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  Great Shun,Tian Wu, a twenty one year old.

   A sudden bolt of lightning struck in the middle of a moonlit and starry night sky, the deafening sound shuddered the roof ridge of the palace, but the rain never followed.

  The imperial astronomer hurried towards the Qian Kun palace and knelt with a thump on the floor in front of Emperor Tian Wu. ”Your Majesty, a mysterious phenomena has occurred. The Phoenix Star has fallen…...in the Northwest!“

  Emperor Tian Wu’s hand,which was holding a teacup,quivered,”Northwest...”. His gaze shifted to the open window, “Speaking of this, Ming Er should've come back by now.”


  The shocking thunderclap exploded in the col,which was at the border of the Great Shun,at the same time.The explosion had wakened up a dead woman immediately.

  Feng Yu Heng struggled in a bunch of corpses, trying to sit up. After the buzzing sound in her head faded, she finally regained her consciousness from the explosion. However, she was totally thunderstruck looking at all those corpses around her as she opened her eyes.

  “Oh My God.” She blinked her eyes, taking in her surroundings as she moved away the head of one of the corpses from her leg. “Am I on earth already dead?”

  Undoubtedly, she still remembered that the helicopter,which she was riding on,had exploded, it was impossible to be alive regarding the height of where the helicopter exploded and fell straight to the ground. As a high ranking medic of the land forces, she needed to be enough clear-headed even at the moment of facing the death, therefore Feng Yu Heng was very sure that she had died before.

  Yes, she was dead before, and then she resurrected from death again.

  She moved her arms and legs as she stood up in the heap of dead bodies, in the next moment, unfamiliar memories started pouring into her head——Feng Yu Heng, twelve-year-old,the eldest daughter of Feng Jin Yuan, the Left Chancellor of the Emperor. Maternal family of hers was demoted to deserted state on account of being proved to be guilty three years ago. Her father had made an alliance with her grandmother to demote Yao, her mother as a help to make another wife of her father the lawful wife at home as her father was afraid to be involved into problems.

  That was not the end.Then, a fortune-telling son of a bitch from nowhere pointed at Feng Yu Heng and said: “This girl has bad luck in her life, if she continues to stay in this house, the Clan of Feng will be decimated sooner or later.”

  Thereupon, grandmother waved her crinkled hand, to gesture the departure of Feng Yu Heng, Yao and her younger brother, Feng Zi Rui, who just reached the age of three, to the faraway mountain village of Northwest, let them ruin their own course without interference.

  “I'm freaking tired.” After watching the life of the original owner of the body as a movie, Feng Yu Heng had no option but to accept the truth. “I'd travelled through the time!”

  Different time, different age, different family background, different looks. The only same thing was, they had a same name.

  “Don't worry!” She patted her right hand with another hand, said: “I understand your grievance, since I've come here, I definitely won't let those people who bullied you to have their life carefree. It's the Clan of Feng, isn't it? I will clear everything out for you!”

  Suddenly, a light sigh came from her head inside, and then a girl's voice turned up with only one word: “Thank you.” Her nerve shivered at a burst, as if there was something getting far away from her.

  Feng Yu Heng picked her lips and chuckled, it seemed like the original owner of this body didn't take her death lying down, did not want to leave until she heard her promise to take revenge for her. But…...Having a father like this and having such a family, it was right that they were to be hated.

  She was a person who was always serious about making and keeping a promise, then she had to take revenge since she would be using this body from now on.

  Feng Yu Heng patted her filthy sackcloth, took a few dead people as stepping stone and climbed nimbly out of the corpse pit. Not even had a chance to observe the land form, she immediately heard some voices approaching her.

  “We can at least get fifty two silvers if we sell that girl to Drunk Flower Brothel. If only we can close a deal, it's enough for me to have two small wives, not to mention one wife.”

  “Don't ever think about that! If you dare to marry concubine, I'll bet my life getting into the jail with you just to accuse you of this!”

  “Alright, alright. I just said it as a joke. How come you woman have so many nonsense!”

  Feng Yu Heng frowned, the memory of the original owner started rolling again——her mother got sick, she came to pick some herbs in the nearby mountain, and suddenly she got hit by someone and passed out. She looked behind before she blacked out, the man who barely had time to put down his cudgel was Wang Shu Gen from the Clan of Wang, Head of East Village.

  Just eight o'clock behind her, her discrimination ability was accurate, following by the approaching voices, she bent down, looking around her quickly, pinpointing at one mountain seam which was exuberant with branches and leaves and went inside it.

  Now was not the moment to act rashly, Feng Yu Heng had never been careless, now she had come to this place, she knew nothing except for the original owner’s memories that kept popping up inside her head.Plus she was not stupid enough to fight with two prepared adults with her twelve-year-old small body and thin arms and legs.

  She saw the couple take the torch and walk into the corpse pit right after she hid herself well. Feng Yu Heng stared at them for a while and was certain about their identity.They were no other than Wang Shu Gen and his wife, Xu.

  Two of them found nothing after searching everywhere, Xu started getting urgent first: “That’s not true! I’m sure we threw her here, where’s she?”

  Wang Shu Gen stomped his feet: “She didn’t run away, did she?”

  “It’s impossible! The quantity of medicine is enough to make her sleep for two days and two nights. How could she be awake within one night!”

  Wang Shu Gen was in a bad temper now: “Where did she go then?”

  Now was Xu’s turn to become anxious: “It’s helpless to scold at me! Two of us together poured her the sleep drug after knocking her senseless and you saw it with your own eyes, how come it’s only me to be blamed now!”

  Wang Shu Gen was speechless. He lowered his head and pulled at those dead bodies around him gloomily, unwilling to give up. Xu followed suit.

  Feng Yu Heng connected all those memories that she got from the original owner, finally she understood this incident.

  Did this mean that this couple had knocked the original owner off, put her in the corpse pit, then waited until the midnight to dig her out and sold her to the state capital?

  Feng Yu Heng touched her cheek subconsciously. Did this mean then, that the original owner looked pretty nice?