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  Feng Yu Heng raised the corner of her mouth, showed an evil smile as she picked a fist of gravels, with a sudden flick of finger,a gravel flew towards the back side of head of Xu.


  Just heard the woman shrieking “Agh” and immediately followed by her question: “Who was that? Who just hit me?”


  Wang Shu Gen stopped whatever he was doing, turned around and looked at her: “There wasn’t anyone, was there?”


  “Yes,there was! Someone just hit my head.”


  Another stone flew towards them as she was talking, it was aimed at the place between Wang Shu Gen’s eyebrows.


  “Agh!” Another scream from the man, but before he could finish his scream,one after another pain was felt from other parts of his body.


  They freaked out.The corpses were burned by the torch which had fallen on the ground.Quickly, all the corpses were in flames.


  “Get out of here!” Finally Wang Shu Gen recovered some sense. He dragged Xu who was sitting paralyzed on the ground and climbed out of the pit.


  Unfortunately, he rolled down the pit on account of the pain of his leg after he climbed up the pit at last.Xu’s plump body rolled in the pit like a ball and soon the flames got to her and started burning her clothes.


  Wang Shu Gen was no better than her, his cloth was almost burned out and his thigh was bleeding.Moreover, his left cheek was burned out as well.


  Feng Yu Heng threw out the last stone, patting the dust on her hands,decided not to pay attention to those two who were endeavouring to crawl out of the corpse pit.


  First day to come here, it was better not to cause fatality, as death was ominous.


  Watching two of them run away, the flames in the corpse pit were still burning. Feng Yu Heng put her hands together and gave her respect to the place, “Dust returns to dust.Soil returns to soil. Better being burned than being a corpse pit.”


  Feng Yu Heng was startled and her skin crawled when she heard a harrumphing sound behind her. Not because of scared,just because she was caught off guard unexpectedly, and by the fact that she never noticed that someone was behind her.


  Thinking back to twenty first century the time when she was a traditional Chinese and western medicine expert. She had started following her grandfather to stay in the barrack and train with them since twelve years old. She never shrunk even when it was raining cats and dogs. Her observation skill had been trained until several times stronger than normal people ages ago and she was trained to be a kung fu expert as well. She did her first surgical operation when she was eighteen years old and she had become a high ranking at her age of twenty five. If she didn't die at age of twenty eight…… Perhaps she would become more successful.


  Unwilling to think of her past anymore, Feng Yu Heng shot her eyes to the direction of the source of voice.


  A man, or perhaps a teenager, around the age of twenty,wearing dark violet brocade robe, his long hair was put up, his face was very sharp, eyes emitting the cold light, the sharpness of his eyes were like a hunting falcon, readied to catch you when you’re not aware of it. There was a nail-size lotus pattern between his eyebrows, the pattern brought even more enchantment for his extremely handsome face.




  Feng Yu Heng scowled, breathing hard, a blast of smell of blood flooded into her nose.She lowered her head subconsciously and looked and saw the man sit on a straw mat, his legs stretching out flat. His knees part was soaked in blood.


  “Who are you?” She demanded vigilantly. According to the current situation, this man was not her threaten yet. She was a doctor,there was no need to scrutinize for her to know that his legs were injured severely, at least he could not possibly stand up at the moment.


  A cold harrumphing sound came from the man after hearing her question, yet no answer from him.The slightly hooked up corner of his mouth when he harrumphed just made him look more charming.


  She felt a chill out of thin air, this man's nobleness and flirtatiousness were inborn. Even if he looked ashen, sweat was on his forehead,his legs were in such a discomfiture, all those things never wavered his strong aura, this is thoroughly disastrous!


  “Get out of here if you have stared enough.” The man said coldly, leaning on the mountain stone wall. He didn't leave out this girl's stupid anthomaniac and drooling face.


  Feng Yu Heng was really sick of this kind of speaker, whereby he could demand me to get out?


  She straightforwardly took two steps into the pit, found a grass ground and sat on it: “Are you the one who built the mountain?Are you the one who dug the seam? No, you aren’t and I won't go, then what can you do to me?”


  Finishing her sentences, something apparently came to her mind, she turned her head towards outside to see, then suddenly she looked really exhilarating: “Hey! Not only me have to get out of here, you too!” She pointed at the flames all over the corpse pit. “This place will soon be burned out if it keep burning in this way.”


  He twisted his head to look at the burning pit, his face became paler than before, the center of his eyebrow creased into a knot, the lotus pattern followed suit, this just flustered people.


  “Let's forget it” Feng Yu Heng thought that she really had no resistance against the good looking man. She moved forward and stopped beside him: “I'll help you up then. Can you at least walk?”


  The man sized her up for a while, this girl was just around ten, her body seemed could just be broken at once. Even though the way she threw the stones were really brilliant, that was only a clever technique. It would still be difficult to really let her support his weight.


  “Come on, just say something!” Feng Yu Heng fanned beneath her nose with her hands. “Although the fire isn't too fierce now, don't you think the smell of flames are becoming thicker? This mountain seam just faced exactly the wind, and we're now smelling roasted carcass! You know what! The roasted carcass! The……”