Hi guys. This chapter is NSFW and potentially triggering, you have been warned. I have also translated an author's note found in chapter 210 and posted it at the bottom of this chapter early because I feel that it is important for you to read it to understand why this arc has to happen.

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At that moment, Lorist felt like he was within hell on earth. The mortifying humiliation he was receiving was enough to make him wish for suicide.
Being a slave was not a big deal in itself and the humiliation that came with it was still something that he could tough through. Additionally, when the gold tiara-wearing woman who called herself the chief of Whitesnow Mountain returned his clothes, Lorist was surprised to find that the medicine and ointments kept within the hidden pouch of his outer robe was still there. That robe of his also contained many useful tools which the barbarians didn't discover.
It wasn't that the barbarians were careless. Lorist's robe was basically a cloak with two long sleeves by the side and it was easy to see that its two outer pockets were empty. Additionally, it was also strengthened for defense and that was rather common, with metal plates or thick leather patches being appended onto the shoulder parts being the norm. That's why the weight of the robe wasn't an indicator that it contained anything else and after the barbarians checked the two outer pockets, they made no more attempt to look deeper.
Originally, Lorist had planned to endure being a slave temporarily and wait until he was left alone to treat his injuries and activate his technique to recover some internal energy. After that, he would be unstoppable and the party of hundreds of mountain barbarians wouldn't be able to prevent him from leaving for home.
While he was a slave, as he had just recovered from a grave condition as well as the fact that he was the first person of status captured by the female chief of Whitesnow Mountain, those other barbarians didn't treat Lorist badly and only tied his collar chain to a wooden post outside the main tent. It was worth mentioning that two other huge wolfdogs that were also chained to that wooden post.
For some reason, these two wolfdogs displayed keen interest in Lorist, licking and sniffing him from time to time. He later realized that those were not signs of friendliness as he noticed that the wolfdogs looked at him with the same look they gave the bloody bony meats the barbarians fed them. At that time, Lorist understood the true meaning of the phrase 'a tiger that leaves its mountain gets bullied by the dogs' quite literally.
In the evening, the thick-lipped barbarian woman came over and brought Lorist to the riverside before giving him a piece of linen cloth, indicating for him to wipe himself clean. Having been licked all over during the day by the wolfdogs, Lorist ignored the stares of the barbarian woman as he stripped naked and jumped straight into the river to wash himself thoroughly.
After he finished bathing, he was brought into a small tent by the barbarian woman and served a huge piece of roasted meat, three biscuits and a huge bowl of meat soup. When Lorist finished all his food, the woman cleaned up after him and brought him back to the tent's entrance.
That night, the barbarians threw a bonfire party with the main attraction being the bushy-haired barbarian who danced and sung around the fire alone, mumbling something unintelligibly for almost half an hour, causing Lorist to be impressed with that barbarian's stamina. In the end, the barbarian tossed a pinch of shiny powder into the fire, causing it to suddenly burst outward and let out lots of sparks. The barbarians that witnessed the show intently cheered out right away before singing and dancing around the fire freely.
It was then when Lorist realized that the women in the barbarian party far outnumbered the men, with each male barbarian having at least two women dancing beside him. Frequently, some of the barbarians disappeared from the dancing grounds before a repetitive thumping sound could be heard behind some bushes.
As the people dispersed, the thick-lipped barbarian woman came over and brought Lorist into the tent. She pointed at a pile of grass and instructed him to sleep coldly before leaving.
Finally being left alone to his own devices, Lorist was elated. If he could activate the Aquametal Technique to recover some internal energy and consume two drops of rank 2 medicine, his days of freedom would be guaranteed.
Patience... I must wait for a little longer... Finally, no sound could be heard outside. Lorist then sat up cross-legged and got into position. Just as he was about to begin circulating a major cycle, the tent flaps flipped open and through the candlelight, Lorist could see the face of the thick-lipped barbarian. She entered the tent, stripped herself bare before she headed towards Lorist.
Terrified, Lorist said, "What are you going to do..."
The thick-lipped barbarian said with a threatening voice, "To do you...", before leaping straight for Lorist.
Even though he tried to resist, he didn't expect that the thick-lipped woman would train in Battle Force, allowing her to easily suppress all his attempts at retaliation. Lorist was then stripped bare and both his hands were tied up using the chain on his collar. She dragged him to a nearby tree and fastened the chain before suppressing both Lorist's legs with her hands and proceeded to use her mouth to take in Lorist's member. With only but a few sucks, Lorist's manhood stood hard as steel against his own desires.
After that, she gripped onto his meatstick, positioned it against her privates before sitting herself down while letting out a moan of pleasure.
Lorist incredibly frustrated about that. What humiliation he had to endure! However, there was no way he was able to prevent the barbarian woman from straddling him over and over. In the end, Lorist fainted from the sheer anger he felt.
When he woke up the next morning, he was tossed a palm-sized biscuit by the thick-lipped barbarian woman and realized that the other barbarians were already packing their tents and were preparing to depart.
During the journey, Lorist was chained to a Northlander horse that was also carrying other loads by its side. They only stopped in the evening after traveling for the whole day. However, the barbarians didn't set up their tents and planned to rest out in the open under the night sky. While Lorist wasn't able to activate his technique to recover internal energy, he felt relieved that at the very least he wouldn't be forced into having intercourse with the thick-lipped woman since he was out in the open with the other barbarians.
During the next three days of traveling, Lorist got to eat two meals a day with the first in the morning being a large biscuit, followed by roasted meat and meat soup for dinner. He also got a flask of drinking water. By the time the fourth blister on Lorist's feet popped, the barbarians finally stopped to set up their camp properly. Upon hearing some of their conversations, Lorist got to know that they would rest for the next few days before continuing to their meeting point.
During the night, the thick-lipped woman brought Lorist to take a bath again and seeing the smile on her face, Lorist felt troubled the whole time. As expected, before the bonfire party ended that night, that barbarian woman pushed Lorist into the tent once again. His resistance was futile as he was once again taken advantage of by the barbarian woman as she pleased.
On the next day, Lorist tried to make the best of his time to execute a minor cycle when he was confined and nobody was around. He also took two drops of rank 2 medicinal mixture and by the time night came, he felt that his empty dantian refilled with the slightest bit of internal energy. If he had not been injured or not consumed the weird medicine the barbarians gave him, his internal energy would naturally recover. But right now, his condition was akin to a normal person who didn't train in any martial arts.
The thick-lipped woman came over again at night. Even though Lorist already had a very small amount of internal energy within his dantian, he was still unable to resist the woman's Iron ranked Battle Force. Surprisingly working against his favor, the rank 2 medicine he took before caused him to last even longer, allowing the woman to do Lorist three whole times throughout the night.
On the next day, Lorist sat without moving within his tent and secretly activated his technique again to recover. By the time night came, he already saved up slightly more internal energy than he did yesterday. He planned to ambush the female barbarian by knocking her unconscious with his internal energy and utilize his technique to recover more of it throughout the whole night in peace. If he succeeded, he would have at least a quarter or third of his dantian filled when dawn breaks and he should be able to make his escape.
That night, the thick-lipped woman brought Lorist to take a bath before bringing him the same meat soup she did the days before. However, the soup tasted a little weird with traces of bitter herbal taste. Even the meat within was cut into odd, round shapes with them tasting a little raw despite being cooked.
Initially, Lorist thought that it was due to the barbarians' inappropriate handling of the ingredients and he felt that it was already quite fortunate for him to have something like that to eat as a slave. But by the time he finished his food, he only realized that the oddly-shaped meat was in fact slices of some kind of magical beast's male sexual organ. And the herbal taste he detected within the soup reminded him of a few kinds of herbs with aphrodisiac-like effects. He rebuked himself internally for not recognizing it at first even though he was a trained herbalist himself. That soup was served to him to enhance his sexual prowess.
Raising his head and looking at the thick-lipped barbarian, Lorist saw her wearing a lewd smile as if she was looking forward to their activities during the night. Cursing in his mind, he consoled himself by thinking, that the aphrodisiac soup would give me more energy, if anything. When the bonfire party starts later, I will take all the time I have to recover my internal energy... By then, I will show you what I can do...
The bonfire party proceeded as usual. When it was about to end, the thick-lipped barbarian woman went to look for Lorist again.
Lorist had already made his preparations and plotted how he would go about not raising the woman's suspicion when entering the tent and knock her unconscious when she least expected it. Tomorrow, I will be free, like a released cage-bird that soars freely in the sky...
However, the thick-lipped barbarian woman didn't enter the usual tent and instead brought Lorist to another larger beastskin tent. She opened the flaps and pushed Lorist inside.
He was surprised to find that within it were three barbarian women with lustful, green eyes waiting for him. Two of those women were rather largely-built and their physiques differed not much from that of men's.
Lorist had to admit that the aphrodisiac soup was pretty effective as his lower member didn't get a shred of rest for the whole night. He forgot how many times he did it, only that he had fainted when the women were busy humping him nonstop. The internal energy that he had so painstakingly saved up had also been used up and he could no longer move in the slightest.
The next night, Lorist was also served with a large bowl of aphrodisiac soup, but he refused to take any food. And so, four barbarian women came up to him, two of whom included the ones who had done it with Lorist the night before. They forcefully pressed him on the ground, chewed on the meat within the soup before force-feeding the chewed pieces by mouth. After that, they emptied the soup into Lorist's mouth. Truly, it was a cruel sight to witness.
That night, five of them ganged up on him.
Lorist really felt like committing suicide as there was no way he could continue to live life as is.
Never had he suffered this kind of humiliation that would put even a pig to shame. Oh wait, that's not right... Pigs wouldn't feel ashamed and would simply hump away happily, Lorist thought. But he definitely wasn't a breeding pig and he didn't expect that he would be treated as such after being captured by the barbarians. He only had his large member to blame for his misfortunes...
After he was tossed underneath the sun, Lorist recalled two of the martial arts classic novels he read in his past life and considered whether he should endure the pain for his livelihood or kill as many of those barbarian women as he can before dying himself. It was truly a difficult choice.
Wouldn't it be easier to kill myself? He never would have even dreamed that he would end up in this kind of predicament. Lorist was so embarrassed at the fact that he wasn't able to resist in the slightest when the demonic barbarian women humped him night after night.
A few figures blocked the sunlight that was shining upon Lorist and with a loud whap, he felt searing pain in his back. He then heard a hateful barbarian cry out, "You darned pig... Stand up..."
Just beat me to death already, Lorist thought as he played dead without saying a thing.
The barbarian woman wearing a golden tiara, also known as the chief of Whitesnow Mountain, came forward and asked, "What's wrong with him?"
After some whispers, the few barbarians around Lorist left.
At night, he was bathed, fed aphrodisiac and stripped again in a routine manner. He was then laid onto the familiar grass patch before one of the barbarian women began teasing Lorist's member. On the other hand, he didn't resist at all and let them do as they pleased. He scanned the tent before closing his eyes and thought, well, two more barbarian women just showed up... I think I won't be able to sleep peacefully tonight...
The aphrodisiac soup he consumed moments ago worked its wonders again and Lorist's manhood stood up tall and high. The barbarian women felt the massive rod up as if they were unwilling to let it go for even a second before one of them prepared to sit upon Lorist's body.
Right at that moment, the woman who wore the golden tiara marched into the tent with four other attendants, each holding a long, black whip. All of a sudden, cries of begging and forgiveness resounded within the tent.
Lorist opened his eyes slightly and saw that the woman chief and her four attendants were whipping the seven kneeling barbarian women who were crying and begging nonstop but did not dare to run. After a drawn-out whipping session, the crowned woman shouted for the other women to scram and walked up to Lorist who was lying on the grass patch and inspected him before glancing at his erect member. After that, she ordered the four attendants to bring Lorist into her tent.
Oh no, just after escaping from a wolf's mouth, I fell right into a tiger's? However, he didn't expect that he would be brought to a section of the tent that was separated with a beastskin divider and tossed onto a grass patch there. After throwing Lorist his clothes and pants, the barbarian men left him alone.
He finally got some much-needed sleep without being bothered.
The next day, one of the attendants of the crowned woman entered and kicked Lorist awake before bringing him outside the main tent and giving him a biscuit. After that, he tied Lorist to a wooden stake, but this time around, the two wolfdogs weren't there with him. At night, that same male attendant gave him another biscuit and a flask of drinking water before bringing him back to his corner within the large tent to sleep.
Two days passed and Lorist felt that he regained a little more vitality. The time when he was oppressed by the barbarian women had drained him so much that he felt completely empty. So, he secretly took another two drops of rank 2 medicine and prepared to activate his ki technique to regain some internal energy to escape. Only, the barbarians began to pack up and leave on the next day itself and their destination was not another rest stop but rather their main settlement...
Author's note from chapter 210:
I'm really sorry I have to say this, but the recent experience of the main character with the barbarians was not a result of me receiving emotional shock that caused me to mess the story up, and neither it is an expression of my dissatisfaction with my dear readers. In actuality, I have detailed this plotline as far as two years back and I am only writing according to the draft I prepared back then.
This is one of the main character's personal experience with the mountain barbarians and unlike most other novels, I don't want to make the main character rule over the barbarians for no good reason nor give him another beautiful female character out of nowhere. To the main character, this experience is terribly horrifying for him as he had encountered a group of barbarian women whose men have gone out to war for almost a year. As the main character was injured and couldn't resist, he was subjected to that horrifying treatment as many readers have so kindly pointed out. Originally, I could have skipped this story thread. But in the interest of meaningful character development for the main character that will shape his eventual attitude towards the barbarians, I have chosen to keep it the way it was planned and wasn't able to change it.
To many, this will be a horrible turn-off much like poison and it is your choice if you choose to drop this story. As a writer, that is not something that I can force. But to me, telling a good story and bringing my readers more of the rich cultural differences of the Grindia Continent and its exciting and magnificent history is what I am really trying to do.
-Smoke is a Path, Author of Tales of the Reincarnated Lord