The Daoist Seal - Chapter 62

Jiang Xiaofan could sense that Xia Chen wasn’t just some ordinary cultivator. Trusting deeply in his instinct, he could feel a powerful aura coming from Xia Chen, and those who emitted this feeling of great pressure definitely had cultivation above the Realm of Dust.


Qin Luo was very nimble. In an instant, he appeared in front of Xia Chen and blocked his attack while simultaneously raising his right hand to strike him.


Another powerful aura emanated across the battlefield. Not only were Xia Chen and the other men shocked, but even Jiang Xiaofan was as well. Indeed, Qin Luo lived up to his status as the core disciple of the Heavenly Cloud Peak. This was Qin Luo’s first display of might before Jiang Xiaofan, and he was truly strong. Xia Chen was forced backward by Qin Luo’s qi.

Jiang Xiaofan leisurely stepped to the front and crooked his finger at the other five. “Everyone, come on. Let’s take a walk. I’ll demonstrate to you, for free, what it means to bear your consequences.”

Their faces immediately darkened. The man named Xia Yuan got back up and stood next to his peers. His expression was ice-cold as he stared daggers at Jiang Xiaofan, and his spiritual energy fluctuated violently.

Jiang Xiaofan then turned to look at the green-robed girl to the back and calmly stated, “Although you sicken me greatly, I normally don’t like to hit women. Therefore, it’s better that you stay away from this fight as far as possible.”

To tell the truth, that green-robed girl’s attitude was indeed very terrible. Jiang Xiaofan couldn’t stand people like her, but he didn’t have the heart to hit women either. As for Liu Shi, that was her own fault because she had insulted Ye Yuanxue in front of him. That was unforgivable. Giving her two slaps was already considered merciful.

The green-robed girl’s face was completely frosted over. She commanded them, “Make him disappear! The faster, the better!”

Even without the green-robed girl’s order, Xia Yuan and the three others had already surrounded Jiang Xiaofan. Each one of their expressions looked unsightly and very cold. They spoke little and directly attacked him at once.

Xia Yuan raised his hand, and the Arctic saber appeared in his hand. Ringing sounds were created as the saber sliced through the air and hacked downward at Jiang Xiaofan’s neck. The person next to Xia Yuan was even more ferocious. He raised his hand and struck at Jiang Xiaofan with full force.

Jiang Xiaofan was quite surprised. After seeing the auras that they had emanated, these people were quite skilled.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t too overly concerned. These people had cultivation at the third to fifth heaven Realm of Dust, but they didn’t pose too much of a threat to him. At the very least, he didn’t feel a mountain of pressure on him.


He vanished from his spot and zipped ahead like a flash of lightning, leaving illusory shadows in his wake. All of a sudden, he appeared in front of a young man, raised his silver-colored palm, and slapped down.


The man was instantly sent flying. His complexion paled to a deathly white, and his entire right arm tingled numbingly.

Jiang Xiaofan smirked. He didn’t use his full strength in this attack. It wasn’t that he wanted to show any mercy to these people. That was impossible. He just wanted to gauge the extent of their capabilities.

The results astounded him. Their combat powers were quite strong, and their body strengths were satisfactory. Although they could never be compared to him, they were undoubtedly better than other Realm of Dust cultivators.

*Pff pff*

Just when Xia Yuan’s Arctic Saber hacked at him again, another person’s longsword aimed for the center between his brows. However, he didn’t dodge them. He moved slightly and raised a fist at the other person.


This was also an experimental punch. Jiang Xiaofan realized that this person wasn’t as weak as he had imagined him to be.

Xia Yuan and the person with the longsword sneered at him. In their eyes, Jiang Xiaofan had already completely exposed himself within their attack range, and their saber and sword had already cut off all possible escape routes. With a swing of their respective weapons, Jiang Xiaofan would unquestionably die.

In the next moment, something unexpected happened. The attacks of the saber and sword were abruptly stopped short of one inch from piercing and slicing Jiang Xiaofan’s body. The weapons were unable to advance any farther as if they were trapped in thick mud.

Jiang Xiaofan remained unperturbed. Because his cultivation was now at the Realm of Dust, the silver-colored brass piece had helped him activate his space spirit channeling. Although he could not attack with it, his spirit channeling served as a very good defensive technique.

In addition, he had a feeling that if he continued to level up his cultivation, the power of his spirit channeling would grow stronger as well. He believed that he would one day grasp the essence of space spirit channeling and master the infinite spatial dimension.

Meanwhile, Xia Yuan and the man with the longsword revealed a hint of shock on their faces. The other two people cornered Jiang Xiaofan and attacked him from the left and right. To their dismay, all four of them were stopped one inch short of cutting down Jiang Xiaofan, just like before.

“What are you guys doing?! Hurry up and eliminate him!” Dissatisfied by their performance, the green-robed girl hollered at the four.

Jiang Xiaofan glanced at her and wryly smiled. He suddenly moved with his peerless Shadow Steps. Now that he was a Realm of Dust cultivator, very few people could match his speed for speed. The only exceptions were those with cultivations at or above the realm of Phantom Saint.


The first person was knocked flying backward. This time, Jiang Xiaofan showed no mercy and used nearly seventy percent of his power to send that person flying several meters outward. His opponent’s complexion immediately paled as he groaned in pain.

With a right sweep of his leg, Jiang Xiaofan knocked the second person flying backward. The young man then crashed into a nearby boulder, and a large crack appeared on the boulder’s surface. Blood trickled down his mouth. It was frightening to think about just how much force had been packed into that kick.

Xia Yuan and the one wielding a longsword stepped back. They had witnessed just how terrifying Jiang Xiaofan’s body strength was. Engaging in close combat was not a wise choice at all. They needed to distance themselves!

However, they had underestimated Jiang Xiaofan’s speed. In the blink of an eye, Jiang Xiaofan appeared in front of them and slapped them across the face.

Two crisp sounds followed. Xia Yuan’s Arctic Saber and that man’s longsword were snapped in half by Jiang Xiaofan’s qi. Upon getting slapped by Jiang Xiaofan, their faces turned red and swollen, and a couple of teeth were knocked loose and flew out.

Jiang Xiaofan serenely stood in the center, glanced at the fallen four, and shook his head. He then peered in another direction. That man named Xia Chen was fearsome. His expression was frigid as he continuously channeled his spiritual energy. With just a hand, the space above them vibrated violently as if it was about to rip open. His spiritual energy physicalized into a magical mountain which then slammed down on Qin Luo.

Still, Qin Luo wasn’t weak either. His look was grim, but he was able to fend off Xia Chen’s attack. The battle subsequently took place in midair. Each attack stirred the winds and clouds and unnerved the souls of those who watched them.

Jiang Xiaofan marveled at the battle. The powers of Phantom Saint cultivators were indeed phenomenal. He was, for now, incomparable to them. If he needed to fight a Phantom Saint cultivator in a serious match right now, victory would be impossible to achieve. He wasn’t worthy yet.

He turned his head around, looked at the fallen four once more with disdain, and gibed at the green-robed girl. “It seems that it’s too difficult for them to make me disappear, correct?”

The girl ground her teeth, and murderous intent quickly clouded her eyes as if she couldn’t wait any longer to tear Jiang Xiaofan apart.

“You only have great strength! Who do you think you are?! You’re still far below us!”

One of the four openly disparaged Jiang Xiaofan. Although the other three all wore different expressions, the looks in their eyes were icy, particularly Xia Yuan and the one with the longsword. They seethed with obvious anger.

“I remember someone who had once said something similar. In the end, I beat him until he sprawled on the ground like a dog.” Jiang Xiaofan shook his head again and dismissed their threats. “The four of you had just endured my hits, yet you still dared to talk to me in this way. Don’t you find yourself a bit shameless?”

“Go die!”

The four of them immediately grew irate. Jiang Xiaofan’s casual tone was like another hard slap and the pain seared across their cheeks. They could no longer tolerate the humiliation. Their faces twisted with savagery.


Immense spiritual energy fluctuations emanated from their bodies. The four didn’t near Jiang Xiaofan this time. The sky was lit up with colorful light. A green lotus appeared and blossomed on top of a majestic, divine mountain. They all had activated their spirit channelings in an attempt to attack Jiang Xiaofan from afar.

These four men were formidable fifth heaven Realm of Dust cultivators. The moment when they activated their spirit channelings, dangerous auras pervaded the atmosphere. Even Jiang Xiaofan was daunted by their impressive might. Their capabilities were beyond that of other cultivators in the same realm.

Nevertheless, he did not fear them. Silver light radiated from his right hand, and he shot it towards the sky.

The Daoist Scripture contained records of numerous primordial, sacred techniques. All of them were very powerful. A silver talisman appeared in the palm of his hand. It slightly trembled. The green lotus was then smashed into bits, and the majestic, divine mountain quaked into fragments.

“You have failed. You’re the ones who are below me!”

He didn’t want to drag the battle for too long because Qin Luo’s fight with Xia Chen was coming to its finale. Qin Luo was a perverted sleazebag, but his might was definitely frightening. He had the upper hand against Xia Chen.


At the next second, he vanished and left behind a trail of blurry shadows. He instantly appeared before one of the four, raised his right hand, and punched at him. Beneath the silver light was a hint of golden rays. Thanks to the Diamond Sutra, his physical strength was now powerful beyond compare. With strenuous effort, he could even challenge a Phantom Saint cultivator and live to tell it.


The first person was knocked flying backward, and he spurted blood in midair. His chest was caved in. Evidently, he could not handle Jiang Xiaofan’s punch.


Like a loud clap of thunder that rocked the sky, another person had been struck. An arm dangled downward, and his face contorted in agony.

The Buddhist Sutra was the most treasured and sacred text in the Buddhist world, and it could help a cultivator cultivate to the highest realm. Written in it was the Shadow Steps which was an unrivaled technique because based on its speed alone, almost no other technique on Ziwei could surpass it.


The young man wielding the longsword had been punched squarely in the chest by Jiang Xiaofan. Several of his ribs instantly broke, and he coughed up a large mouthful of blood. Like a ragdoll, he had been punched into the air before slamming into a distant, giant boulder.

Despite Jiang Xiaofan’s cultivation being at the Realm of Dust, his diamond body was already strong and durable enough to compete with the strength of a Phantom Saint cultivator. Even Ying Tianyang had suffered greatly from his punch back then, let alone these four people. In addition, Jiang Xiaofan’s cultivation had been at the ninth heaven of Micro Realm back then. Therefore, the might of the present Jiang Xiaofan should not be underestimated.



Xia Yuan was sent flying for the second time. He vomited a mouthful of blood as he viciously glared at Jiang Xiaofan.

On the other side, Qin Luo had already wrapped up his match. The man named Xia Chen plunged downward from midair. His hair was disheveled, and a pile of stones was crushed underneath him from the impact of the fall.

“How dare you both attack my people! Do you know who I am?!” Outraged, the green-robed girl snapped at Jiang Xiaofan and Qin Luo.

Jiang Xiaofan glanced at the fallen cultivators on the ground, looked up at the girl, and scoffed, “You had asked for a beating, so we gave it to you. It’s that simple. I don’t give a damn who you are!”

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