“What's my name?”
--Michelle Flaherty, 'American Pie'

Chapter 226 – Consultations


Bian Qing woke up to a sensation of warmth and comfort, and was unused to it. Being a nun (or trying to be one) meant she had been sleeping on cold, hard surfaces. But last night, she was on a thick quilt that served as a mattress of sorts. It was a luxury item Prince Chu Feng had brought with him to the temple, a modest indulgence.

Speaking of the prince, Bian Qing turned to see him lying beside her; still asleep from their exertions last night. Fortunately, the prince was lying on his side so that she could see his sleeping face. The square-jawed, prideful young man looked so innocent and defenceless at this point of time.

Seeing his face reminded how she had overpowered him last night. Oh, he had put up a brave fight, but using the techniques that Qiong Ying had taught her, Bian Qing easily melted through his guard.

A flush of red crept up her face as she remembered what she had done. It was almost like a drunken stupor, and she could hardly believe her own recklessness.

But Qiong Ying was right: it was easy after using the perfume. Once she had lathered it on herself, it was almost as if she was drunk. Armed with this ‘liquid courage’, she embraced the prince and boldly took the lead.

She had heard that the first time would be painful, yet she could only remember the waves of pleasure as she dominated the prince. Chu Feng who saw the helplessness of the situation allowed himself to drown in the sensations. By the end, he had thoroughly surrendered himself and no longer fought back against her ministrations.

A sudden worry occurred to Bian Qing. She had completely used up the bottle of perfume the previous night. How was she going to keep the prince enthralled without it? The fear of rejection was real.

The giant woman quietly left the bed, only pausing to smile wryly at the prince’s torn pants on the floor. She gave the sleeping prince a final glance before leaving.

Once she was gone, the prince’s eyes fluttered open…


“I would ask how it went, but seeing the glow in your face meant everything was fine?” Qiong Ying teased.

Bian Qing blushed furiously. “I did what you say and pushed him down,” she managed to say.

Qiong Ying arched a charming eyebrow. “Then why are you here so early? Shouldn’t you be cuddling with him in bed?”

Lines of worry surfaced on the giant woman’s forehead. “I need more of the perfume, I have used it all up.”

“All of it? You’re supposed to dab just a few drops!”

“I have never used perfume before,” Bian Qing said defensively.

Qiong Ying shook her head. It was fortunate that Bian Qing was so large. A smaller person would be completely incapacitated by such copious amounts of the enticing aroma.

“You are afraid that he would avoid you from now on?” she asked.

Bian Qing sighed and nodded.

Qiong Ying smiled. “You are going about this the wrong way. You may have overpowered the prince last night, but the worst thing you can do now is to smother him. Rather, you should act cold and aloof towards him.”

“Why?” Bian Qing was truly puzzled.

“Seeing the prince’s proud disposition, he would be furious at being taken advantage of. He might think your future approach would be insulting. Therefore you should keep him off-balanced by leaving him alone. Let him stew for awhile, eventually he would turn impatient and seek you out himself to clarify matters.”

“Oooh,” Bian Qing cooed with awe.

“Besides, you would need some time to recover. Are you… alright? Do you need some medicine?” Qiong Ying asked with concern, pointedly looking at the bigger woman’s pelvis.

“What are you looking at?” Bian Qing demanded.

Qiong Ying blinked.

“Do you not need to rest?”

“ I am perfectly fine!”

Qiong Ying goggled at her. “Tell me exactly what happened last night.”

Bian Qing was intimidated by the fiery look in her eyes, began to back off warily.

“Where do you think you’re going?” another voice stopped her from behind.

Bian Qing spun on her feet to see that it was Sunli. The guest instructor too had eyes full of inquisitive eagerness.

Surrounded by both Qiong Ying and Sunli, Bian Qing could not retreat…


Prince Chu Xiong yawned widely as he left his room. In the past, it would be inconceivable for him to be awake so early. But after being taught and reformed by Huang Ming, the prince had made it a habit to start the day early with some light exercise.

The exercise had proved immensely beneficial in improving his health. It also allowed him to indulge in the drink every now and then without suffering a hangover the next day, which was a pleasant surprise.

And so Prince Chu Xiong would keep to the routine on his own initiative, even in this remote temple. Besides, the morning mountain air was refreshing.

His mood was dampened somewhat when he saw his brother Chu Feng in the courtyard. They were rivals for the throne, but Chu Xiong thought it was no reason to be uncivil.

“Good morning, royal brother,” he greeted cheerily.

Shockingly, Chu Feng actually responded.

“Morning,” the princely brother responded stiffly. He was standing straight with his legs spread slightly apart, hands behind his back like a lofty martial arts on the peak of a mountain.

Several moments of silence followed before Chu Xiong realized that his brother was not leaving the courtyard. Chu Xiong was uncomfortable and loathed to exercise in the presence of his physically superior brother.

“Is there something wrong, brother?” Chu Xiong finally asked.

“Nothing’s wrong!” Chu Feng snarled as he whirled around violently.

The sudden vehemence was out of nowhere and startled Chu Xiong. Yet, the sudden movement seemed to have aggravated something, for Chu Feng hissed in pain.

“Are you alright?” Chu Xiong asked hesitantly.

Chu Feng gritted his teeth and covered his eyes in pain.

“I need… some advice,” he hissed.

Chu Xiong blinked. “Pardon?” he asked, genuinely wondering if he was mistaken.

“I said I need some advice!” Chu Feng said with clenched fist.

“Oh. Er… I see…,” Chu Xiong mumbled, thoroughly stupefied. “Well… let’s sit down and talk then.”

Chu Feng winced. “I prefer to stand,” he growled.

“Ah… I see. Erm… well, what do you want to ask about?”

Another pregnant pause passed before his brother opened his mouth once more.

“You have a lot of experience with women,” he stated.

“Yes?” Chu Xiong admitted without shame, still puzzled by his brother’s behaviour.

“Have you… done everything?”

“What the hell does that mean?” Chu Xiong rolled his eyes. “I can’t believe this. We’re finally having a civil chat and you’re asking about such things. If it’s that sort of question, then just get someone to find you a manual. I recommend the Yindu Treatise, you can learn the 64 positions yourself!”

He stood to leave in a huff.

“Stop… wait!” Chu Feng called out.

“What now?”

“Does that manual have… have…”

Chu Xiong’s eyes were as round as saucers as he stared at his brother’s reddening face. His proud, powerful brother was actually shy!

“Have what?” he asked, still shocked that his brother was showing a sign of weakness.

Chu Feng mumbled in a voice so low that it was impossible to make out.

“What? You have to speak up!” Chu Xiong exclaimed in exasperation.

“Does the manual have anything about being the receiver?” Chu Feng squeaked.

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