Spiritual furnace - Chapter 9

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Tonight, Chu Yan descended Flying Dragon Peak again.

The reason for this was, he needed one or two spell artifacts if he wanted to be noticed by the higher ups during the Inner Peak Examination. Especially since he would be able used them after reaching the middle stage of Tempering Qi.

Lin Lang building

“Please take me to your manager.”

The girl who greeted him was the same girl before. He recognized the beauty mark on her face.

Within the court

A middle-aged man dressed in a wool robe was sitting on a phoenix wood carved chair. He had a square face, bushy brows, and a big nose. He urgently asked, “Old Tian, the boy didn’t come by during these two months?”

The man called Old Tian was the manager Chu Yan is looking for. He currently had a long face. “That was the truth sir. I will never hide such news from you, please believe me!”

“If he ever comes again, you will have to make him stay. His spiritual liquid can be compared to the legendary Spiritual Liquid of Nature. I have never heard about a person who can create such spiritual liquid.”

The middle-aged man got extremely excited when he mentioned the spiritual liquid. That is the spiritual liquid born naturally from the heavens! If they’re used on my youngest disciples who have just stepped into cultivation, they will greatly benefit from it for their future development.

“Yes, sir. Next time I see him, I will not allow him to leave!”

Old Tian wiped the sweat on his forehead, his regretful heart was crying. Originally, he had already overestimated the quality of the spiritual liquid, but he did not expect it to be comparable with the Spiritual Liquid of Nature.

“Manager, there is a customer looking for you.”

When the middle-aged man heard her, he said in a light tone “Go deal with the customer then. Please be more considerate about this matter!”

“I will put it in my heart!”

Old Tian finally felt relief in his heart. The pressure coming from this man was no joke.

As Chu Yan stepped into the back court, he saw the same manager waiting for him.

“May I see what items you are willing to show me?”

Chu Yan threw the jade bottle at him without saying anything.

“It is you, little brother?”

After sniffing the smell from the jade bottle’s content, he had a pleasantly surprised look. His eyes gave off a greenish glow, like the gaze of a hungry wolf when it saw a small juicy sheep.

“Please don’t make such a joke with this old man.”

Right now, Chu Yan disguised himself with the face of an old man. By using a voice of an old hag and the Spiritual Blocking stone, he could actually pretend to be one of those high cultivation elders.

“Please stop pretending, it’s not that the items we sold to you had problems. Normally, those elders will be in the higher floors, and the uniqueness of your spiritual liquid can’t fool me.”

Chu Yan finally understood after hearing the fat manager’s explanation. He might as well change back to his original voice.

“Sorry about that, this time I came to find some spell artifacts. The best quality if possible.”

“Little brother please do not be so hasty, I want to bring you to meet someone. He has long heard of your great name.”

Chu Yan saw that the fat manager didn’t have any ill intentions, so he let him pulled him, walking left and right, till they entered a larger room than before.

“Sir, sir! It is this little brother, I have brought him for you…”

Old Tian put up a bright smile. Chu Yan followed his gaze and naturally noticed the uncommon looking middle-aged man.

“I want to have a private talk with him.”

“As you wish, sir!”

Only Chu Yan and the mysterious middle-aged man were left when Old Tian exited the room.

“You are?”

“I’m the boss of Lin Lang building, you can call me Owner Qian! How should I address you?”

Qian Wanxin asked that with a grin, and didn’t display an arrogant attitude. If those who knew him well saw this side of him, they would’ve dropped their jaws. Qian Wanxin who had the name ‘Emotionless Demon’, actually knew how to smile?

“Li Yan…”

After hearing Chu Yan’s words, Qian Wanxin didn’t rush to talk about the spiritual liquid. “May I ask what you came for today?”

“I want to buy Spell Artifacts!”

“If you have the money, we can even provide you with a highest-grade Spell Artifact!”

The middle-aged man said that without batting an eye.

“You have a highest-grade Spell Artifact?”

Chu Yan was shocked by those words. That is a highest-grade Spell Artifact! Normal shops would only have higher-grade Spell Artifacts for sale because it was hard to create a highest-grade Spell Artifact and its price would normally be higher than regular low-grade Spiritual Artifact. Not only that, but it had amazing power and it also had a chance to advance to Spiritual Artifact.

The power of a Spell Artifact would not be useful for a cultivator who had reached to the Foundation Establishment phase. They would have to find themselves a Spiritual Artifact. At that time, they would have two options. The first one would be either buying or creating a Spiritual Artifact for themselves.

The other option was to try and make his/her own Spell Artifact to advance into a Spiritual Artifact. The second option would make the Spiritual Artifact easier to use and refine into a Natal Spiritual Artifact since the owner would have been using it for a long time.

It was hard for a Spell Artifact to advance into a Spiritual Artifact. A low-grade Spiritual Artifact had a chance close to zero, a middle-grade had 10 percent, a higher-grade had 30 percent but a highest-grade had 80 percent. If you were not that unlucky, it should advance into a Spiritual Artifact, and those that had advanced from a Spell Artifact would have a higher chance to advance into a higher level.

Normally, an Artifact Refinement Master who created a highest-grade by chance would leave it for their younger generations and were not likely to sell it. That explained why Chu Yan was so shocked.

“Ha ha, that’s because you’re lucky. There is an Artifact Refinement Master who reached a bottleneck in cultivation and is in dire need of pills and spiritual stones. He doesn’t have any relatives or family members, so he brought his one and only highest-grade Spiritual Artifact, which was created during his hundred years of lifetime, to our Lin Lang building.”

While talking, Qian Wanxin’s sleeve shone, and a brocade box appeared on the table.

“Little bro, please take a look. This is a highest-grade Spiritual Artifact named ‘Draco Turtle Shield’. It is made with the shell of a rank four monster named ‘Dark Draco Tortoise’ and ten other different valuable materials. Unless someone was a complete-stage Tempering Qi cultivator, not even a full spiritual energy attack from a twelfth layer of Tempering Qi phase can scratch it.”

Chu Yan got fired up from its introduction. This is like a life-saving weapon! I can’t believe the weapon is made with a level four beast material, that level can even rival a foundation establishment cultivator!

“Not only that, the ‘Draco Turtle Shield’ can also be used for attacking. Can you see the sharp teeth at its edge?”

Chu Yan started to caress the ‘Draco Turtle Shield’ as he heard those words.

“Wait, there is more. Because it was made with the shell of a Draco Tortoise, the ‘Draco Turtle Shield’ possessed a little ‘Dragon Presence’. Dragon is the king of all beasts, so this shield can suppress other artifacts that are made with other monster materials.”

Qian Wanxin waited for Chu Yan’s reply after his intro. Last time, the three bottles Chu Yan brought were sold for four times the cost to a higher up of a big clan just the day after. The higher up even said that he would want any amount that they had at any time. This explained why the boss was so enthusiastic when he saw Chu Yan, and even brought out his one and only prized artifact.

“I want this then, name your price.”

With his cultivation and the ‘Draco Turtle Shield’ in his hands, Chu Yan knew his chances to reach top ten during the Inner Peak’s Examination would be sky high. He felt he must do anything to obtain this artifact.



Translated by: LazyPica

Edited: VIS

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