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   In the guide of Granny Lee, another two girls also came to greet the three of them, one was Man Xi, another one was Bao Tang. 


   Two of the girls were both around the age of sixteen or seventeen, Man Xi were taller and thinner, Bao Tang was a little bit chubby, but Feng Yu Heng thought chubby was the sexiest body shape if she based on the aesthetic of the Twenty-First Century. 


   She gazed coldly at the three of them, they said they were servants, but they are well-dressed, their attitude was not lowlihead, two of the girls even did light makeup. Again she looked at three of themselves, coarse and rough clothes, looking messy on account of hurrying up over the night, one who knew would think that they were the masters, one who did not know would think they were the servants. 


   Granny Lee was an old lady, she had already prepared for facework, there was smile hanging on her face no matter what she was thinking. However Man Xi and Bao Tang were otherwise, Feng Yu Heng could see the obvious disdain on their faces, again she gazed at their light yellow and light green long veil dresses, where was the work stuff? 


   Her mood suddenly became so good—— “Since you have come here, then let’s get started with working!” Feng Yu Heng clapped her hands, “Man Xi and Bao Tang are in charge of clean all these house of dust, Granny Lee just acts as assistant, Granny Sun and I will clean the inside.” 


   She said as she walked towards the corner, picking two brooms randomly, throwing them onto Man Xi and Bao Tang, without any courteousness: “Clean all the dust on the window lattices, the earth on the roof and all the broken things in the courtyard. Splash the water on the ground and scrub it until it shows the natural colour, you are servants, it may be assumed that all these things don’t need to be instructed by me too much, then just hurry up, you can have lunch once you finish your jobs.” 


   She finished her words in one breath, then she took the lead to push the door of the principal room, she walked into the house with the dust in her face, then she shouted: “Granny Lee, get me a bucket of water and find me a basin.” 


   Seeing Feng Yu Heng walking into the house, Granny Sun then also helped Yao and Zi Rui into the house. The rest of the three of them were dumbfounded, especially Man Xi and Bao Tang, even though they were said to be servants, but they were the first-class maids beside the Big Lady, what they did during their ordinary days was nothing more than either serve the tea or accompany the Lady to gossip, they never did this kind of rough works! 


   Two maids stared at Granny Lee in bewilderment, seeing that the other side could not help but shake her head, knowing that they had no choice, who let the Big Lady send them here. They were said to help, actually everyone knew that they just needed to make a look, none of the Auntie master would dare to use them as servants regarding of their attires and identities beside the Big Lady. 


   But this Second Miss, who just came back to clan, was just unpredictable, she not only ordered them, and she ordered like it was a matter of course, then said something…… They were only to eat once their jobs were done? 


   “Granny.” Man Xi frowned as she said, “Should we really do the rough works which were told by her?” 


   Granny Lee glared at her, her face was heavy and said: “If you want to go back and see Big Lady like this, I won’t keep you from doing that, think about what Big Lady has ordered. If you come back without doing anything, she will peel off your skin!” 


   Once she threatened, two girls dared not to say much. Yes, they were here for a mission, if they were frightened and chickened out now, Big Lady would definitely peel off their skin when they came back. 


   Once they thought so, they did not care to have heartache for their attires, they grabbed the brooms, pinching their noses and started cleaning up, Granny Lee also fetched the water from the well which was located at the front door of courtyard. 


   The four people inside the house also rolled up their sleeves and got their jobs started, even Feng Zi Rui helped with the cleaning jobs. 


   Granny Sun originally did not want to trouble the masters, but first if they did not clean up the rooms, they did not even have the place to sit, and second that she saw Yao doing these sundries with high proficiency, she knew at once that Yao had got used to doing these jobs in the mountain village, Granny looked away to wipe her tears out of the corners of her eyes, did not mention the words of master should rest anymore. 


   Quickly, Granny Lee fetched the water and poured it into the empty basin, Feng Yu Heng wrought the cloth and mopped the table. 


   The people were going ahead at full steam, then they heard a delicate shout come from outside of the door: “It almost chokes me to death! What the hell is this place?” 


   Feng Yu Heng just inclined her head, there she saw two girls come inside from the courtyard door along the open wide door, they were kids around the age of ten, the leader of them wore a delicate embroidery peach blossom long dress, with a handkerchief in her hand covering her mouth, there was a clothes-wrapper in her another hand, The disgusting on her face was several times stronger than Man Xi. She kicked aside the damaged chairs, her action was extravagant and bossy. 


   The one behind her were more introvert, the water blue veil dress made her look neat and tidy, although she covered her mouth and nose with handkerchief, she did not reveal the emotion of unhappy, instead she widened her eyes and stared at the house up and down inquisitively. When she saw that the girl in front of her kicking aside the chairs, she pulled at the other side’s sleeve, and advised her: “Fourth Sister, please don’t behave like this.” 


   “Then what do you want me to do? Third Sister please do not worry, Father lets them stay here, it stated that he dislikes them. The Clan of Yao aroused the disaster, it was really lucky that our clan were not involved into it, now we get them back to here is already a mercy, surely it doesn’t mean that we have to coax them with good words right?” 


   Feng Yu Heng heard who they were, so they were another two daughters of concubine of the Clan of Feng, Feng Xiang Rong, the Third Miss and Feng Fen Dai, the Fourth Miss. 


   There was not much memories about these two sisters in the memory of the original owner, she only knew that two years younger her, they were born in the same year, and were partly the daughter of Third Auntie and Fourth Auntie. 


   Two misses arrived at the front door while they were talking. Feng Yu Heng took a bucket of filthy water and walked out, she did not even take a look when she was at the door, then splashing the water out, she heard a scream of “Argh”, Feng Fen Dai was splashed by the dirty water which was penetrating cold. Feng Xiang Rong who was behind her had no problem as Fen Dai was shielding her in front of her even though she was affected a bit. 


   “Which slave is blind like a dog!” Feng Fen Dai shouted even before she opened her eyes, “Son of a bitch! Pull them out and club them to death! Club them to death! Ahhhh!” 


   She here screamed like crazy, Feng Xiang Rong however saw the one who splashed the water was her Second Sister, the master of this courtyard. 


   Feng Xiang Rong hurried to the front of Feng Fen Dai, pulling at her sleeve desperately and urged her: “Fourth Sister please don’t shout anymore, just change your clothes as soon as possible, it is no good to let others see you like this.” 


   It was summer time, even though the morning and evening weather was gradually cooling, it was still quite hot during the afternoon. The girls were now wearing veil materials, it stuck tightly against their bodies when it was soaked in water, even the bellyband inside could be seen indistinctly. 


   Feng Fen Dai was shamed and annoyed, her arms looping around her breast, she glared at Feng Yu Heng who was still holding the empty basin in front of them, her eyes could almost flare up. 


   “Feng, Yu, Heng!” She called this name as she gritted her teeth, if were it not Xiang Rong pulling her forcibly, she really wanted to rip her smiling face off. 


   Nevertheless, Feng Yu Heng raised the basin, boasting without shame: “Fourth Sister didn't see the road when you're walking, I just cleaned up the door, and you got in the way of my water, it's too much trouble—— Man Xi!” She raised her voice to call, “Quickly clean up the door!”