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The girl softened once again, but right now, they were within the small room near the small pool from before.

Lorist continued his assault and let it all out into the girl's body.

The both of them let out a large breath and basked in the afterglow of climax...

Propping herself up, the girl continued to feel up the scars on Lorist's chest. "When my father was still a Silver rank, he suffered his first heavy injury and had an even larger scar on his chest. Back then he managed to escape with his life from the lance of a Gold ranked knight. When I was young, I wasn't mature yet and I thought that scars were incredibly ugly. But my father said that scars were like badges of honor to men and a knight without any isn't a true man. It was only after he died that I understood the meaning of his words..."

"Your father wasn't wrong," Lorist said while nodding. "Can you tell me how he died?"

"It's been already seven to eight years... Back then, the empire suffered the attack of the enemy and my father went to the imperial capital with a few of his friends and attendants. In the beginning, all went well. My father and some other knights who got the news managed to put up a formidable resistance against the First Prince's army and eliminated the raiding teams that were all over the place and won quite a few battles. Later when the Second Highness arrived, he used people like my father as his shield to fight at the frontlines and my father perished after that," recalled the girl.

"I'm very sorry about your loss," Lorist said.

"It's fine. The past is already behind us. Right now, I'm incredibly happy after spending time with you," she said before giving Lorist's face a kiss before her hand started to tease his junior once more.

Just as Lorist got up and wanted to go for another round, she stopped him and said, "Can we go dip ourselves in the hot spring again?"


"Then, I want you to carry me there," said the girl with both her arms stretched out.

"Lower me down slightly," said the girl as she used one hand to position Lorist's junior and guided it into her body slowly and gently, connecting the two of them once more. After that, she wrapped both her arms around Lorist's shoulders and her legs around his waist. The petite girl currently seemed like a koala bear that was hanging on Lorist's body.

"Let's go there looking like that," she said while pressing her body tight against him before licking Lorist's chin.

"Don't mess around," said Lorist as he gave her bottom a soft slap. After that, he supported both her legs from the bottom and walked out from the room towards the small pool. However, with every step he took, the girl in his embrace would moan uncontrollably.

By the time he got into the pool, he could no longer hold on and pushed the girl against the wall before he started humping. It was not until she said she had enough and could no longer hold on that he stopped.

"You truly are a wild bull," said the girl while lying against Lorist's body with a glazed look.

Lying back on the sitting spot of the pool, Lorist opened his mouth and ate the blueberry the girl brought him.

All of a sudden, he heard a commotion not far away. Lorist asked, "What's going on?"

The girl took a look before saying, "The princess is here."

Princess? Lorist sat up and said, "That's Princess Carey?"

The girl pouted and glared at Lorist before she said, "What? You want to solicit her as well?"

"No way," he replied as he hugged and kissed her again. "As I have only heard of her fame, I'd like to see how the most beautiful woman in the Andinaq Kingdom looks like."

"Hmph, doesn't she have a nose and two eyes like the rest of us? What's there to witness in the first place?" she said, slightly jealous. "This spot is fine. I guarantee that you'll be able to see the princess making love with another man on the floor upstairs."

"Huh?" Lorist said, not sure if he had heard wrongly or not.

"Look, over there," said the girl as she pointed to a platform on the floor above. "That is the bed reserved for the princess herself every time she comes. She loves to receive her guests there. From time to time, she would reward victor of the competition or sometimes just plainly pick a man she likes and do him right in front of everyone. You'll soon get to see as much as you like."

Alright, I guess the princess is a pretty open-minded person after all for her to dare to perform such acts in front of everyone like that.

"What did you mean when you mentioned the competition?" Lorist asked curiously.

"Do you want to participate?" said the girl with a solemn look. "It's a competition to see who can do the most women. If you take part, perhaps you might just get first place. Then the next time, you'll get to mess around with the princess all you want."

"What are you saying? I have better things to do than that," Lorist refuted her immediately. "The best thing that's happened to me during this gathering is getting to know you. I won't go anywhere tonight and will spend my time accompanying you, alright?"

"You're not joking, are you?" said the girl as her anger melted into joy.

"Of course I'm not," Lorist said with a smile.

Blushing, she said, "I won't be able to handle you by myself. Since you're so nice, I'll give you a reward."

The girl looked around and called a maidservant over before the maidservant left after receiving some whispered instructions.

Lorist didn't mind and merely looked at the princess who was surrounded by a whole group of people.

Compared to Princess Sylvia, Princess Carey was like a ripe, delicious fruit that was sexy and enchanting. Every gesture and smile of hers riled up the temptation of anyone who saw it. Her body was as polished and smooth as white jade with curves at the right places and her ivory-like legs only served to add to her charm. Just like the other women, she donned a translucent white veil and proudly showed off her body, especially the peaks on her chest that drew many eyes to her.

The princess's face wasn't covered and instead, her white fox mask was tied to the side of her hair, revealing her blushing and pretty face. Lorist couldn't help but praise the princess for her irresistible looks. Thinking back at the beauties he's met, apart from Princess Sylvia's fairy-like looks, nobody else could compete against Princess Carey in terms of seductive sexyness.

"Daisy, what did you need me for?" an alluring voice rang out nearby.

Lorist raised his head to look and saw a similarly petite woman wearing a spotted deer mask near the pool.

The girl in his embrace pointed to him and said, "Help me deal with this one."

That woman blushed and said, "Daisy, I'm your aunt. Don't be so rude..."

The girl didn't seem to care and said, "Don't bring up familial relations over here. Besides, you're only 6 years older than me. Let me tell you, you'll definitely regret if you miss out on him."

The woman said as she entered the pool and walked towards Lorist, "Is that so? He's that impressive?"

"You'll know after you give him a try. Either way, he's way better than Davey whom you admire so much," said the girl.

"Wait a second, what's your relationship with her?" Lorist asked.

"She's my aunt, but her cursed husband joined the Third Prince's army one week after their wedding and died in the battle at Kobo City, causing her to be a widow for 9 whole years. After the first time I participated the Paradise Gathering, I brought her along with me the next few times in hopes that I would find another person for her to marry, but it's a shame she didn't find one she liked. Just call her Chessy over here," said the girl without a single care.

"And what did you call her over for?"

"To reward you, of course. You said that you would spend the whole night with me, so I was worried that I alone wouldn't be enough to deal with you so I got her to come help out. You've truly struck gold this time, my aunt is quite the beauty too you know," said the girl as she tugged on Lorist's junior once more.

Not far away from the pool was much commotion. Daisy said, "Look, your dream guy has arrived."

Chessy blushed and said, "Cursed lass, don't make me tear your lips off."

The girl didn't bother with that remark and briefed Lorist about the situation. "Do you see that man over there? He's called Davey Copperfield. Even though he's wearing a black bull mask, almost everyone recognizes him based on his staggering height."

The man who just entered the hall was almost 2 meters tall and had a well-built figure that was even more impressive than those of greek statues from Lorist's previous life. As the bull mask he wore covered the upper half of his face, it was quite obvious that he was a rather good-looking man based on the finely chiseled nose and chin.

"Who's he? Is he famous?" Lorist asked.

The girl asked, "You don't know who he is?"

Lorist nodded and said, "I am from the Northlands and am a knight of the Norton Family. I came to the imperial capital because of some matters and Karitoke of the Royal Local Defense Force is one of my fellow students at the Dawn Academy. He received an invitation to this gathering and merely brought me along to expand my horizons."

"No wonder you've never heard of Davey before. He's actually the only son of the Second Highness's Blademaster, Davey Climonto and he's 30 years old and a One Star Gold rank this year. The Second Highness trusts him greatly and he's the vice leader of the guards; his future potential is almost limitless. It goes without saying that many of the noble ladies are charmed by his handsome looks. The last time he participated in that competition, he won and my aunt called for him so much that her throat went sore. But in the end, he chose to spend the night with two other noble ladies, much to her dismay," explained Daisy in great detail while teasing her aunt at the same time.

Both embarrassed and angry, Chessy grabbed Daisy's hand and said, "Stupid lass, see how I deal with you if you keep spouting crap..."

Lorist paid attention to the tall man on the upper floor called Davey as he approached the platform where the princes was lying on. After saying something, Davey climbed onto the bed and began caressing the princess while a few of the maidservants nearby began servicing Davey as well.

Everyone within the hall had their eyes fixed on the platform upstairs and there were some who envied Davey's opportunity. When Davey pushed his thing into Princess Carey, she let out an incredibly seductive cry and her continued moans only served to tickle the hearts of those present. A man wearing a wolf mask within the pool grunted and grabbed the woman beside him before pushing her against the sides of the pool, pushing her legs apart and humped nonstop, with the woman beginning to moan excitedly as well.

At that moment, it was as if the pool water began boiling all of a sudden. Almost all the men and women within it were pushed tightly against each other with a few maidservants even hugging and pleasing one another.

The mature woman beside Lorist was no longer able to hold on and leaned onto Lorist's body almost entirely. The young girl gave Lorist a light push as if she was saying, 'Aren't you gonna make your move?'

Turning Chessy around, Lorist began to enter her body from the back.

Chessy with her mouth agape muttered, "This... this is huge..."

As promised, Lorist didn't participate in the other activities within the Paradise Gathering and only spent the whole night screwing with the girl and her aunt, sometimes in the pool, and other times in the room. In the end, the three of them lost count of the time they've engaged in intercourse and went to sleep after they were completely exhausted.

The girl and her aunt were indeed beautiful and at some point they were doing it, they removed their masks. The girl told Lorist that her real name was Dina Arriotoli and her family's barony was at the west side of Jillin Harbor. She said that as she liked Lorist a lot, if Lorist wanted to take her as his wife, she would no longer participate in the Paradise Gathering. She also mentioned that she didn't need Lorist to give an answer right away as she feared being rejected outright and mentioned that she would return to her dominion and wait for three years. If Lorist was interested, he should go there to ask for her hand in marriage there would be a surprise in store for him if he did so.

Lorist questioned her about the surprise, and the girl said that she had another sister of 19 years of age who was even prettier than herself that was also a virgin. If Lorist chose her, he would get to marry her sister too since that was better for the barony because that would decrease the amount of the dowry by half.

Lorist was incredibly tired and when he woke up, he realized that he was the only one who remained on the bed with Arriotoli and her aunt nowhere to be seen. A little saddened by their absence, Lorist went back to the pool to take another dip.

A maidservant came not long after, but this time around, she was fully-dressed. She respectfully told Lorist that the gathering had ended and that his friends were waiting for him to head back.

Lorist, Karitoke and Dulles all got back onto the black carriage that brought them there and during the way back, Dulles boasted that he managed to conquer seven noble ladies during the gathering. Karitoke, not wanting to lose out, said that he had engaged in the deepest interactions with 8 noble  ladies. In the end, Lorist was so annoyed that he asked the both of them to shut up and reminded Karitoke that the princess was more than meets the eye and seemed to be planning something in secret. He warned Karitoke to be careful should he attend the Paradise Gathering alone the next time so that he doesn't get caught in anybody's ploys.

By the time they arrived at the camp, it was already the evening. The one who received Lorist and the other two were Freiyar, Josk and Els, all with angry looks on their faces. Freiyar and Josk were the maddest because Lorist, the family leader, merely left a note saying that he would be off to play without saying where he went and didn't even return during the night. That behavior of his was a little excessive and caused the whole group to worry the whole night for his safety.

It must be noted that the situation at the imperial capital wasn't exactly peaceful, and they had even imprisoned and brought Viscount Aslan and the descendants of 8 other noble families there all the way from Silowas Island. Even though that matter was kept secret, if someone managed to find out about it, Lorist would definitely be considered to be an obstacle. It was incredibly irrational of him to leave without any guards, so Lorist was forbidden from traveling alone.

Lorist accepted their opinions and mentioned that he would definitely be more aware of his safety and said that he wanted to wrap this matter up since he returned safely after all. Given that he was the dominion lord, Freiyar and Josk could only accept that response to give him some face. But Els was a little mad that Lorist didn't bring him along for some fun.

As for Dulles, Freiyar ordered him to be caned 50 times as a punishment, but Lorist managed to talk it down to only 20. Dulles could only leave with a sobbing look.

Karitoke was surprised by what he witnessed the scene and asked Lorist why he was so powerless against his own knights even though he was the dominion lord.

Lorist replied that since Freiyar was the leader of this trip, he was in charge of military discipline, logistics, distribution of soldiers as well as security, and nobody could be exempt from the rules. Only during battle would the right to command be passed to Lorist and other then that, he couldn't do anything about the punishment Freiyar hands out.

In the end, Freiyar said, "Milord, I just got news that the Second Highness will be back in another two days."