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The Ancestor of our Sect Isn't Acting like an Elder


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The Ancestor of our Sect Isn't Acting like an Elder - Chapter 01 : Transmigration and Meeting 21 part 3



Sue Kirin followed Qi Guiyuan’s request and gave out her pre-arranged identity. The people from the Tianxuan Temple were obviously shocked.

Sue Kirin figured something like this was going to happen. She was now a loli, well as far as appearances were concerned. So for her to go out and say that she was their ancestor with this appearance, and all the more doing so unblushingly… who wouldn’t be shocked? She was calling herself the peer of their master’s master. If she didn’t have Qi Guiyuan’s jade they probably would’ve kicked her straight out of the gate for saying such crazy things.

Naturally, they held suspicions and began to ask her all kinds of questions with no end in sight. They asked more questions than hidden fees pop up in modern life. Most of the questions were things Kirin was expecting, however, a few weird questions were raised.

Since it was too hard to answer all their questions Sue Kirin pretended to fall asleep, shamelessly throwing her body to the ground for added realism.

As the old saying goes, one might get off today but not tomorrow...

“Little ancestor, did you sleep well?”

In response to the pretty smile of the girl facing towards her, Sue Kirin equipped an ugly expression.

“What do you think cutie? I’ve haven’t even had fifteen minutes of sleep!!”

Qi Qiqi suddenly blushed.

What's up with her? Sue Kirin glanced at her with a question mark above her head.

“I am not being shy because you called me a cutie alright?” Qi Qiqi said with a cough after she seemed to notice the way Sue Kirin looked at her.

“Uh, that was self-destructive. Sue Kirin held her chin with one hand while nodding her head.

“Come on, that was just courtesy talk.”

Although it was also a fact. Qi Qiqi was indeed a rare beauty.

Originally, when Sue Kirin saw her for the first time she had to separate her attention between the others and as such didn’t pay much attention to Qi Qiqi. Yet, when the two of them were alone it really wasn’t possible to ignore Qi Qiqi’s overwhelming, fire-like existence.

Even though she was sixteen it’s hard to find anything childish about her based on her appearance.

Her facial features were oddly perfect, If you look at any of her features individually then at most they’d seem ordinary, but when all of the ordinary features are arranged in just the proper way they form a beauty with no excess characteristics.

In other words, It’s a very general sort of beauty.

The only rare part of her facial features would be the color of her eyes.


A red that was impossible to ignore, a deep, pure, bloody color like fire brewing with power. Even though her black hair was fairly normal, its smoothness was impressive.

Yep, it was like a waterfall of ink descending from her head.

“...Little ancestor?”

“Eh, yeah...What’s up?”

Qi Qiqi gently called back Sue Kirin’s attention. In order to hide her embarrassment for allowing herself to be caught absent-minded Sue Kirin intentionally used an angry tone when responding.

“So, Seven seven seven...What’s the matter?”

Qi Qiqi’s eye shrank as if tolerating something.

“I am not Seven seven seven.”

“Ah, I told you I knew that. I didn’t do that on purpose. I have a problem speaking in the first place, and with  my childish voice, you can’t blame me for saying your name as Seven seven seven!”

Sue Kirin tossed out an excuse without a second thought, to be honest, she just thought it was funny to call her that way.

“Re...really? I apologize, little ancestor.”

Qi Qiqi was apparently a very candid person, she felt guilty and apologized after she heard Sue Kirin’s explanation.

“No big deal, I don’t blame you. ”

“So, little ancestor...may I ask you to do me a favor.”

“What is it?”

Sue Kirin looked at her with a bit of surprise.

Qi Qiqi’s face turned red like a ripe apple. With that pair of eyes, she gave off a feeling of enchantment. If someone else saw her like that, they wouldn’t be able to help swallowing their inhibitions and fantasizing about how to eat that little devil up.

“Are you in heat?”

One of the reasons why Sue Kirin never had a girlfriend was because he didn’t know how to read facial cues.

“Who’s in heat? You sick piece of shit, I’m so done with you!”

Qi Qiqi suddenly stood up, raised her hand, then----


---- slammed her hand upon the table.

Doesn't she feel the pain? Sue Kirin as she looked at the girl’s tender palm, but this train of thought didn’t last a second.

A set of noises reached Sue Kirin’s ear, just at the moment she began to wonder what was causing the sounds, the wooden table just fell apart.

The weird noises from before were the sounds of the table coming apart.

Sue Kirin looked away stiffly towards Qi Qiqi’s palm, before looking at the table which was now just a pile of wood chips.

This was done by a human…...This, this girl is ultra violent! I dared to ask her if she was in heat?! Kirin realized that she may have just committed a deadly sin, the Sin of Offending a woman. A cold sweat falls to Sue Kirin’s chin.

Rather offend a villain instead of a woman! Sue Kirin recognized the old saying that “A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him”, she put on a face that seemed to be very cute and innocent.

“Uhm, So...I am not cursing by asking if you’re in heat, it was a friendly greeting, yeah, a VERY friendly greeting.”

Qi Qiqi smiled but showed no sign that she was actually listening to Sue Kirin’s excuses.

Terrifying! Sue Kirin’s entire body began to shiver. The last time she felt this terrified was after her mother died.

Once she started to sense a mass of dark matter ooze out of Qi Qiqi’s body Sue Kirin did a complete 360° turn and slammed her head into the ground in repentance.

“I am really sorry! I fold!”

After a moment of silence.


She laughed? Sue Kirin looked up, her head trembling.

Blood red eyes were curved like a crescent moon, dimples dimly exposed on one side bringing out the girl’s sweet lips.

Qi Qiqi laughed.

Her smiling face was so pretty, abnormally stunning.

For a split second, Sue Kirin was stunned.

Qi Qiqi coughed with embarrassment after noticing that Sue Kirin was looking at her with eyes filled with pure amazement.

“Ah, sorry!”

Sue Kirin tried to get up after her senses returned to her.

“Let’s see if you dare to say thoughtless things in the future.”

Qi qiqi said while waving her little fist.

This move would appear to be really cute in the eyes of other people, but Sue Kirin stepped back when she saw it.

“What’s wrong?”

Qi Qiqi asked with an odd expression on her face.

“Uh, uhm….You better not wave your fist around like that, look at that table...if you accidently hit someone’s face with that fist...”

Sue Kirin didn’t finish her sentence, but the implication was obvious.

What would happen if the hand that could palm a table into pieces accidently hit someone’s body?

Sue Kirin just didn’t realize what it meant to imply that a woman was too violent. If only she was perceptive enough to know what it would lead to, she would swear to all of the lol… uh *cough*  all the girls of the world that she’d just keep her big mouth shut.

Yep, definitely. Qi Qiqi’s fist darted closer and closer to Sue Kirin’s body until it landed on her belly and sent her flying off into the distance.



ED Note: Short Chapter with no new characters or any particular things to make foot notes for, Talk about a Christmas Miracle!!!