing the big black chicken was, his spiritual energy within his body suddenly started to shake.

He quickly activated his ‘Heavy Dark Water’ breathing technique…


At this moment, the breathing technique became two times faster than before. Even though Chu Yan didn’t know the reason behind this, he was extremely happy. However, the spiritual energy stopped shaking a short while after, and his breathing came back to a regular pace.


Looking at the black chicken walking away in disappointment, Chu Yan was shocked. Can it-can it actually be this chicken?

“Hey, hey, hear me out, don’t leave, here, this for you…”

Chu Yan hastily called the chicken and threw a roasted meat outside of the protection sphere. The big black chicken ran back with a look of excitement.

“Sure-enough, that was the case.”

As the chicken closes in, Chu Yan clearly felt the trembling of his spiritual energy.

“Come here, you don’t need to be scared. You can sit beside me to eat. Here, I’ll give you all of it.”

Chu Yan said as he deactivated the protection sphere. The chicken looked as if it understood Chu Yan’s words, and nodded very casually. Then, it sat beside Chu Yan and bit into the roasted meat.

Chu Yan quickly began his breathing technique while lingered in joy.

The next day

There were many light blue particles gathered around the hut and within, the hut was beaming with light.

The particles formed a vortex and entered Chu Yan’s head.

“Phew, HAHA!”

After he took a deep breath, he let out a laugh without composure with his eyes closed.

He actually stabilized his fifth layer, and formally entered the middle stage of Tempering Qi phase. He didn’t think it would be that easy, as it would’ve taken some time to stabilize after reaching a new stage.

Big fat chicken oh my big fat chicken. It was all thanks to this big fat chicken, eh? Where is the big fat chicken?! Chu Yan produced cold sweat when he saw that the black chicken was sleeping between his legs, with its head facing his paradise.

Because Chu Yan was sitting crossed-legged, the black chicken dared to use his legs as a nest.


Suddenly, its head lifted up and began to do its morning calls proudly. Chu Yan only felt the coldness of his paradise and sweated more profusely.

(Beast: the general calling of living creatures in the cultivation world, they are the lowest rank and could only harm mortals.

Monster: A beast that is able to even harm cultivators would be call a monster.

Spiritual beast: A beast that have certain amount of intelligence.

Yao: A powerful beast that can transform into humans.)


Translated by: LazyPica

Edited by: VIS

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