The Daoist Seal - Chapter 45

A dark-colored halberd that emitted a sharp, unrestrained qi appeared in Jiang Xiaofan’s grasp. Everyone’s eyes widened as they watched the halberd parried Ying Tianyang’s blow.

Yu Wuyan exclaimed, “That’s a spirit halberd! A top-grade spirit weapon!”


Bursts of gasps and whispers erupted across the field.

Nearly everyone knew that Ying Tianyang possessed the precious-ranked Bow Slayer, so they weren’t too surprised when Ying Tianyang pulled out the weapon. However, their eyes lit up with passion and hunger when they saw Jiang Xiaofan with a top-grade weapon, a king among spirit-grades.

“This guy!”

Amazed, Ye Yuanxue’s mouth was agape like an “O”.

Ferity flashed across Ying Tianyang’s eyes as his mane of black hair danced wildly. The Bow Slayer in his clenched hand glowed more brightly. His combat spirit was astonishing as his saber continuously clashed with Jiang Xiaofan’s halberd.

At first, Jiang Xiaofan was quite worried. Even though Ying Tianyang could only unleash his weapon’s power to that of a top-grade spirit weapon, it was nevertheless precious-ranked. Its strength was naturally stronger than that of an average spirit weapon. He was afraid that his halberd would break sooner or later.

However, he quickly realized that even though his dark-colored halberd was spirit-ranked, its might was quite frightening. He didn’t know what materials were used to forge it, but it actually could fend off the attacks of the precious-ranked Bow Slayer.


With that last clash, the two of them retreated at the same time.

Ying Tianyang’s hair danced in midair once again. With a sharp expression in his eyes like a knife, he glared at Jiang Xiaofan’s halberd. He was quite taken aback because his Bow Slayer could not break Jiang Xiaofan’s spirit-ranked halberd.

Standing on the opposite side, a light gleamed in Jiang Xiaofan’s eyes. He raised his halberd and aimed it at Ying Tianyang.

This move had everyone’s heart skipping a beat. Even though no words were spoken, they could feel Jiang Xiaofan’s immense qi pressuring them as if they were about to get crushed by a towering mountain.

The complexions of the Heavenly Sun Peak’s disciples paled even further. They were the ones who had reported to Ying Tianyang and pleaded with him to subdue Jiang Xiaofan. They had no idea that the progression of events would turn out like this. The Bow Slayer was unable to land a single cut on that man.

Ying Xianling remained where he stood. He coldly looked up at the center of the platform, his eyes completely fogged with killing intent.

“You arrogant punk! You’re courting death!”

No longer able to tolerate Jiang Xiaofan’s bearing, Ying Tianyang lunged at him. He was already suffering from grave injuries, even more so than Jiang Xiaofan. Three of his ribs were broken while the other areas of his body were covered in numerous large and small scars.

Jiang Xiaofan coldly snorted *hmph*. He, of course, wouldn’t make a run for it. Rather, he channeled his Shadow Steps to its maximum and exerted more spiritual energy into his halberd which further exploded with blinding green rays of light. He forcefully swept his weapon at Ying Tianyang.

He was also suffering from grave injuries, but compared to Ying Tianyang, he was in a much better condition. In addition, with the Immortal Spirit Roots that strengthened his body and his peerless, primordial Buddhist Sutra protecting him, he had, to a certain extent, the upper hand in this duel.


Another powerful collision occurred. As the Bow Slayer met the halberd, brilliant sparks were generated and another piercing sound rang out. Following that was a powerful gust of wind that blew both of their hairs wildly.

With foresight this time, the spectators had instantly moved back as far as they could just before the weapons collided with each other. This way, their eyes wouldn’t be blinded by the light from the clash. However, they could still feel frightening, powerful energy fluctuations.


The Bow Slayer and the dark-colored halberd collided yet again. Nearly taped against one another, their right hands continued to grip onto their weapons while their left hands and legs pushed into each other.

*Dong dong dong*

A violent, fluctuating aura began to emanate, and the entire platform quaked.

Such a scene unsettled many of the spectators. Chills ran down their spines. These two people are too scary! Ying Tianyang’s might was expected because of his combat power, yet they had never thought that Jiang Xiaofan would be equally fearsome. It made no sense that Jiang Xiaofan could counter Ying Tianyang and create such a terrifying atmosphere even though both had cultivation at the same realm.

The two continued to punch and kick each other. Occasionally, the sound of bones cracking could be heard. Still, their expressions had not changed. The spectators were unable to discern whose bones were being shattered at any point in time.

Excited, Lin Quan and Tang You tightly balled up their fists on their sides while Ye Yuanxue and the little fellow unceasingly cheered boisterously for him. As for Ye Qiuyu and Yu Wuyan, their focus was on him as well, in the hopes that he would not lose this battle.

Back on the platform, blood streamed down from both of their mouths. After enduring each other’s strikes, they finally separated and staggered back seven to eight meters. The surface of the platform had almost crumbled.

This time, both parties made no further move as they tried to recover.

The look in Ying Tianyang’s eyes appeared mad as he stared daggers at Jiang Xiaofan. Without bothering to wipe the blood from his mouth, the Bow Slayer vibrated again. He charged ahead once more.

“Even with my arms and legs bound, I can still cut you down!”

“Don’t overstate things; otherwise, your tongue will fall off.”                                        

Jiang Xiaofan jeered at him tit for tat. Unintimidated by his threat, he darted forward and waved his halberd with both of his hands. Every one of his attacks was incorporated with his terrifying body strength which shook the air around him.

Even so, Ying Tianyang wasn’t weak either. With his Bow Slayer, the clashing sounds of the weapons against each other continually rang out. Dazzling divine light gradually spread to all corners of the platform. Strong energy fluctuations could be felt from far away, causing many onlookers to break into a cold sweat.

Looking at the two on the platform, many ninth heaven Micro Realm Cultivators felt ashamed because they could see the wide gap in power between themselves and those two. They questioned themselves but knew that it was ultimately impossible for them to reach their level. Even if they were to fight against the two of them in a match, they probably could not survive beyond three strikes.

Jiang Xiaofan was confounded by how this duel had turned out. He had to admit that although Ying Tianyang was arrogant and domineering, he had the capabilities to back up his arrogance. As one of the stars of the younger generation, not many had the power to put him in his place.

“Go die!”

All of a sudden, Ying Tianyang loudly shouted, and a dense aura of strong killing intent surged forth from his body. The Bow Slayer released ore scintillating rays of light and the intensity of its qi increased several folds.  He raised his precious saber and mercilessly hacked down at Jiang Xiaofan.

This strike unnerved Jiang Xiaofan. He parried the blow with his halberd, but the force of the strike could not be completely countervailed. In no time, he was knocked flying backward and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“Your only outcome is death!”

Ying Tianyang icily remarked. His eyes were wild and keen as he continued to pressure Jiang Xiaofan.

He stood back up. Jiang Xiaofan’s eyes narrowed, and he tightened his grip on the halberd. Light-green divine rays of light glittered in the air. He retorted, “Ying Tianyang, don’t blame me if you die!”


In the next second, Jiang Xiaofan vanished again but with no trace of shadows left in his wake this time. Astounded, everyone held in their breath. Even Yu Wuyan revealed a perplexed look on her face.

Every step of his feet had a faint gleam of light. It seemed as if he was pursuing some sort of marked trail imprinted on the floor and gliding across ethereal clouds. Jiang Xiaofan elicited the feeling of unpredictability.

The color drained from Ying Tianyang’s face. He waved his Bow Slayer and sliced forth saber qi in all directions. Incomparably sharp and powerful, many of the spectators could feel the aura of killing intent embedded in each strike. They marveled in wonder and fear of Ying Tianyang’s might.

However, to many people’s surprise, all these attacks were rendered useless. An iron-like fist smashed into Ying Tianyang’s chest.

With his halberd in his right hand on his back, the green light around his left fist radiated brighter than ever as he viciously punched at Ying Tianyang. Immediately, two of Ying Tianyang’s ribs were shattered. He was knocked flying backward. Blood profusely streamed down his nostrils and out of his mouth.


 Jiang Xiaofan’s agility was just too speedy. While Ying Tianyang was still in midair, Jiang Xiaofan leaped up towards him. With both hands clutching the halberd, he brought the weapon down on Ying Tianyang.


The sounds of more bones breaking echoed across the martial arena. Ying Tianyang’s body landed heavily onto the floor of the platform, and he violently vomited mouthfuls of blood. Large amounts of dust swirled into the air.

“Jiang Xiaofan, I’ll kill you!”

Ying Tianyang furiously roared at Jiang Xiaofan. As if he had gone deranged, his mane of black hair danced even more wildly in midair. The Bow Slayer exploded with more intense divine light, and he madly swung his saber at Jiang Xiaofan. The only difference this time was that Jiang Xiaofan had not gotten injured by the saber qi. The reason was that the power of the Bow Slayer wielded by Ying Tianyang was already at its maximum.

Jiang Xiaofan was able to parry this blow with much ease by blocking it in midair with his halberd. He then looked at Ying Tianyang’s feral expression, his eyes full of murder, and frostily smirked.

Light flashed in his left hand and a black long sword appeared. With lightning speed, he unhesitatingly slashed Ying Tianyang with two strikes.


Two almost inaudible sounds could be heard, and the black long sword vanished from his hand. What happened after had everyone’s eyes bulging and their jaws dropping to the ground. They stood frozen like statues.

A breeze blew across the platform. Ying Tianyang suddenly felt the chill on his left side and turned his head to glance at it. His left arm was gone! It had been smoothly cut like jade. He hadn’t realized that his left arm had been cleaved off until blood began to gush from the wound.


Excruciating pain and the reality that he lost his left arm drove Ying Tianyang over the edge and led him to shriek in torment.

The qi within Ying Tianyang’s body unstably shook. Another crisp, clear sound was then heard. His Bow Slayer had suddenly cracked, and half of the blade fell to the floor with a loud *clunk*.

Chills ran down everyone’s spine as they witnessed the bizarre yet horrifying scene. What just happened?  They couldn’t catch sight of everything that had transpired. They had only glimpsed a flash of light. What had next come into view was the separation of Ying Tianyang’s left arm from his shoulder.

Just then, the precious-ranked Bow Slayer broke in half. This was just too nightmarish! They also suspected that the Bow Slayer had been concomitantly cut together with Ying Tianyang’s left arm. Yet, it was quite inexplicably eerie as to why they dropped to the floor of the platform at different times.

“Amazing!” Ye Yuanxue uttered in amazement but then complained in a whisper, “Still, too bloody.”

“You! What did you do to me?!”

Irate and crazed, Ying Tianyang bellowed at Jiang Xiaofan with veins bulging from his forehead.

Jiang Xiaofan merely sneered. He had no obligation to respond. The halberd in his right hand vibrated, and with a *pff*, he pierced the weapon through Ying Tianyang’s chest. The tip of the dimly glowing, dark-colored halberd appeared from his back. Droplets of blood spattered in its direction.

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