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   “Sis.” Feng Zi Rui pulled her with his small hands, shaking her, “What’s wrong with you?”


   Feng Yu Heng recovered from her preoccupation, stretching out her hand and rubbed Zi Rui’s head: “Nothing, we just go on.” She then asked Granny Sun, “How far is the Willow courtyard from here?”


   Granny Sun pointed at the road in front of them and answered: “Get through the Moon Gate, through a corridor, and walk around a water pond, then pass by a small garden, walk about three hundred steps behind the garden, and you will arrive there.”


   Feng Yu Heng laughed in spite of herself, the Clan of Feng had disliked them until this condition, let alone their accommodation which was arranged so far, they should originally be led by the servant, but they never saw one when they came out of the Peony courtyard. Fortunately Granny Sun knew the way, otherwise they would need a lot of talking.


   The reason why Willow courtyard was called Willow courtyard, not because that it was known for the weeping willow, according to Yao: “There was this Willow courtyard a few years ago, the First Master Feng Zi Hao had once bestowed favour on a girl called Liu[1] Er. That time Feng Zi Hao was still son of concubine, Liu Er at most was a servant here, she was not qualified to open a courtyard in the clan. But Feng Zi Hao really favoured Liu Er, so he asked Shen to beg your Father, your Father finally agreed at last, he let Shen rebuilt a stable into a courtyard for Liu Er. Unfortunately, that Liu Er’s life was short, she got drowned in the water before she got to live here.”


   “In fact, that Liu Er’s death was odd.” Granny Sun retrospected the past, “I remember that that year the First Master said he wanted to build a courtyard for her there, Liu Er was so happy that she went to help out in Willow courtyard everyday, all day, First Master and Big Miss were real brother and sister, they had a good relationship. One day First Master attended a banquet and came back late, it was Big Miss who sent the food to Liu Er by herself. Liu Er kept busying for a while after eating, she went back a bit late that night, and she took an infirm step when she passed by the water pond and was drowned to death.”


   Feng Zi Rui listened that he was scared, his fists were clenched tightly in Feng Yu Heng’s hand.


   “Are you scared?” She asked Feng Zi Rui.


   The kid looked up at her, there was apparently fear in his eyes, but still he shook his head stubbornly, “I’m not scared.”


   “Very well.” She patted the back of the kid’s hand, “Zi Rui you have to remember, you are the child of the Clan of Feng, your growth is destined to be tougher than other kids. Sister cannot always protect you, not even possible to be your bodyguard to protect you, but you need not to be scared, difficulties were not necessarily a bad thing, you gotta have the ability to endure the trials and tribulations if you want to stay in this eating place.”


   She did not choose to console, she chose to tell Feng Zi Rui about the difficulties of the road of the future in a most straightforward way.


   For a six-year-old kid, even though these words probably could not be understood by him, she at least wanted this kid to build the line of defense in his heart and the crisis consciousness, so that he would not be taken by surprise when the enemy came.


   Feng Zi Rui always listened to his sister’s words since he was young, Feng Yu Heng said, and he listened seriously, and then he memorized all the words in his heart.


   Looking at her two children, Yao’s state of mind had gradually changed as well. Her Ah Heng had as if changed into another person after getting lost in the mountain. She became more indifferent, and more trenchant, though she did not become very tart and mean, she absolutely did not seem to have the meaning of keeping enduring like in the past.


   She was a bit worried, but when she saw her children’s hands and heads which were holding together and looking up, she actually started looking forward to a brand new life. The life in Xi Ping Village was the past now, they had even eaten the clay too, the mouses had been sleeping in their beds too, what were they still afraid of?


   Willow courtyard was a very small place, there were only one courtyard, three principal rooms, four wing-rooms, two chambers and a tiny kitchen. The only several trees in the courtyard had died on account of courtyard being deserted for a very long time, the table and chair, which were originally out there, had been torn to rags as they had been exposed to wind and rain for years, they could not be used anymore.


   The cornice was piled up with dust, most of the window papers were damaged too, but the structure of the house was not damaged, it could be seen that Feng Zi Hao had endeavoured when he repaired this courtyard for Liu Er.


   Feng Yu Heng thought back what Granny Sun had said, she thought that the death of Liu Er was not simply an accident, only that this matter had passed a few years, she was just a room girl, it was no use to get into this matter seriously.


   There were several servants standing in the courtyard, apparently they had come here early to wait for them. A granny, two maidservants, only three people.


   Seeing that Yao and her people return, that granny took the lead to go forward, her original expressionless face was suddenly piled up with occupational smile, she bowed and said: “I greet Auntie Yao, does auntie still remember me?”


   Yao looked at her, calling lightly: “Granny Lee.”


   “Yes! Yes!” That Granny Lee walked half step forward to hold Yao, leading the people into the courtyard, she said as she walked: “The Big Lady has said that Auntie Yao just came back to clan, there are lots of inconveniences, she was afraid that it won’t be good if a granny, who doesn't know the rules, serve you, so she let me and another two girls come to help you, wait until everything is settled down, we will find some competent servants for you.”


   “I have troubled Big Lady.” Yao winced, taking her arm out of Granny Lee’s hands. This Granny Lee usually served Shen, when Shen was still a concubine, Granny Lee would bow and scrape to call her Big Lady, now the Feng Shui[2] had turned, when she returned to the Clan of Feng again, everything was different from the past.





  1. ^ 1. Liu means “Willow”.
  2. ^ 2.Feng shui - also known as geomancy, is a pseudoscience originating from China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. It is closely linked to Taoism. The term feng shui literally translates as "wind-water" in English.