Tales of the Reincarnated Lord - Glossary and Map

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Anyway, as a filler, I'll be posting the long-requested glossary that many have been waiting for. Many thanks to Undead_Slave for helping out with the character descriptions!

Update (Feb/17/2018): Map by A_Minerva added!

Update (Mac/22/2018): Ship designations and related abbreviations

Update (Jul/19/2018): Updated ship designations for Chikdor

[Map by A_Minerva]
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[Ship Designations]
Sabnim class warship - Chikdor owned ships that resemble castles.
Blitz class warships
Swift class warships
LLDAW (large long distance armed war) class vessels
MSAW (moderate swift armed war) class vessels
LLDM (large long distance merchant) class vessels. Militarized variant: LLDAM (large long distance armed merchant) vessel
MSM (moderate speedy merchant) class vessels
MAM (moderate armed merchant) class vessels
LAC (large armed cargo) class vessels
LW (large whaling) ships

[Lorist and his knights]
Norton Lorist – Transmigrated from Earth and took over the body of The Second Young Master of the Norton Family.

Brennan Evanport (Darkshadow Els) – Was a syndicate boss in Morante City and trains in a dark attribute Battle Force passed down through his family.

Charade – Was the head of the Enforcement Department of Dawn Academy and is known by many as a Deathly Miser.

Yuriy (Yuwen Ridest) – A student of the Dawn Academy and was also an assistant instructor for the horsemanship course.

Waprey Terman – A member of the Enforcement Division and was one of Lorist’s good friends in the academy.

Grei Potterfang (Pog) – A Three Star Silver who fought Lorist during his Duels in Dawn Acamedy. Son Howard(12) and Daughter Alisa(7)

Lode Wales (Fiercetiger Loze) – A Two Star Gold Swordsman Potterfang's old comrade.

Mons Malek – A Three Star Silver rank Potterfang's old comrade.

Engelich – A Three Star Gold Swordsman and a member of the slaver group at Port Nupite forced to sign a servant contract when he surrendered to Lorist.

Reidy Gezeizidorf – He is 16 years old and became a student of Locke when introduced by Els.

Shadekampf – Went to Morante City to find Lorist and was actually Lorist’s personal attendant from a long time ago.

Patt – The eldest grandson of the old butler Gleis who had played with Lorist quite often when they were younger.

Dulles – One of the senior students of Dawn Academy.

Lundmorde – One of the senior students of the academy that went to Port Nupite with Charade and he is a beginner rank herbalist.

Josk (aka Joe, Divine Marksman) – One Star Gold Rank Archer met Lorist when the convoy was attacked by Count Cobry’s men.

Chino Freiyar – A Gold ranked mercenary who was being held captive by Count Cobry.

Tarkel – Guard of the slave camp at Geldos City that Lorist invited because he appreciated his thinking.

Zelan Ovidis – One of the bandits that joined Lorist at Fenyata Town.

Belnick aka Beck – Knight who saved Third Young Master, injured and retreated to Wildnorth Town.

[People of the Norton Family & Lorist's close acquaintances]
Norton Family – The Roaring Bear of the Far Desolate North.

Norton Abelyde - First Young Master of the Norton Family. Deceased.

Norton Norwesk - Third Young Master of the Norton Family. Deceased.

Andrea Pesha – One of the Norton Family Knights and Lorist's elder brother's fiancée.

Head Butler Gleis – Has been the butler for the Norton Family for many years.  

Butler Boris – Viscount Kenmays's ex butler who manages the construction site at Morgan Hills. Now one of the Norton Family.

Norton Glacia – Lorist's cousin sister and friend of Nico Telesti.

Nico Telesti – Adopted daughter and student of Nico Albess a famous scholar who specialized in ruin exploration.

Vinny (Little Vinny) – Telesti's young maidservant.

Irina – She was originally the Third Young Master’s personal maidservant now servers Lorist.  

Grandmaster Sid – A grandmaster armorer well-versed with looking for metal ore veins was working for the Fenyata Town bandits that Lorist's second convoy destroyed.

Grandmaster Ciroba – The grand architect and the supervisor of the construction of the fort that Viscount Kenmays was building.

Old Man Balk – The supervisor of the Norton family’s copper mine rescued by Lorist.

Zanben – Originally a slave laborer turned into an aide for Telesti.

Molocinque – an illegitimate son of Lorist's father.

Wellickson – an illegitimate son of Lorist's father.

Eidelwoke – an illegitimate son of Lorist's father and cooking lady.

Pajik – Previous captive of First Young Master, currently knight of the Norton Family.

Hansk – One of 3 chief supervisors of family, finance guy.

Spiel – One of 3 chief supervisors of family, warehouse guy.

Kedan – One of 3 chief supervisors of family, human resources guy.

Hausky – Mercenary Leader hired by Viscount Kenmays and captured by Lorist.

Jim – Mercenary Leader hired by Viscount Kenmays and captured by Lorist.

Paulobins – Surrendered mercenary who joined family force after construction site battle.

Knight Waxima - Beneficiary of Norton Abelyde and knight of the Norton Family.

Pete (Peake Pulliste) - A knight who was recruited after the knighthood competition. Favored subordinate of Josk and the winner of the archery section of the knighthood competition.


[Minor Characters]
Molise – Granddaughter of Engelich and Charade's personal maidservant and secretary.

Third Uncle Lodesieg – Was the one who brought Lorist to Morante City.

Nico Albess – A famous scholar who specialized in ruin exploration. Also Nico Telesti's adopted mother.

Old Smith Alba – The smith of the Norton Family.


[Other Northlanders or people in surrounding territories]
Viscount Kenmays – Is in direct confrontation with the Norton Family over land.

Kenmays Family leader - Father of Viscount Kenmays. Calls the final shots within the family.

Head Butler Pelador – Head Butler of Kenmays Family.

Muribad - Regiment Commander of the kenmays forces. Ex-commander of the troops of the Romon Empire.

Suleimos - Ex-gladiator from the Hanayabarta Kingdom. Purchased by Kenmays Family leader and now serves as the knight of the Kenmays Family.

Hassen Family – Wildnorth town 4 great families.

Mollin Family – Wildnorth town 4 great families.

Dunbarsen Family – Wildnorth town 4 great families, herbalists.

Qubim Family – Wildnorth town 4 great families.

Duke Fisablen – Leader of the Fisablen Duchy, ally of the Iblia Kingdom.

Duke Loggins – One of the dukes under the Iblia Kingdom. Leads his own Northland Army.

Baron Cammora - One of Duke Loggins's vassal nobles.

Tabik - A Gold ranked knight who serves Duke Loggins. First seen accompanying Baron Camorra during his visit to the Norton Family dominion.

Felim Family - Also known as the family of the pegasus. See chapter 129.

Baron Felim Chalvode - Leader of the Felim Family.


[Andinaq Kingdom]
Third Prince, Andinaq I - Proper heir to the empire as appointed by the former emperor. Founder of the Andinaq Kingdom.

First Highness Delwick - Son of the Third Prince.

Second Highness Auguslo - Second son of the third prince, betrothed to Norton Glacia.


[Northbound journey]
Count Cobry – Was the bandit that raided the Norton Family convoy and killed Lorist’s Third Uncle Lodesieg.

Tebri Tim – Last son of a Viscount who Lorist helped after defeating Count Cobry.

Gemors – Tim's knight.


[Dawn Academy]
Academy Head Levins – The Head of Dawn Academy.

Kellen Claude – Three Star Gold Swordsman Instructor at Dawn Academy later becomes a Blademaster because of his duels with Lorist.

Instructor Anfya – Married to Kellen Claude helped Lorist quite a lot as the vice head instructor of the Battle Force awakening course.

Instructor Marlin – A Gold ranked instructor at Dawn Academy.

Hughes Pottermick – A Two Star Gold ranked combatant, has already been teaching in the academy for more than 30 years.

Welledor – Knight training instructor.

Wensen – Horse training instructor.

Loboff – Herbalism instructor.

Skali – Academy residential area person in charge.

Sandoz Hirda – A noble youngster who got beaten up by Lorist during academy duels.

Sir Knight Yarisborg – Yellow Ribbon Academy Head.

Weston – Head of Saint Marceau Academy.

Peterson Dorsedaus – Fatty that Lorist helped to awaken his Battle Force. Sole heir of one of the highest authorities in the Forde Trade Union, the Peterson family.

Rowen Incador – Originator of the Incador Medal, Dawn Academy.


[Morante City]
Kelly – Lorist's caretaker when he first transmigrated.

Windsor Prinna aka Wenna – Lorist's ex.

Lorf Fustat – Wenna's fiance, Marquis.

Windsor Birmingham – Wenna's younger brother.

Somm – Windsor family knight.

Loney – Morante City girl.

Morandel – Loney's dad.

Suzy – Wenna's maidservant.

Lina – Wenna's maidservant.

Hurd – The ex-garrison captain of the Windsor Family.

Jindoz – Els's friend and aide for the syndicate they rule at Morante City.

Laude – One of Els's men in Morante City.

Brennan Charlando/Old Man Char - Brennan "Els" Evanport's uncle who raised him from a young age.

Louise – Ex-serving girl of the Red Grace Inn and Charlando's wife.

Molly – A girl from Louise's hometown that works at the Red Grace Inn as a serving girl. Lorist took her first time.

[Powers & Nations]
Forde Trade Union
Krissen Empire
Kalia Kingdom
Romon Empire
Jigda Kingdom
Khawistan Khanate
Lormo Duchy
Morosen Duchy
Teribo Kingdom (Glass producing kingdom.)
Redlis Kingdom (Founded by the First Prince of the Krissen Empire)
Andinaq Kingdom (Founded by the Third Prince of the Krissen Empire who was appointed the formal heir of the empire by the previous emperor, Second Highness is third prince's son)
Iblia Kingdom (Founded by the Second Prince of the Krissen Empire)
Fisablen Duchy
Madras Duchy (subordinate to the Iblia Kingdom in name ref: Ch 48)
Melein Duchy
Farkel Duchy
Forund Duchy
Handra Duchy
Shabaj Duchy
Mobia Duchy
Temanda Kingdom
Urubaha Duchy
Hanayabarta Kingdom


[Grindia Mythos]
Singwa, God of the Sun, Light and War
Daphlyn Silvermoon Goddess
Sufanna Bloodmoon Goddess
Dawn Goddess Loria
Mishla the Goddess of Desires and Pleasure
Goddess of Wealth, Zejin
God of Knowledge and Wisdom, Siminglyde


[Calendar] See Chapter 30 for a more detailed explanation.
Fairy Calendar
January Redbud Month
Camellia Month
Crabapple Month
Lotus Month
Peony Month
Magnolia Month
Jasmine Month
Osmanthus Month
Yucca Month
Hibiscus Month
Chrysanthemum Month
Plum-Blossom Month


[Power Levels]
Battle Force ranks (All sub-divided into 3 different "Star" levels with 3 Star being the peak of a rank):

Beyond Battle Force:
Sword Saint
Sword God - Only mentioned in the records of old legends.


[Military Terms] See Chapter 61 for more details.
squad - 80 to 120 troops
company - 4-5 squads
regiment - 4-5 companies
division - 4-5 regiments
legion - Generic term for a name of an army. Usually very big ones with no specific reference to number of troops.


Many thanks to Undead_Slave for the character descriptions.